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Open Heart Surgery in India

Open Heart Surgery

Simply put, heart surgery or cardiac surgery is the surgery that is to do with the heart and with the problems associated with the many blood vessels connected with this vital organ. Heart Surgery is performed by specialized cardiovascular surgeons. Open Heart Surgery also known as Bypass Surgery, is a surgery wherein a blood vessel from another region of the body is taken to bypass a blocked or damaged blood vessel in the heart. It is used to alleviate angina problems for patients who shall not benefit from medications or a relatively conservative procedure like angioplasty.

It is a fact that cardiac procedure such as open heart surgery is a serious and major medical procedure, and where and how it is done is of prime importance to the patient and their family members. The name “heart surgery” itself causes stress for most patients and their families, which is why they want to get the heart surgery done by the best doctors possible.

Open Heart Surgery in India

top heart surgeons in India

It is definitely a procedure that requires highly skilled surgical abilities and good aftercare facilities, and that is why open heart surgery in India has become a popular and important option for many a patient from around the world, owing to highly qualified and skilled cardiac surgeons and super specialized hospitals in India for heart ailments performing surgery at a fraction of cost.

India has become one of the most popular destination for people looking to have heart surgeries like bypass surgery, valve replacement, angioplasty, valvuloplasty etc. since it houses many recognized stalwarts in this field. You can also find cost effective procedures at world-class hospitals and medical facilities with some of the best surgeons experienced in open heart surgery.

Since pre and post-surgical care is also so important in critical surgeries such as cardiac related surgeries, finding the right facilities with state of the art equipment, staff and technologies are vital for not only for your body to heal but your peace of mind as well. This is why India triumphs as a country known for its medical tourism and healthcare segments. You will also find medical centers that use cutting edge technologies like 3D echocardiography, Contrast echocardiography, 256 slice CT scan, cardiac MRI, Robotic surgery etc. among others. Patients can rest assured knowing that the success rate for heart surgeries, for even difficult cases, are very promising when assisted with such advanced technologies.

If you are considering open heart surgery in India as an option for yourself or a loved one, there are a couple of routes you can take. One is to directly contact medical centers, hospitals and surgeons and the like or the second is to get in touch with a reputable company online or by phone, which will do the needful for you. They will evaluate your case, offer guidance, put you in the hands of the best surgeons for the job, and arrange for aspects like care facilities, to name a few. Opting for this may greatly help to reduce your worries and let you concentrate on yourself, before making decisions on a major surgical procedure such as this.

For affordable open heart surgery in India at best cardiac hospitals in India, call us at +91 93200 36777 or + 1 (877) 270 2448 (US toll-free). You may alternatively write to us at or talk to us on Skype @ Indicure.

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