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Why is India one of the best places for tummy tuck abroad?

Medical tourism cosmetic surgery

What picture comes to your mind for the place where you would like to spend your tummy tuck holidays? Or what would be the best place for you in the world where you would like to spend your cosmetic holidays for your dream makeover?

Would that be a place equipped with the most modern treatment technology or you would like to spend your plastic surgery holidays in the lap of mother nature or a blend of both? Needless to say, in this era, there are a lot of places in the world that can offer you both. However, if you are on a budget, does that seem a distant dream spending your tummy tuck holidays in an exotic place at an affordable cost?

cosmetic surgery tourism in India
Medical tourism for cosmetic surgery in God's own land!

Now that can actually be a feasible if you would like to know more about the country India which is not only reckoned among the best places but the most affordable places in the world for cosmetic surgery procedures. 

Few important reasons for Cosmetic Surgery Tourism in India 

1.       India is the place of origin of plastic surgery – The origin of Plastic surgery dates back to 600 B.C. in India when a Hindu surgeon reconstructed a nose using a piece of cheek. The Indian doctor published first of its kind book in the history of plastic surgery, Sushruta Samhita, a collection of medical text on plastic surgery. Having originated in India, plastic surgery indeed has truly come of age in India.

2.       Best plastic surgeons of the world in India - India has to its credit the expertise of some of the best plastic surgeons of the world and the most modern techniques with which the Indian surgeons have been performing the plastic and reconstructive surgeries. They perform cosmetic surgery with that finesse and skills that are necessary to carry out the most complex cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.

3.       India- the must visit destination – Since ages India has been on top of the minds of land explorers be it for natural resources or for medical treatment or for holiday trips. Every year India attracts millions of people from across the globe for its rich cultural heritage, scenic splendor and healthcare treatment. The ancient medical system Ayurveda and the exotic spas available in various parts of the country are a major reason of medical tourism to India.

4.       Affordable medical treatment at best cosmetic surgery centers in India – Cost of medical treatment and plastic surgery in India is not only affordable but is much cheaper as compared to some of the best places of the world that are known to offer quality cosmetic surgeries. For tummy tuck, the cost of tummy tuck in India is about less than a third of what it would cost in any western country. Thus getting your tummy tuck holiday in India would definitely be an economical deal.

5.       English as the second most spoken language in India – Language is a medium that can connect you to rest of the world. In order to avail cosmetic surgery in a foreign country, you need to be able to connect with the healthcare providers so as to get an unhindered treatment and care.
English is the world’s most widely used language and is being spoken by doctors and healthcare professionals at the world class hospitals in India. This not only helps break the communication barrier between foreign nationals and Indian natives but has also given Indian healthcare system a competitive edge.

6.       Confidentiality of treatment in the foreign land like India – Most of us do not like to reveal the  secret of the changed or improved appearance. Getting your cosmetic surgery done in a foreign land gives you an advantage of keeping this affair a secret and under covers. In fact, most of the people prefer to get their plastic surgery done away from their native places to keep away from the meddlesome media, thanks to the phenomenon of medical tourism- it helps them get cosmetic surgery abroad.

cosmetic surgery prices in India

Above mentioned are some of the top reasons that can make you think why India is among the best places you should spend your tummy tuck holidays at. If you would like to know more about this wonderful place and tummy tucksurgery cost in India, contact us at or call us at +91 98184 62127 or +91 93200 36777 or chat with us at skype@ IndiCure.

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Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery – Advantages of non fusion surgery in patients with chronic spine pain

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

Artificial disc replacement, a non spinal fusion surgery, is a procedure of replacing a painful disc that has been a reason of chronic back pain with an artificial disc that is structurally similar to the damaged disc. Since artificial discs share similar functions as those of natural discs i.e act as shock absorbers in the neck or back, ADR surgery provides pain relief without compromising the spine’s natural anatomical structure.  

best hospitals for spine surgery in India

Advantages of Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery over Spinal Fusion surgery

Artificial disc replacement surgery aims at reducing chronic back pain with improving mobility in the spine. ADR surgery is a new procedure and is an alternative to spinal fusion surgery. The major disadvantage of spinal fusion surgery is that it stops movement at the fused joint due to which there is accelerated movement in other joints thereby increasing the chances of degeneration of discs at the adjacent levels of the spine.

