Friday, 22 May 2015

Heart Attack- 12 warning signs never to ignore

Are you aware that you may experience heart attack without chest pains? Did you know that symptoms of heart failures or heart attack differ from person to person? Understanding early warning signs and symptoms of the heart attack today will help you endure tomorrow. Being the leading cause of mortality in the world, knowing the early signs of heart attack is crucial for prompt detection and timely intervention to survive.

Heart attack medically referred as myocardial infarction takes place when there is obstruction in the blood flow to the heart muscles. This can be due to multiple factors - age, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, alcoholism, obesity, unhealthy dietary habits, physical inactivity and mental stress all these factors contribute to the risk of heart attacks.

Chest pain and discomfort are the most common indicators of heart attack, however, few may not experience it while some may have mild pain or discomfort in the chest. It might be confusing to sense the symptoms as most of the heart attacks start slowly unlike they are often portrayed dramatically in the movies. People usually end up confusing the heart attack symptoms and wait for them to wean off instead of seeking medical help; or they hold stress, indigestion or other non-cardiac causes responsible for their symptoms.

The primary thing to remember regarding heart attack is that sooner you get the treatment, greater are the chances of your survival and lesser will be the harm. So, to prevent the complications and identify the potential heart attack at the earliest, learn the 12 warning signs to protect your heart.
Heart Attack warning signs.
Learn the 12 warning signs to protect your heart
  1. Chest pain and discomfort: Neither all heart attacks cause chest pain nor all chest pain means a heart attack. Pain is usually the typical sign of heart attacks in movies. But in actual life, person may feel tightness, heaviness, fullness or pressure in the chest and not pain.
  2. Anxiety: Heart attack may trigger anxiety. The survivors of heart attack often address their cardiac event being lead by the unusual sense of apprehension.
  3. Fatigue: Severe fatigue may occur especially in women during or days or weeks prior the heart attack episode.
  4.  Dizziness: you may feel light headedness due to heart rhythm abnormalities. Occasionally you may lose consciousness.
  5. Cough: constant and stubborn cough and wheezing can be one of the symptom of heart attack.
  6. Loss of appetite: You may experience nausea and feel unwell in your stomach during the episode.
  7.  Brisk and irregular Pulse: It is not bothersome if at rare times the heartbeat/pulse is missed. But if the pulse is fast, brisk and irregular especially in adjunct with shortness of breath, dizziness, or weakness, it can be a signal of heart attack or a heart failure.
  8. Perspiration: One of the common symptom of heart attack is sudden excessive cold and damp sweating.
  9. Pain in different part of body: chest pain and discomfort may radiate and extend to shoulders, arms, back, neck, jaw, or abdomen. In males, pain may radiate down to their left arm while in females it may radiate in either or both arms or in upper back at the middle.
  10.  Shortness of breath: feeling out of breath even at rest or after minimal exertion may indicate a heart attack. It feels like you have climbed up a mountain even if you haven’t moved.
  11. Weakness: You may experience severe and unexplained weakness days prior to an episode of heart attack.
  12. Swelling: Fluid accumulates in the body due to heart failure resulting in swelling which is often seen on feet, leg, or even abdomen. It may lead to sudden weight gain sometimes even though there is loss in appetite.

If you are suffering from these symptoms now and are trying to comprehend if the symptoms could be heart associated then seek medical help right away.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Cosmetic Dentistry - Smile Makeover in India

Affordable Smile Makeover in India

The art of cosmetically enhancing your smile through variety of dental procedures is termed as cosmetic dentistry. If you are among those who yearn to have the perfect smile and cannot afford it in your country, India is the best place for you to be. Dental surgery or cosmetic dentistry in India is not just affordable but you also get treated by the best dental surgeons trained in best medical schools across the world.

Smile Makeover in India
Get the perfect smile with affordable Smile Makeover in India

Smile makeover in India is very popular among residents of US, UK, Australia and New Zealand as they can have the perfect smile without drilling a hole in their bank balance. The low cost of veneers in India is one reason you can afford to have an affordable smile makeover. Veneers are ceramic shells which are cemented on the front side of the tooth to give them a neat cosmetic appearance. They are wafer thin and are carefully designed to match the patient's teeth colour.

This treatment is done to ensure a better sparkling white smile by adding veneers of porcelain or resin on dented or stained tooth or teeth to create uniformity and beauty. Porcelain veneers are one of cosmetic dentistry’s most commonly used tool for smile makeovers.

