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Dental Implants and Cost of Dental implants in India

Dental Implants and Cost of Dental implants 

Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root that supports the replacement tooth or a bridge. The implants provide a strong foundation for the permanent or removable teeth and are root-form endosseous implants i.e they appear similar to the natural teeth. The implants used in dentistry are usually made of titanium. 
Dental Implants
Dental Implants in action

Types of Dental Implants

·      Endosteal Implants 

Endosteal implants are the most commonly used implants. They are used as an alternative to the bridges or dentures. They are screws, cylinders or blade-like implants placed in the jawbones that can hold one or more prosthetic teeth.

·     Subperiosteal 

They are placed on top of the jaws and hold the prosthesis through the gums. The ideal candidates are the ones who are unable to wear conventional dentures or have minimal bone growth.

Indications for Dental Implants Surgery

·      Single Tooth Replacement – the implants replace both the root as well as the lost tooth that are then covered with a crown.

·     Replacement of several or all the teeth – Several teeth and even all the teeth can be replaced with implant supported bridges that replace teeth and some of the roots.

·     Supporting the denture – The support or stability of partial denture or full upper or lower denture is provided by dental implantation.

·      Improved aesthetic appearance of the teeth

·      Improved oral health – Oral health is improved by the dental implants since the implants do not alter the nearby positioning of the teeth as occurs with a tooth-supported bridge. The implants allow easy access between teeth thus improving long-term oral hygiene.

Advantages of Dental Implants

·      Enhanced aesthetic appearance – The dental implants prevent bone loss since the implants integrate into the structure of the bone thereby improving the aesthetic appearance.

·      Give more Durability and strength to the teeth – The implants are much stronger and durable than the restorative counterparts such as dentures or bridges.

·      Implants as a permanent solution to tooth loss – the implants restore the normal tooth function in the mouth that has little or no non-restorable teeth.

·      Correct malocclusion when the problem is not due to bone abnormalities.

Cost of Dental Implants in India

India has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for cosmetic dentistry abroad and very prominently  for dental implants because the cost of dental implants in countries like UK, USA, Australia etc is too high, whereas India offers a much cheap dental implants.  Many people from these countries are coming to India for seeking dental implants surgery at best dental clinics in India.

With significant advancements in the infra-structure available in dental clinics and dental centers in India, patients are coming from across the globe for seeking cosmetic dentistry in India. The greatest dental clinics in India are well equipped with sophisticated equipment and have cutting edge technology. Not only the infra-structure but the dental surgeons in India at these centers are board certified and highly qualified.

IndiCure brings together a wide range of dental surgery procedures, ranging from restorative treatments like crowns & bridges to the latest cosmetic dental procedures like dental implants, laser dentistry, and removable dental prostheses. Our surgeons are an experienced team of dentists, considered to be among the best dental surgeons in India and have many years of experience in handling sophisticated dentistry cases. 

For more information about Dental Surgery Abroad and Dental Implants Surgery, please write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 or + 1 (877) 270 2448 (US toll-free).

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