Artificial disc replacement surgery, on the other hand, replaces the worn out or degenerated disc with a mechanical devise which functions to restore motion at that level. The sophisticated artificial disc used in ADR surgery has two metallic end plates and a plastic center which is designed to help align the spine along with maintaining natural flexibility of the spine. The artificial disc thus mimics the natural spinal disc in allowing it to twist and bend even at the time when it is maintaining normal spinal position. ADR surgery can be performed on lumbar or cervical spine.

Deciding your candidacy for an ADR surgery:

You are a candidate for an ADR surgery if:

·         You have not responded well to conservative treatments like medication and physiotherapy for more than 6 months.
·         Inter-vertebral discs in lumbar or cervical spine have been a cause of your back pain
·         There is no significant nerve compression or facet joint disease
·         You are not excessively overweight
·         You don’t have any spinal deformity (scoliosis)
·         You did not have any major primary surgery

ADR is contra-indicated for those:

·         Who need multiple level spinal surgeries
·         Who have spinal instability
·         Who have severe osteoposrosis

Artificial Disc replacement surgery in India

spinal fusion surgery cost India
IndiCure stands among the most trusted names for providing high quality surgical procedures in association with best doctors in India. Being the pioneer medical tourism company in India and having served numerous clients from across the world, IndiCure takes pride in being the best medical tourism company in India offering medical procedures at the most renowned hospitals in India.

ADR surgery is performed at some of the best spine surgery hospitals in India that are of international repute and have standards similar to those of India’s western counterparts. The cost of spinal surgery in India is much affordable and cheaper than what it costs in the western countries. IndiCure offers ADR surgery at highly economical prices negotiated with the most expert spinal specialists.

To know more about ADR surgery, write in to us at or call us at +91 98184 62127 or +91 93200 36777 or chat with us at Skype@Indicure.

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One more reason to undergo Weight loss surgery- It may slow down your Ageing!

Weight Loss Surgery slows ageing?

What is comes to your mind when you think of undergoing weight loss surgery? Naturally, you think of getting the surgery done for losing weight. However, it has been found that bariatric surgery does much more than just helping you shed those extra pounds and reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems, the surgery has shown to slows down the aging process in many!

Recent studies in Bariatric surgery

A recent study at Stanford University has shown some interesting facts showing obesity surgery affecting the aging mechanism in human cells. The study shows that weight loss resulting from obesity surgery may have done changes in the patients’ genetic functioning which may have slowed down the aging process in them.

telomeres and cell division
What we loose with Obesity and Age

Normally with aging, the telomeres which are the ends of the genes’ tips or caps typically get shorter until the cell is no longer able to reproduce. However, researchers found that the telomeres actually grew longer in certain people who underwent gastric bypass surgery (a type of weight loss surgery). With this process of telomeres growing longer, the effect of aging is likely to get reversed, proposed Dr John Morton, Stanford’s chief of bariatric surgery and president-elect of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. 

The change in the length of telomeres is only 2-3% which is within the margin of error, i.e. the normal range of variation in length of telomeres, however, the findings are such that need to be looked at more closely.
The study showed that the benefit was greatest among the sickest i.e. individuals who were not only heavy but had other problems such as chronic inflammation and heart disease. This surprising finding invites more research about genetic effects of bariatric surgery, suggested Morton. Although the study did not show the reversal of some signs of aging such as weight loss surgery smoothing wrinkles or preventing gray hair but there were some actual visual changes beyond weight loss as proposed by Morton.

"What this study showed, as I interpret it, is that the gastric bypass and resultant weight loss led to restoration of telomere function and chromosomal preservation. If indeed the weight loss does have a positive effect on preservation of DNA and how it functions, that is a remarkable finding.”

In the study, the patients were mostly women who had an average age of 49 years and had BMI of 44.3 which is considered morbid obesity.  The patients on an average lost 71 percent of their excess body weight through gastric bypass surgery. Evidently, their levels of C-reactive protein or CRP dropped more than 60 percent and their fasting insulin level declined four fold. It is to be noted that in patients with high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and inflammation before the operation, the telomeres lengthened as compared to patients with lower levels.

How Gastric Bypass surgery works?