Veneers are the treatment of choice for individuals having the following problems: 

· Too much gap between the teeth 

· Broken or chipped teeth 

· Staining of teeth- external or internal 

· Crooked teeth 

· Fillings which look unattractive 

· Bad shape of one or more teeth

A smile makeover in India can be finished in a span of 2-3 weeks. The cost of resin veneers are around INR 11,700 (approx. USD 195 per tooth) 

A perfect smile also requires teeth whitening. The treatment for teeth whitening in India is in its growing phase. With state of the art technology and new laser treatments the cost for teeth whitening in India is as cheap as INR 12000 (approximately 200 USD). 

Along with beautiful teeth, it is also very important to have strong gums. Depending upon the type of problem, gum treatment cost in India starts from INR 5000 onwards (approx. USD 80). 

As mentioned above in case of too much gap between teeth, dental bonding might be required to create the perfect smile. Dental bonding is a procedure, in which a tooth-coloured resin material(a durable plastic material) is applied and hardened with a special light, and used to ultimately “bonds” the material to the tooth to restore or improve the person' smile. Dental bonding cost in India starts from INR 1500 (approx. USD 25) per tooth depending upon the damage of the tooth. 

As every surgery is a serious proposition, it requires immense amount of deliberation, conversations, and forethought. At IndiCure, we understand the importance of every surgery conducted, and therefore, we treat our guests with utmost care and professionalism. We are extremely sensitive towards your requirements and all the surgeries are conducted by acknowledged and experienced dental surgeons. We also arrange for examinations, surgeries and post-operative care, therefore making your medical trip to India comfortable and stress-free.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


Tips for QUICK and SMOOTH recovery after hip replacement surgery

Though Total Hip Replacement is a complex surgery, it significantly enhances your quality of life. Hip replacement surgery rewards you with freedom of mobility that was compromised due to your arthritic hip. Your journey to the road of recovery after THR shall be successful with your active participation in the healing process. Besides rest, pain management, exercises and physical therapy that you need, here are some important tips to care about after a hip replacement surgery for you to have a quick and smooth recovery:

  • Stay Active- Undergoing THR does not imply that you have to be an idler. It is the time to regain your endurance by staying as much active as possible. You can enhance it by walking and performing mobility exercises guided by your doctors and physical therapist.
  • User friendly home- make your home user friendly and free of obstacles that may come in your way and modify the furnishings as per your necessities.
  • Healthy Diet- balanced and healthy diet is important to maintain as your weight can affect your recovery. Excess weight adds pressure on the hips that may hamper the healing process and slower down the recovery.
  • Hip precautions- follow the proper precautions advised by your doctor regarding the hip mobility during your post-operative phase. Some of these precautions includes;  
    • Avoid crossing and twisting your legs
    • Avoid bending from your waist more than 90 degrees
    • While lying, lie on your back and keep a pillow between your legs to prevent touching of knees.
    • Use walker, crutches or cane for transfers and ambulation until doctor advised
    • Sit on high chairs which is higher than knee height. Use raised toilet seats and avoid low beds.
    • Don’t drive until advisable
    • Avoid turning back on your operated leg

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

TURP Surgery in India- answer to enlarged prostate problem

TURP surgery in India can give a lot of relief from the pain and problems that are associated with the increase in the size of the Prostate gland. This medical condition is also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. It happens in almost 40% of the male population once they cross the age of 50 and requires a relatively simple surgery to cure it. The preferred surgery in the medical world for curing enlarged prostate is Transurethral Resectioning of the Prostate Gland. High quality medical equipment in super specialty hospitals is used for performing TURP under the supervision of top uro surgeons.

The symptoms on the BPH must be aptly recognized before taking the decision to opt for TURP. They are frequent tendency to urinate, slow urination rate, strain in the urinary tract and urgent need to urinate. The bladder is often not emptied completely which leads to a feeling of uneasiness in genitor-urinal area. If BPH is left unmediated and untreated, it can lead to Hematuria, prostate cancer, dysuria (both short-term and permanent) along with a large number of urinary tract infections.

TURP Procedure

TURP surgery in India especially laser TURP is a surgical process requiring minimal invasion and is usually the top choice for curing adenofibromatous Hyperplasia or prostatic hyperplasia in which the prostate cells keep increasing in size and number.
A specially engineered laser beam is flowed all over the prostate organ so that the blood vessels are all sealed off and the pressure on the prostate gland is reduced. The surgeon then inserts the endoscope through the urethra and resects the enlarged prostate. No external scars are seen. One needs to stay at the hospital for one-two days after the procedure. Daily activities can be resumed in a week’s time.

