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Four babies? One trip to India for mommy makeover = Back to youthful you!

Mommy makeover

Your kids are your world. You love them to bits and there is nothing that could change that. But as a woman you miss your pre-baby days when you could fit into a pair of size 2 denims and flaunt your curvaceous body. Let’s face it, pregnancy changes the way a woman looks. But in today’s world, with baby bump-showing-off-celebs regaining their pre-baby bodies within weeks of delivery, mothers want their old figures back. 

Transform your body, go back to your pre-pregnancy figure, and be more confident of yourself than ever before. Welcome to the world of mommy makeovers!

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Simply defined, a mommy makeover is a surgical solution to regain your pre-pregnancy body. With a combination of plastic surgery procedures to get rid of stretch marks, muffin tops, sagging breasts, and tighten loose muscles, a mommy makeover is the perfect combination of plastic surgery to reshape your body and flaunt your pre-baby figure.

What are the procedures I will undergo?

If you have chosen to reinvent yourself with this cosmetic surgery option, then you would undergo a combination of surgeries which could include breast lift with breast augmentation or breast reduction, abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck), liposuction, butt lifts, face lifts, and neck lifts, depending upon which area of the body you are concerned about.

Breast surgery is normally suggested in case there is volume loss from pregnancy and breast feeding or if there is discomfort due to large breasts. Tummy tucks are advised for strengthening of the midsection.

As someone undergoing a mommy makeover you need to be specific in your requirements and what you want to achieve. An experienced plastic surgeon will work with you closely to combine the right procedures for you and to ensure that your makeover is exactly what you want it to be.

Along with these surgical procedures, you can also choose other minor treatments such as botox, thermage, chemical peels, and dermabrasion for a post-baby glowing body that will make you the cynosure of all eyes.

Are the procedures safe?

If you are in overall good health, these procedures are completely safe to undergo. Your plastic surgeon will make himself aware of your medical history to create a procedure plan that best suits your requirements. In case you plan to have more kids, it is advisable to wait before you get these surgeries, especially an abdominoplasty. Subsequent pregnancies can affect the effect of these procedures.

As with any surgery, there are a few associated risks, but in the care of a good plastic surgeon, these risks are minimized.

Why should I travel to India?

Most plastic surgeries are prohibitively expensive in western countries. India has emerged as one of the foremost destinations for cosmetic surgeries in the recent past. This is thanks, in no small measure, to internationally educated surgeons, excellent medical facilities with the latest technologies and a growing understanding of and abidance to international qualities. Add to this low costs, and lack of language barriers and you have exactly the medical care you need.

The recuperation process will only take you two to four weeks. In just a month, you will be back to your old, gorgeous pre-baby body with the self-confidence to boot. A mommy makeover is a life-changing experience, one that will completely transform your physical and mental state.

IndiCure is the most renowned provider of cosmetic surgery holidays in India. With hundreds of happy clients from over 30 countries, we understand your requirements from plastic surgery in India well.  For more information about your mommy makeover in India, write to us at, or call us at +91 93200 36777 or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll free) or chat with us at Skype@ IndiCure

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Breast implants surgery simplified

Breast implants surgery - important things you should know

Breast augmentation with implants has enjoyed the top spot for maximum number of cosmetic surgeries performed in US for many years and still continues to do so. According to National Plastic Surgery statistics, 290, 244 breast augmentation surgeries were performed in the US alone in 2013. One can well imagine the number of breast augmentation performed all across the world.

The advancements in the techniques and quality of implants have made breast augmentation surgery fairly simple and safe. This is clearly reflected by the sheer number of breast augmentation performed. However, many women still find it challenging to find the right implant, size or surgeon for the surgery. So, here are a few tips which shall make the decision of breast augmentation surgery easier and simpler for you.

  • Saline or Silicone implants-   If you are confused between the two, it may be helpful to know that more than 75% of the women choose to get silicone implants over saline. The reasons are many- natural feel and appearance; silicone implants are lighter and softer. There are no chances of deflation with almost nil chances of leakage with forth generation cohesive gel silicone implants. They come in different shapes, sizes and texture.