Gastric bypass surgery works by making the stomach smaller and digestive system shorter. The procedure involves dividing the stomach into a small upper pouch and a larger lower pouch and then arranges the small intestine to allow both pouches to stay connected to it accordingly.

cost gastric bypass surgery India
Gastric Bypass reduces the size of the stomach and bypasses
the small intestine 

Since the stomach has been made smaller in size, it limits the food the stomach can hold, thereby leading to lesser intake of food. Also, the food bypasses a portion of small intestine which leads to lesser calorie absorption and thus effective weight loss. The results of gastric bypass surgery are quite promising- people who underwent gastric bypass have been able to lose upto 80% of their excess in the first two years of the surgery. 

So, you have now another reason to lose weight- Your weight loss surgery may slow down the aging process in you!!

Why wait then? For an affordable weight loss surgery in India, write to us at or call us at +91 9818 462127 or +91 93200 36777 or chat with us at skype@ IndiCure

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Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) – Effective treatment for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia – A common prostate problem for aging men!

Enlargement of prostate gland is one of the common problems faced by aging men. Benign Prostate Hyperplasia or BPH is a condition that affects 50% of men over 50 years of age and of these about 1/3 of men experience symptoms such as slow, interrupted or weak urinary stream, frequent urination, especially at night and urgency with leaking or dribbling. The number of men affected with BPH climbs up to 90% by the time they reach 70-85 years of age. Thankfully, many surgical techniques have been developed of which Transurethral Resection of Prostate is one of the most effective treatments to cure the same.

TURP surgery cost in India
Normal prostate vs Enlarged prostate

TURP – Surgery Procedure Overview

Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) is a surgical procedure that involves removal of a portion of prostate gland through the penis. A TURP is done if:
  • The initially done treatments for prostate enlargement such as medications have failed to relieve symptoms
  • There are complications involved due to enlarged prostate such as bladder stones, bladder infection etc.
best uro surgery hospitals in India

TURP is a surgical procedure performed by inserting an instrument through the urethra. Also known as resectoscope, this instrument which is about 12 inches long and one-half inch in diameter reaches prostate gland. The resectoscope has a light, valves for controlling fluid irrigation and an electrical loop for cutting tissue and sealing blood vessels. The instrument is inserted through the penis and the wire loop is guided by the surgeon which removes obstructing tissue piece one at a time. These tissues that have been cut during the procedure are then carried out by fluid into the bladder and flushed out after the procedure.  

What does TURP surgery do?

TURP relieves symptoms arising due to BPH. The enlarged prostate gland presses against the urethra and either interferes or obstructs the passage of urine out of the body. Some of the associated symptoms include:

  • Problem starting to get a urine stream 
  • Frequent urination at night
  • Urgency of urination
  • Dribbling after urination   

These symptoms can further lead to problems such as formation of stones in the bladder or urinary infections.

Conventional Vs Laser TURP

Conventional TURP
Uses a combined visual and surgical instrument
Uses highly advanced laser energy to cut excess gland.
Blood thinning agents need to be stopped 10 days before the conventional procedure
The blood thinning agents need not be stopped for the procedure which is a benefit for cardiac patients.
Allows removal of tissue at the speed of 1 gram/minute
Vapourizes tissue as fast as 3-4 grams/minute.

Laser TURP Advantages:

  • No blood loss
  • Safer and Faster
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery
  • Highly beneficial for patients with kidney dysfunction, people having prostate size more than 60 gm, patients with cardiac complications or those who are on blood thinning agents.

Why travel abroad to India for LASER TURP surgery?

Traveling abroad for any medical treatment is a major decision; however it can be life changing if it is taken at the right time and with right resources. For those considering undergoing LASER TURP surgery abroad, India could be an ideal destination. Not only the cost of LASER TURP in India is low but the surgery is carried out by some of the best surgeons at top urology hospitals in India. What also makes India a distinguished place is the hospitality and the quality treatment that is being given to people coming from varied nationalities in India.

If you are the one looking for quality LASER TURP treatment for you or your loved one, send us the reports to and be assured that you will be well taken care of. You can call us at + 91 9818 462127 or +91 93200 36777 or chat with us at Skype@IndiCure

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Knee Replacement Surgery- Procedure, Recovery and Cost At Best Orthopedic Hospitals in India

Knee is the joint which is most commonly affected by osteo-arthritis. Arthritis usually worsens with time and when your knee pain becomes so debilitating that it can no longer be controlled by medication or conservative treatment and may lead to joint deformity, time now is to think about a Knee Replacement Surgery.