Advantages of conducting TURP Surgery in India

India is known all over the world for its high quality of medical services and specialized bank of doctors and surgeons. Some kinds of surgery like TURP surgery are preferred to be done in India even by patients residing in western countries as there is a lot of time and cost savings. It’s estimated that its 40% cheaper to get TURP Surgery in India including flight and accommodation expenses in comparison to the other affluent western countries.

Most well known hospitals in India have accreditation from NABH and JCI which are international medical standard governing bodies. This ensures that they follow all the global norms for surgical standards, equipment quality, cleanliness, hygiene and in patient stay parameters. This makes India one of the best places to avail TURP surgery in India

India has considerably low waiting period between opting for the surgery and actually getting the surgery done because of the large availability of well trained surgeons and medical staff. This is unlike Western countries where there is usually a large waiting period (minimum 3 months) which makes it inconvenient for the patient.

IndiCure is the largest provider of Medical surgery tourism in India. With hundreds of happy clients from across the world, IndiCure understands your requirements very well.  For more information about your plastic surgery in India, write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 or talk to us at skype@IndiCure

Friday, 8 May 2015

Cyberknife radiosurgery-most effective treatment for trigeminal neuralgia

Defining trigeminal neuralgia:

Trigeminal neuralgia is the neuropathic disease originating from trigeminal nerve which is characterised by sharp, stabbing or burning sensation across the jaw and cheeks. The trigeminal neuralgia pains are severe and recurrent often elicited by light touch and are termed as radiating electric shock like pains usually experienced in cheeks or jaw and only on one side of the face.

Approximately 5 in every 100,000 person is believed to be suffering from facial pain due to trigeminal neuralgia. Though this excruciating pain lasts only for brief periods, the episodes of pain are recurrent and often improve much despite of drug therapy and medications. Having high probability of the side effects following drug treatments, the only option to get rid of the agonising pain is surgical intervention.

The surgery often proves fruitful but not every patient is fit for anaesthesia and even some patients do not wish to undertake such invasive open surgical procedures.
To overcome the complications and risks following conventional surgery, researches have provided us with promising option to get rid of the disabling pain and to revive the joy that trigeminal neuralgia had taken away from life.

A study published by the researchers in the Journal of Neuro Interventional Surgery, indicates that a stereotactic radiotherapy technique referred often as “Cyberknife” which uses the highly powered and concentrated beams of radiation, can alleviate the intense pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia.
Cyberknife targets a length of the nerve which is usually 1mm by 5mm or 6mm rather than targeting only the point on the nerve which makes it capable of delivering superior results. As the Cyberknife targets the larger length of nerve sheath, it results in remarkably early and longstanding responses and outcomes.

The efficiency of cyberknife compared to other treatment has been proved by the researchers.
In their study, they treated few patients diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia between the 36-90 years of age with the Cyberknife radiosurgery. All the patients were the known cases and suffering from TN since 1-11 years and had not responded to other common conventional treatment options.
The treatment involved delivering a maximum dose of radiation (73.06 Gy) into the 6mm length of trigeminal nerve just 2-3mm away from the root of nerve. After the radiation, patients were monitored timely for an average period of 12 months.

The study reported that 92% of the patients experienced partial or complete relief of symptoms within the average time of less than 2 months with the variation from 3 weeks to 6 months. The other 8 % noted relapses after the procedure that too 3-18 months later.

It was also found that none of the patients experienced any of the major complications due to the procedure with only few reported some sensory side effects. So the researchers concluded that Cyberknife radiosurgery is the viable and promising treatment option and alternative to the other more invasive procedures to cure trigeminal neuralgia.

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Cyberknife treatment in India
Affordable Cyberknife radiosurgery in India to cure trigeminal neuralgia
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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Heart health and Arthritis.

A rainbow's worth of fruits and vegetables is great for your heart health.

Rainbow's worth food for a healthy heart
Heart Healthy Food

It isn't easy to care for your family, dedicate completely to your work and other fulfill other obligations along with managing the everyday joint pains that you suffer. The stress takes a toll on your joint making them sore and ache. However, along with everyday tasks, it is also crucial to care for your heart. Small changes in your everyday habit can lead to better healthy living.