For women, who want little smaller incision and lesser cost option, saline implants are better alternative. You can discuss your options in detail with your plastic surgeon in India to have a better understanding.

cost of breast implants in India
Silicone vs Saline implants

  •  Size of the implants– determining size of breast implants unnerves most women. Almost all are concerned about either ending up being too big or less than desired size of breast size. Many surgeons state that their patients tell them “My friend has 350 cc implants and hers look great, so I want the same.”It is important to note that each body and its shape are different. It is not necessary if 350 cc implants look great on her, they would look the same on you. 

The surgeons have a scientific way of calculating the appropriate size. They take various measurements and advise the best size according to your body. Your plastic surgeon in India would give you different sizers to try and would make you a part of the decision making process.

  •  Position of the implant-  Implant placement can be sub-muscular also called sub-pectoral (below the pectoral muscle) or sub-glandular (below the breast tissue). Different surgeons have different opinions about where to place the implants and what gives most natural results. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can discuss your options with your plastic surgeon in detail during face to face discussion for an informed decision.

  • Incision- Though there are different standard incisions techniques through which implant placement can be done, most surgeons use either of these three techniques for breast augmentation- Peri-areolar, Infra-mammary or trans-axillary incision. All of them have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Your plastic surgeon shall discuss the options with you and advise the type of incision based on your body type, implant size and type and your lifestyle.

  • Surgeon’s experience- One of the most important factors in determining successful breast implants surgery is the surgeon’s expertise in performing breast augmentation. Before you sign in for the surgery, make sure you have a good look at the profile of the surgeon, check if he is board certified, how many breast augmentation surgeries has he performed, have a look at few before after pictures of the patients he has operated and talk to few of his past clients.

A good medical tourism company would not shy away from giving you the contacts of the past patients and would always help you make an informed decision.

IndiCure is the most renowned provider of cosmetic surgery holidays in India. Having served hundreds of patients for plastic surgery in India from across the world, we understand your requirements well. For more information about affordable breast augmentationsurgery in India, write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 or +1-877-270-2448 or chat with us at Skype @IndiCure

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Tummy Tuck and Breast reduction at the same time - pros and cons

Combined tummy tuck and Breast reduction

Combined tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery in India for best results
Tummy tuck and breast reduction are the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures sought by women to get back in shape after pregnancy and child birth. While many choose to undergo the procedures separately, a lot of women choose so and also the surgeons advise the surgery together. Like every coin has two sides, combining tummy tuck with breast reduction too has its share of pros and cons.

The advantages of combining tummy tuck and breast reduction are- You undergo one surgery and thus one recovery. The results are also more apparent and pronounced when you undergo both procedures at the same time.  This is because of improved synergy and harmony and thus overall aesthetic result. The cost goes down to a great extent, because your hospital stay, anaesthesia, pre op investigations, medicines are all common.

Combining tummy tuck and breast reduction makes all the more sense if you are opting for plastic surgery abroad. You save a lot on your air ticket, accommodation, visa and a lot of other expenses if you combine the procedures.

Now let’s have a look at the flip side of combining the procedures. Your recovery would be intense and you might feel pain for first few days after the surgery. The other disadvantage is longer anaesthesia, which means longer recovery or increased risk.

While many plastic surgeons do advise combining the procedures, many do not wish to do so. However, most surgeons agree that the key to combine tummy tuck and breast reduction depends upon various factors. Our expert plastic surgeons in India have tried to explain this as follows.

Combining tummy tuck and breast reduction depends on various factors which include:
Combining Tummy tuck with breast reduction surgery
can be beneficial as well as affordable. 

  • Patient’s overall health- A patient who is in good overall health and is close to ideal weight, no health problems with good Hb level is a better candidate for combined surgery than one who is not.
  • How extensive the surgery is to be done- A patient with high BMI who also needs lots of liposuction with tummy tuck or a lady with very big breasts determine how long would it take for the surgery to be completed. IndiCure affiliate expert plastic surgeons in India always make sure that the anaesthesia time never exceeds the stipulated international limits of 6 hours. If the surgeons feel that the patient needs extensive surgery, the surgery is done at a gap of few days. The anesthesia time also depends upon the number of plastic surgeons the main surgeon is being assisted by. If there are 3-4 well trained plastic surgeons assisting the primary surgeon, the surgeon can combine extensive surgery, because the anesthesia time automatically goes down.
  • Surgeon’s skills and experience- A lot also depends upon surgeon’s skill and experience in performing surgeries. While one surgeon may take 8-9 hours to complete the combined surgery, other may neatly finish the procedure well within 6 hours.
  • Anaesthetist’s experience- Few surgeons still feel that it is worth taking a chance to go a little beyond 6 hours if the anaesthetist is well experienced and has handled long anaesthesia hours.
  • Type of facility where the surgery is done- A facility with ICU and emergency room facilities gives the surgeon better scope to be little aggressive than with no back up facilities. The surgeon tends to be more conservative without these facilities, not that a good surgeon would unnecessarily take chances.

