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Cosmetic Surgery in India

Cosmetic Surgery in India- Why popular among medical tourists?

Medical tourism is now a worldwide trend and India has firmly found its place on the map. With more and more people looking to find quality medical and surgical procedures done by talented doctors at affordable prices, India has become the epicenter for such practices. A growing number of medical tourists prefer to opt for cosmetic surgery in India and for many good reasons.

Besides world-class medical and after-care facilities, availability of cutting edge technology and skilled professionals as well as good prices, the country is also home to medical tourism companies who will look into your every need and make your medical trip to India safe, secure and successful.

A good medical tourism company would not only help you find the right surgeon and the hospital for your specific requirement, he would be there to help you whenever you need- they are like friends away from home.

Cosmetic Surgery - Basic Facts

Those looking for some aesthetic enhancements but are not quite sure what exactly is cosmetic surgery, here are some basic facts.

The broader term "plastic surgery" encompasses two main categories:

1. Reconstructive surgery
2. Cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery has more to do with improving function through surgery that has been compromised in some way than to do with aesthetics. for example, Cleft Palate surgery or Breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy because of breast cancer.

Cosmetic surgery is one of the greatest gifts when it comes to people looking to enhance or improve their appearance- be it their nose, breasts, tummy or buttocks or any part of their body; cosmetic surgery can work on the area to improve its appearance.

Cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic surgery - aesthetic enhancement by best plastic surgeons
in India

Although there was a stigma attached to cosmetic surgery in the past, cosmetic surgery is no longer considered a taboo. We often see celebrities flaunting the latest works of their skilled surgeons with remarkable results and that has opened the minds of the general public to such procedures.

Now we find many people from all walks of life opting for cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, face-lift, breast enhancement, liposuction, tummy tuck and the like. It is still something most people like to take their time to recuperate from and shield themselves from scrutiny and that is why cosmetic surgery in India is so popular. You now have the option to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures with discretion, without compromising on the quality of the actual procedure itself and that of the after-care.

The Indian health care system has evolved tremendously and has gone through a major transformation in recent years. People from Western countries are now opting to come here, explore the beautiful sights and sounds of the country and plan a medical procedure during their visit as well.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery in India gives them the privacy they need at the hands of some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world and hospitals at par with what they get in US, UK or any other developed western country. And with cosmetic surgery prices in India that are significantly lower than many other places in the world, a chance to improve your appearance to your liking or to correct a deformity need not be as exorbitant as it was previously thought. It comes as no surprise then that cosmetic surgery is one of the many medical procedures people come to avail of in India.

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