Why is heart health important?

Research has proven that people who suffer from, inflammation throughout their body caused by arthritis, are at a greater risk of falling for cardiovascular problems like heart diseases or heart attack and fatalities by heart-related causes. Study has also found that heart risks are linked to rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Patients with RA who also have high blood pressure (hypertension)—a precursor to heart disease—were less likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular problems than people without RA. Another study done suggests an underlying common factor that causes inflammation in the entire body thus affecting heart health and causing arthritis. Therefore, it is essential that one pays close attention to their heart and take necessary steps for its care.

Avoid heart risks with these 5 simple steps

The first step is to be aware of your heart and its condition. If you are suffering from RA or psoriatic arthritis it helps to pay extra attention to your heart. Follow these simple 5 step plan to ensure better heart health.

1.       Eating smart for the heart
Firstly, avoid or reduce the consumption of saturated fats, sodium or salt, cholesterol and trans-fat. In your diet include fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat smaller portions in 5-6 servings throughout the day to ensure lesser hunger pangs and resist sweetened drinks and sugary food.

2.       Yes to Physical activity.
Physical activity is good for both your joints and your heart. Physical activity may seem difficult for those with arthritis and heart diseases, but sweating it out can help you lower the risks of fatalities. Brisk walking or jogging will increase your heart rate and keep your heart healthy.

3.       Stop tobacco consumption.
Consumption of tobacco has known to increase risk to the heart and cause health related ailments. Easy way of ridding your body of nicotine is steam or sauna baths. You sweat the nicotine thus making quitting smoking easier. You could also use alternatives like nicotine patches.

4.       Know your numbers.
It is important to keep a close watch on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Monthly checkups and tests help you manage and monitor your diet. A stable blood sugar level means stable heart.

5.       Take your medicines.
Skipping your arthritis medication could have effects on your heart. Arthritis medicines are known for their anti-inflammatory properties which also reduces risk to the heart. Keeping your arthritis under control will in turn help your heart. Nonetheless, If you're experiencing side effects, talk with your doctor, who can possibly adjust or switch your medications.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Affordable Gastric Sleeve Surgery in India

Gastric Sleeve done to Perfection in Indian Hospitals

Medical tourism has been benefiting patients especially those in advanced countries like the USA and the UK, where cost of surgical procedures is so high that they cannot afford it, even with an insurance cover. People with morbid obesity, who do not respond to traditional methods of weight loss are advised bariatric surgery. This surgery is highly recommended if they also have other conditions such as cardiovascular issues and diabetes, which are quite common in these cases.

Bariatric surgery, a process in which surgeons use laparoscopic techniques to conduct gastric bypass process or to remove a part of the stomach also known as gastric sleeve, varies from around $ 20000 to $ 25000 in the USA. The same laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery in India costs around $ 6000 or even less. You get the same standard of care, quality and skilled surgeons in India as in the USA or UK but for a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay in your home country. Even including the cost of air travel, the overall cost is far less than what they would pay in their home country.

If you are also suffering from obesity and need a long term effective solution, which you can afford, it is time you should look at hospitals in India. Hospitals in India are equipped with the latest equipments and with a panel of highly qualified and skilled surgeons. Bariatric surgery is a complex procedure and requires highly trained and experienced surgeons to do the job.

Gastric sleeve, also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy involves reducing the size of the stomach by around 70%. This is done by using staples to stitch portions of the stomach, making it a narrow sleeve. This reduces the capacity of the stomach to hold or accept food, which in turn reduces the patient’s food intake resulting in massive weight loss.
Sleeve Gastrectomy in India
Affordable Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in India
Not only that, the portion of the stomach which is responsible for secretion of hunger stimulating hormone- Ghrelin is removed resulting in reduced feeling of hunger. Gastric sleeve, thus, works on two mechanisms- restriction in the amount of food that the stomach can hold and reducing the feeling of hunger resulting in massive weight loss.  .

The patient needs to stay in the hospital for 3-4 days after the surgery under medical supervision to make sure he/ she is healing well. A week in India is required for adequate recovery before you can head back home.

Gastric sleeve is a life changing surgery and we at IndiCure help you make an informed decision about the surgery. We have on our panel few of the best bariatric surgeons in India with large number of successful cases done at state-of-the-art hospitals in India. 
Medical Tourism with IndiCure
IndiCure only associated with the Best Hospitals and Top Bariatric Surgeons in India.