In the nutshell, combing plastic surgeries have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most important point is to minimize the risks associated with the procedures. An experienced and skill surgeon would advise whether it is advisable for YOU to combine tummy tuck and breast reduction or no.

For more information about your plastic surgery in India with best plastic surgeons in India, write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 or +1-877- 270-2448 (USA toll free) or talk to us at Skype@IndiCure.

IndiCure is the most renowned provider of cosmetic surgery holidays in India. Having served hundreds of patients from more than 30 countries, we understand your requirements well.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hepatitis C patients chose to get HCV treatment in India

Shalini Christabella Gomez, 66 an academician with a leading premier school in Nigeria was shocked when Dr. Nigella Khan (her family doctor) broke out the news to her. The hale and hearty, and everyone’s sweetheart, Shalini never in her wildest dreams ever imagined to be suffering from Hepatitis C. Reality today hit her hard, and although she kept her diet on a strict regime and went for an hour walk every morning and evening, Shalini like many others in their senior age was caught in the grasp of HCV, and the Hepatitis C symptoms came through quite midway!

HCV treatment in India
Hepatitis C virus affects the liver causing various symptoms like stomach ache to jaundice.

An overview of HCV

What is hepatitis c? Hepatitis C is caused by the hepatitis C virus and this blood borne virus affects the liver. The symptoms of Hepatitis C include stomach pains, jaundice, appetite loss, fatigue and nausea, and the most common type of HCV is  TYPE 1. It is through the blood or bodily fluids that the virus spreads. It spreads from an infected person to a healthy man or a woman when needles are shared or through sexual activity. In some cases, the virus can transfer itself from an expectant mother to her unborn baby as well.

Other ways you could be infected

v  When you have received blood that hasn’t been tested – a donor with a medical history of hepatitis C
v  If you share needles, especially from those who use recreational drugs, have HIV, AIDS or STD
v  Organ transplant before 1992
v  Blood transfusions before 1992
v  Treated blood clotting prior to 1987
v  Those who were born between the years of 1945-65
v  If you have been on kidney dialysis treatment for long
Chronic hepatitis C happens when long-term infection sets in, and can lead to serious and sometimes fatal health issues- liver scaring, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer of the liver etc, forcing the patient to opt for liver transplants.

Treatment options for HCV treatment in India

  • Harvoni is a pill taken by patients, once a day for eight to twelve weeks to cure the disease
  • Ribavirin and Sofosbuvir or Sovaldi are the main drugs that help with the treatment. They are to be taken for 12 to 24 weeks.
  • Ombitasvir-paritaprevir-ritonavir along with dasabuvir is another treatment recommended to cure HCV

Medical tourism helped Shalini

Scourging the net along with her doctor for better and affordable alternatives, Shalini and her doctor found none in Nigeria or the South African that would satisfy their needs on all counts; with time running away from their hands, Shalini’s brother from Bangalore, India suggested Treatment of Hepatitis C in India.

All hope isn’t lost

Shalini took to researching and learning more about the ill-fated disease she was struck with, and the hepatitis cure cost she learnt (even though she has insurance) was a mammoth amount. The UK, US, Australia too, had packages which would have forced the academician to sell off her stocks and bonds, for treatment ahead. She was lost and her hope was mutilated- discouraged to say so. However, her brother sent her this one article he found which changed her life.

