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Brain Surgery in India

Brain Surgery

Brain Surgery or Neurosurgery is a serious surgery because it involves one of the most vital organs of the body. Not only the patient who needs the treatment is under high stress, but the relatives and friends are concerned about the outcome of the surgery. Affordability is also a very critical factor because in no way brain related ailments can wait and should the treatment for brain diseases be delayed That is why many international patients are opting to undergo brain surgery in India, because India not only offers them high international standard of medical care but also charges that are quite less than in many other countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Brain surgery, in general, is a surgical procedure is one that is used to treat problems in the brain and its surrounding areas. Procedures of the brain, spine, extracranial cerebrovascular system, spinal cord and other parts of the nervous system are covered under the broad brain surgery term. It includes the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as initial prevention of disorders to such parts of the body.

The many types of brain or neurological surgery include but are not limited to, craniotomy, brain implant, trans-sphenoid operations, spinal fusion, brachial plexus injuries or stereotactic procedures, peripheral nerve surgery, anthroplasty, carpel tunnel release, deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s, CSF shunt procedures, chronic subdural haematoma, burr hole aspiration for abscess etc.

The success rate of brain surgery depends on various factors like the extent and severity of the disorder or injury and the overall health and age of the patient. The advanced technologies used today in neurosurgery like highly specialized microscopes, latest image studies, the state-of-the-art operation theatres etc.,as well as the kind of surgery undertaken, greatly improves the chances of a positive outcome in the scenario. Do remember that brain disease does require urgent medical care and is not to be taken lightly in any case. It is of vital importance that these procedures are done without too much delay, so as to limit the possible damage to the brain and the brain cells that greatly affect its functionality and can cause further long lasting damage. Therefore, opting for the best care you can afford is always a wise decision.

Brain Surgery in India

A growing number of patients, who are supposed to undergo such procedures to correct ailments, often consider coming to India to have their surgeries to have access to its vast and flourishing medical sector and talented surgeons. You will also find reputed medical tourism companies who are associated with many specialized brain surgery as well as some of the best brain surgery hospitals in the country, which are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology used in these types of neurological procedures. These companies will also assist you to plan and schedule these specialized surgeries, put you in touch with the right specialists, make all your travel and other medical arrangements etc., among other services. If you are thinking of brain surgery in India and reside elsewhere, do contact the relevant companies or institutions as soon as possible so you get the help you need without delay.

For more information on brain surgery in India,  call us at +91 93200 36777 or + 1 (877) 270 2448 (US toll-free) or talk to us on Skype @ Indicure or write to us at

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