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure whereby a diseased or worn-out knee joint is replaced with an artificial joint. The ideal candidates for knee replacement are those who have difficulty walking, climbing stairs or getting in and out of chair owing to the paining diseased knee joint. Such people may experience excruciating knee pain even at rest.

Cost of knee replacement in India

What does a Knee Replacement surgery do?   

A knee replacement surgery helps in relieving pain and restoring function of the severely worn-out knee joint. For a knee replacement procedure, your surgeon would cut away the damaged bone and cartilage from your thigh bone, shin bone and knee cap and would replace the joint with an artificial material made of alloys, high grade polymers and plastics. The replaced knee joint mostly replicates the natural ability of knee to roll and glide as it bends.

What to expect after a knee replacement surgery?

Most of the people after knee replacement surgery experience pain relief, improved joint function and a good quality of life. Post knee replacement you can expect to return back to normal activities such as light housekeeping, shopping by 4-6 weeks. You can also resume driving if you can bend your knee far enough to sit in a car by that time. After you recover completely, you can enjoy low impact activities such as – walking, swimming, biking and golfing but it you would be advised not to resume higher impact activities such as jogging, tennis and jumping.  

Why consider a knee replacement surgery in India?

Carrying out a successful knee replacement surgery requires skilled hands, latest technology and an environment conducive to the overall well being of an individual. India is one of the most sought after places in terms of offering world class treatment and post surgical rehabilitation services as its western counterparts. What makes India even a hotter destination than western countries is the low cost of  knee replacement in India which is available with some of the best orthopedic surgeons of the world in India.

How much does knee replacement cost in India?

The cost of knee replacement surgery in India starts from as low as $5500 and varies with the type of implant, surgeon, facility and city where you choose to get the surgery done. The cost includes implant, stay at the hospital, pre operative investigations, surgery, airport transfers and meals for the patient and the companion.

We at IndiCure understand how critical a decision is to get a knee replacement surgery done at a distant land without the caresses of your loved ones. IndiCure understands your concern very well and offers a caring hand for making your entire journey and stay in India as good as it would have been in your own country.

best orthopedic hospitals in India

Right from the first step of choosing the best orthopedic surgeon and best hospital for knee replacement in India your needs to coming to India and getting the operation done along with further follow ups, IndiCure assists you throughout. 

For more information about low cost knee replacement in India, write to us at or call us at +919818 462127+919818 462127or +91 93200 36777+91 93200 36777 or chat with us at Skype@IndiCure

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How much does gastric sleeve surgery cost in India?

Gastric sleeve surgery also known as sleeve gastrectomy or vertical sleeve gastrectomy is the most popular weight loss surgery  among surgeons and common public alike. The magical surgery can lead to 50-80 % reduction in body weight in about 6-12 months after the surgery. And since India is known as the ideal destination for finding weight loss surgery at surprisingly low prices, the most common question asked is this, ‘how much does gastric sleeve surgery in India?’. 

Gastric sleeve surgery – a basic picture

Sometimes, we get confused owing to the different medical names used for the same procedure. To avoid the same we are listing out the most commonly used names of the sleeve gastrectomy surgery - Greater Curvature Gastrectomy, Parietal Gastrectomy, Gastric Reduction, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), Gastric Sleeve Resection, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Longitudinal Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Tube procedure.
best bariatric surgeon in India
This is how Gastric sleeve surgery works

Gastric sleeve surgery differs from other weight loss surgery procedures in that it neither reroutes intestinal paths nor does it involve inserting any foreign devices in your digestive tract. Gastric sleeve surgery considerably reduces the size of your stomach to about one-fourth of its original size. By removing such a wide portion of your stomach along its curvature, it literally grants your wish ‘if only my stomach was smaller’. The good news is that it does not stop here. Since fundus, the area of stomach responsible for secreting the hunger hormone ghrelin gets removed in the process, you are left with lesser hunger pangs. Now that’s what we call effective strategy for weight loss – smaller stomachs, less hunger!
Gastric sleeve surgery is irreversible. Needless to say, it changes your diet regimen. Now that you feel fuller by much less quantity of food, you ought to ensure that your body does not get deficient in certain nutrients. So choosing your diet carefully needs to chart top at your priorities.

How much does gastric sleeve surgery in India?