Sovaldi Cost in India

Taking into account her case and her financial standing, even though she made a pretty good amount at work, twelve weeks of HCV treatment anywhere in the western world would have meant spending a bomb.
“For millions of Americans the upcoming release of two of the new hepatitis C drugs, Sovaldi and Olysio, offer an appealing alternative to the current treatment regimen. Chronic hepatitis C infection affects approximately 130 to 150 million people globally and 3.2 million in the United States. The standard hepatitis C treatment plan today costs ranges from $20,000 to $40,000 over a 48 week period. In comparison, a twelve week course of Sovaldi costs roughly $84,000 and a twelve week course of Olysio costs upwards of $66,000 in United States.

Why India?

Apart from the cost factor and the estimates thereof, patients from Nigeria, US, UK and other parts of the world, Middle East too, choose to get hepatitis c treatment in India. With many coming down to the south-asian bastion of medical experts, English speaking professionals to help overcome a range a health issues, surgeries and more, Hepatitis C treatment in India has gained immense popularity within few weeks of the launch of Sovaldi in India. Here are some more reasons as to why-
  • Cost of medication is much cheaper in India
  • Patients can take back the medications to their home countries
  • Affordable treatment packages
  • An excursion twelve week or less trip with treatments included is heavenly to experience

To know more about the best Hepatitis C treatment in India, be wise enough to speak with your presiding doctors. You can write to us at or call us at +91-932-003-6777 | +1-877-270-2448 or Skype us @ Indicure

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Should you lose weight before undergoing tummy tuck for best results?

“Should I lose weight before undergoing a tummy tuck surgery?” 

This is an extremely important question, yet probably one of the least contemplated among people wanting to undergo tummy tuck. The answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending on your present weight.

Tummy tuck- What does it involve?

Tummy tuck is a body contouring cosmetic surgery procedure which involves removal of excess skin from the lower abdominal region, mostly coupled with liposuction of areas like abdomen, flanks and even lower back in some cases. The abdominal muscles are also tightened to improve the muscle tone and lessen the abdominal bulge. However, the question arises- if liposuction is done along with skin removal, why is there at all the need to lose weight? To answer this question, it is important to understand how tummy tuck works, what is BMI and how are the two related?

Tummy tuck surgery entails removal of almost all the skin below the navel, and pulling the upper abdominal skin down to the pubis, giving a scar in your bikini. If one only requires removal of skin apron, it is relatively a much simpler process, however obese people who have lot of excess fat as well require extensive liposuction. To get a great result in such patients, the surgeon will have to do a significant amount of liposuction, and this greatly increases the risk of problems with wound healing.  It is also important to mention here that liposuction is not the way to lose weight. It is to contour the body when you are close to your ideal weight, thus answering the previous question.

Regarding Body Mass Index or BMI, it is a measure of body fat which is calculated on the basis of your height and weight. BMI is an important factor while assessing someone’s candidacy for tummy tuck as high BMI affects both the safety of patient during and after surgery and the surgical outcome.

Tummy tuck- Step by step
Talking about safety first, obese people run a much higher risk of complications like Pulmonary embolism, wound healing problems, infections, blood clots etc. post-surgery. The surgery time is also much longer if you are significantly overweight and need extensive surgery; thereby lengthening the anesthesia time and putting you at risk. Secondly, if there is too much bulk, it is difficult to get rid of it in a single sitting, thereby greatly affecting the aesthetic outcome of surgery.

While BMI is of course not the sole criterion while judging someone’s candidacy for an abdominoplasty, it is certainly an important factor. The best results for the procedure are obtained in the 25 to 28 BMI group, which refers to the overweight group (18.5 to 24.9 is the normal BMI range), as per the Body mass Index. From 29 to 31 or so, one can get good significant results. However beyond this, results are compromised and good outcome cannot be expected from the surgery, as people in this range fall under the obese category and are better candidates for weight loss surgery.

Your weight is thus undoubtedly an important factor if you are considering tummy tuck and it is all the more significant if you are planning to travel to another country for your surgery. Planning for your Tummy tuck surgery in India needs a lot of deliberation and forethought. It is important to consult the best cosmetic plastic surgeons in India before you finalize for your surgery, who would assess the pictures of your target areas and would ask you for your other important details including your height, weight, obstetric and medical history. Once the surgeon ascertains that you are a suitable candidate for the surgery and can expect good results, he would give you a go ahead for the procedure.

To make sure you are in safe and best hands for your tummy tuck cosmetic surgery in India, it is imperative that you choose the right partner who has the know-how and is adept with the finer intricacies of the subject.

An expert medical tourism facilitator like IndiCure will make sure that you have a successful Tummy tuck surgery under Board certified surgeons  at best hospitals in India. For more information on tummy tuck in India, write to us at, or call us at +91-932-003-6777 or  +1-877-270-2448 (US toll free) or Skype us @ Indicure

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Life after Organ Transplant surgery in India

The role of medical tourism for organ transplantation in India

The concept of medical tourism has taken the world by storm. Each year, more and more tourists wish to travel overseas to seek medical aid. This is because medical tourism offers high-tech healthcare services along with being economical for complex medical procedures. In fact, the top hospitals in India have helped India rank amongst the top three medical tourism destinations in Asia. They boast of having a promising medical tourism industry that is growing at an estimated rate of 30% per year. It is on par with its western counterparts, USA, UK, Russia, and many more. The most common treatments include heart surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, and organ transplant.

Healthcare tourism
Medical Tourism in India offers high-tech healthcare services.

Organs that can be transplanted include heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, small intestine, eyes, and thymus. These could be from a relative, spouse, friend, or simply someone who wishes to donate. Of course, these depend upon the organ donor's age, medical condition, and/or condition at the time of death. An organ transplant is a treatment alternative, not a cure, however, one can live a long and healthy life if they follow the right diet, exercise regularly, and know their individual limits, though, it may not be the best treatment option for everyone.

Guidelines for managing health after the surgery 

After an organ transplant surgery, most patients instantly feel better, however, given below are some tips for managing your health after the surgery.

Organ surgery in India
Organ Transplant surgery in India
is both safe & affordable
  • It is vital to keep up with your doctor appointments, undertake the necessary lab tests, and keep a tab on your pulse, blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol.
  • It is advisable to take immunosuppressive drugs (lower the body's normal immune response). They help to avert the immune system from attacking (rejecting) the new organ. This is because organ rejection is an invariable threat and needs extreme caution.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive drinking. Have a nutritious diet that consists of raw fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, cut down on salt and include high-protein foods such as lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, etc.
  • Take ample rest and exercise regularly, but take it slow. Start with walking and then steadily increase the workout intensity with cycling, jogging, swimming, etc.
  • You may face instances when you see there is hair growth or hair loss, acne, mood swings, round face, dry mouth, ulcers, enlarged gums, etc. In times like these consult your doctor and they will accordingly adjust your prescriptions to curtail the side effects without adding risk of organ rejection.

Since a liver, kidney transplant is a major surgery; it will take time to get back to eating normally, moving around, and following a normal routine of activities, hobbies, and work. The idea is to take things moderately and understand your limits and be in constant touch with the doctor for any medical assistance.

Any surgery is a serious preposition and requires fore-thought, complete understanding of the procedure and the outcome, along with the conscious decision to choose the best surgeons and top hospitals in India for your organ transplant surgery.

For further details on organ transplant in India contact IndiCure that has the list of best surgeons in India who will ensure the surgery is in safe hands and low-priced. To get a free medical opinion from our expert surgeons, please e-mail your medical history and diagnostic reports to or call us at +91-932-003-6777 | +1-877-270-2448 or Skype us @ Indicure

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Best Paediatric Cardiac Hospitals in India for successful treatment

Narayan B, 42 and his wife, Sheela were blessed with a healthy baby girl in 2011. The wait was long, but the couple walked out happy from a reputed maternity nursing home in Iowa, US. It has been four years for the happy family, and their little girl Tanya now is in pre-school- performing her best and making her parents proud. The happy moments though were short-lived when Tanya collapsed at one of her school plays on stage. Tanya was rushed to the nearest child-care centre, where the doctors informed Narayan and Sheela of the heart defects their doting child was born with.

The storm seemed to have engulfed the family; they were at a loss for words and emotions. While initial tests itself ripped half of the family earnings, doctors insisted on further tests that would ultimately lead to Paediatric cardiothoracic surgery and with no time to lose that too!

The family doctor and a close friend of Narayan suggested an alternative, which wouldn’t only save the family from refinancing their mortgage and saving their home, but also saving their daughters life with cheaper and high-quality Paediatric cardiac surgery in India.