Now that we have a basic idea of what sleeve gastrectomy involves, we can go directly to our initial question – ‘how much does gastric sleeve surgery cost in India’. The short answer- it depends. The long answer follows.
The exact cost of gastric sleeve surgery is subject to variations based on
  1. Surgeon- the surgeon's qualification, experience and track record
  2. Hospital- how big is the hospital, accreditation and facilities it offers
  3. The city you choose to get your surgery done- whether in a metro city or a small town  
Not to burden you with hidden charges, we also would like to include that the actual costs can also vary depending upon where and how long you are required to stay in the country and other miscellaneous costs associated with living, food and travel.
That being said, the cost of sleeve gastrectomy in India starts from as low as 6000 USD. Yes you read it right! Sleeve gastrectomy prices in India are as less as one third of what it would cost in many developed nations. Even after the travel, accommodation and miscellaneous costs are included, sleeve gastrectomy would not amount to even half of what it would cost in developed nations. Want to know further about ‘how much is sleeve gastrectomy in India’? Drop us a mail with your particular requirements and we will send you the exact figure!
IndiCure is the most renowned provider of weight loss surgery packages in India. For more information, You can write to us at or call us at +91 9818 462127 or +91 93200 36777 or chat with us at Skype@ IndiCure

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Medical tourism to India- What makes India one of the top destinations for medical tourism?

Medical tourism to India

What would you do if you lived in a world where there is huge waiting time to have even the simplest procedure done? Or in a country where you have hospitals and healthcare facilities but no trained and skilled doctors to run them? Or in a country where you have the best of healthcare facilities and top notch surgeons, the cost of medical treatment is so high and there is no way you can afford them? How frustrated would you feel?

There are ways to deal with the situations. One way to deal with is this to settle for less – settle for the least priced mode of treatment available in your nation or wait for years in writhing pain before you get your chance to get the medical treatment or get the treatment done by untrained hands and risk your health and lives. And in cases where treatment is not ‘necessary’, as in plastic surgery and weight loss surgery, learn to live with them. We will tell you another way to deal with such scenarios – the India & IndiCure way!

Most people begin as skeptics when they first come across the idea of medical tourism. After all, it’s a matter of your health and even your life. Is it wise to travel hundreds of miles to get your treatment or surgery done? Would the doctors there be as learnt and experienced as in Western countries? Why would you offer highly sophisticated procedures at such low prices in the first place? Does this adhere to the ‘quality suffers at low costs’ rule?

As is true with most ‘new’ things, after the initial pushing away of medical tourism as ‘this is just not for me’, you begin to entertain the idea of ‘why not me?” when you come to know more of it. Nothing helps in this better than statistical figures. The number of people travelling to India for medical treatment is ever on the rise. In the year 2012 alone, more than 350,000 people visited us for getting their medical treatment done. All of them can’t be wrong.

What makes India one of the most favored medical tourism destinations can be listed as follows:

·         Internationally accredited hospitals –India has a number of hospitals that meet the best of international standards in healthcare and are accredited from most reputed organizations such as JCI, ISO, Harvard, Cleveland clinic etc as hallmarks of their excellence. India has few of the best hospitals for heart surgery, spine surgery, brain surgery and various other treatments. 

·         Highly skilled doctors and medical staff – Indian doctors and surgeons are known all across the world for their skill and expertise. So, be prepared to fly back as raving fans of India’s highly skilled doctors and compassionate medical staff.

·         No waiting period – The treatment starts as quickly as you reach here- there is absolutely no waiting time.

·         Best medical technology and contagion controlling processes – In short, you will receive the best possible care medical science can provide.

·         Affordable treatment- The cost of medical treatment in India and various procedures such as heart surgery, brain surgery, spine surgery in India or even organ transplant such as liver transplant and kidney transplant cost less than a fifth as compared to the cost of same treatment in US, UK or other Western countries.

So, how does saving about 65-90 % on your medical bills sound to you with the best surgeons in the world, with no waiting lines, at hospitals as good as in your own country with doctors and nurses speaking the same language?

 Now you know why India is the best solution for your medical concerns. 

Top medical tourism companies in India
I & I way- India and IndiCure way is the best solution
 for your medical treatment abroad
Drop us a mail and let us know how IndiCure may serve you. You can write to us at or call us at +91 9818 462127 or +91 93200 36777 or chat with us at skype@IndiCure