Paediatric cardiac surgery in India - an overview

“Paediatric cardiothoracic surgery is surgery for congenital heart defects [defects at birth]. The incidence of congenital heart defects is 8 per 1000 live births. Paediatric cardiac surgery deals with closed and open heart surgeries. Closed heart surgery is a procedure without the heart lung machine.”

Before we tell you more on the benefits of Paediatric cardiac surgery in India, here is an overview which would set things straight for many concerned parents whose kids have been born unfortunately with heart defects, quite major to deal with.

Is the surgery a complex one?

Yes, paediatric cardiac surgery isn’t a simple process to deal with, and especially when surgeons have to deal with newborns and smaller children. Complexities are the norm and the dexterity of the surgeon is of high and very prime importance. Since the heart of a newborn or a child would be much more fragile than that of an adult, the margin of safety here would be very narrow, which is why heart defects in children cannot be handled by a novice- only the best and very experienced surgeons dealing with Paediatric cardiac surgery in India, should be summoned.

­­­Why India?

In addition to being an English speaking nation, the departments at various reputed and well-known hospitals in the nation are well equipped with the following-

  • World class cardiac surgeons
  • World class cardiologists
  • World class paediatric anaesthologists
  • World class paediatric intensisvists 
  • Comprehensive management staff and teams- 24*7
  • Specialised Cardiac Cath Procedure experts
  • High-end cath lab services on call
  • Experts dealing with coarctation repair and shunt operations, vascular rings and more

Services on offer

Well-known and top paediatric cardiac surgeons in India across various hospitals of repute are known to have worked successfully and helped children and newborns especially with the following-

  • ASD- Atrial Septal Defect ASD 
  • Ventricular Septal Defect 
  • Fallot's Tetralogy 
  • Open heart surgery 
  • Thoracotomy, to name a few

It would be wise to speak with your family doctor back home, who would be well-networked and connected with the bastion of medical experts in India, and in turn, help you find the right hospital and the best or top paediatric cardiac surgeons in India too.

One has to understand the importance of bringing to the child an expert’s touch- the case with heart complexities isn’t the job for a novice or an intern to handle, but only for doctors and surgeons with high-end expertise, state-of-the-art medical training, well-versed knowhow of the latest tools and medic-techno advances in the world of ventricular Septal Defect surgeries and more- no short change should be allowed here!

Cost comparison

Another reason why most clients look at top paediatric cardiac surgeons in India is because of the low-costs and high-quality medical care. This is one of the reasons why medical tourism in India is at its peak- holistic care with the best hands working on your child, would send you back home, happy! Below is a snapshot of the cost comparison, which would leave one stunned on the prices to save with high-quality medical care-

Procedure: Angioplasty

US Insurers Cost: US$ 25,704/- - US$ 37,128/-

US retail Cost: US$ 57,262/- - US$ 82,711/-

In India it costs: US$ 11,000/-

Procedure: Heart Bypass

US Insurers Cost: US$ 54,741/- - US$ 79,071/-

US retail Cost: US$ 1, 22,424/- - US$ 1, 76,835/-

In India it costs: US$ 11,000/-

Facilities on offer at the best hospitals in India

While India and its doctors at the most reputed heart-care hospitals around would be reason why medical tourists from USA, UK, Nigeria, the far-east, the middle-east and even from south-east Asian countries and other nations flock here, the facilities too at such low costs is another prime life-saving reason.

  • The best paediatric cardiac hospitals in India offer the following;
  • Customised cardiac theatres
  • Computerized monitoring systems
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • State of the art intensive care units
  • Round-the-clock trained nurses
  • Experienced and certified Physiotherapists
  • Multipannel overhead monitors per bed
  • Bedside colour Doppler’s
  • E.C.G systems
  • 24*7 Oxygen supply
  • Intra aortic balloon pump and more

Be wise and save your child’s life with high-quality and very affordable healthcare services from reputed and the best paediatric cardiac hospitals in India. Heal the heart and keep your finances in good shape too, your child would thank you later for this kind act of humanity!

For more information on best and affordable paediatric heart surgery, write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 or +1-877-270-2448 or chat with us at Skype @IndiCure