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Heart Bypass Surgery – Important Things to Know

Heart Bypass Surgery 

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, commonly known as Heart Bypass Surgery is a surgical procedure to treat heart diseases when coronary arteries are blocked. The procedure involves grafting of arteries or veins from another part of the body to bypass the narrowed or blocked arteries. The procedure helps in improving the blood supply to the heart muscles or myocardium. 

Affordable heart bypass surgery
Schematic of Hear Bypass Surgery
The graft is a blood vessel which is attached above and below the blocked area to re-route the blood flow to a new unblocked path.

Blood Vessels used as graft in Heart Bypass Surgery:

     ·       Internal Mammary Arteries or 
           Thoracic Arteries    
         ·         Saphenous veins
         ·         Radial Artery
         ·         Gastroepiploic Artery

Indications for Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

·       When there is a significant risk of heart attack. The number, location and extent of coronary stenosis indicate risk of heart attack to the patient.
·        During or immediately after a heart attack, the coronary artery bypass surgery is performed.

The Heart Bypass Surgery Procedure

The Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The surgery begins by making an 8-10 inch surgical incision in the middle of the chest. The breastbone is separated to expose the heart and aorta (the blood vessel supplying blood from heart to rest of the body).

The surgery is performed can be performed using a heart-lung bypass machine. In this surgery, the machine takes over the work of heart while the heart is stopped during the surgery. The machine supplies oxygen to the blood and moves blood throughout the body.

Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Machine (Off –Pump CABG)

This type of surgery does not involve use of a heart lung machine. The bypass is done while heart is still beating. The doctor takes a vein or artery from another body part such as saphenous vein or internal mammary artery to re-route the blocked area of the artery.

Once the graft has been created, the breast bone is closed with wire and the surgical cut is closed with stitches. The surgery takes usually 4-6 hours after which the patient is taken to Intensive care unit.

Another refinement of Off – Pump CABG is Minimally Invasive Heart Bypass Surgery. The procedure is done in patients whose heart blockages can be bypassed through small openings on the left side of the chest. MIDCAB is indicated in patients with disorders such as lung diseases, kidney disorders or peripheral vascular diseases.

Prognosis of surgery

The prognosis of heart bypass surgery is good. Although the benefits may not be visible for 3 to 6 months but post heart bypass surgery, the grafts remain open and work well for many years.

One is advised to:
·         Quit smoking
·         Eat heart healthy diet
·         Exercise regularly
·         Control high blood sugar and treat high blood pressure.

Outcomes and Recovery

CABG helps in relieving angina and improves the long term survival of patients suffering from stenosis of left main coronary arteries or low heart muscle pump function.

After CABG, the patient recovers in intensive care and spends 3 to 7 days in the hospital. Within 24 hours the patient is moved to a regular or transitional care room. During the recovery period, drugs are prescribed to control pain and prevent unwanted blood clotting. On third day, one can resume normal routine including eating regular food, sitting up and walking around. The patient generally recovers completely within 6 to 8 weeks.

With Minimally Invasive Cardiac bypass Surgery, the recovery is quite fast with lesser pain. One is supposed to spend 12 – 24 hours in recovery area where all the vitals of the patient are regularly monitored. Within 1 to 4 weeks, the patient generally returns to work, resume non-strenous work, driving and participate in light activities.

Heart Surgery Abroad

Many people consider traveling abroad for heart surgery either because of lack of good heart surgery hospitals or because of high cost of medical treatment in their home country. In the countries such as Russia where there are lack of optimum healthcare facilities, many a people travel to India for heart surgery procedures. The same goes with some other African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda from where a lot many medical tourists come to India for heart surgery.

Heart Bypass Surgery cost at Best Heart Surgery Hospitals in India

Heart Bypass Surgery is now available at best cardiac care hospitals in India. With rise of medical tourism and affordability of treatment in India, many a people are now traveling to India for even complicated heart surgeries.

Of the many reasons why people prefer India for heart surgery is the affordability of heart surgery at best heart hospitals in India. Another reason being availability of cutting edge technology for treating complex heart surgeries such as triple heart bypass surgery or quadruple heart bypass surgery by best heart surgeons in India.The other advantages of getting heart surgery in India are – easy access to healthcare facilities in India for most of the Asia-Pacific countries, English speaking hospital staff and personnel and the overall heart surgery package which is much affordable as compared to other western countries such as USA, UK, Canada and other European countries.

The heart surgery is quite expensive in countries such as UK where the cost of a simple heart procedure begins from £12,000 or approximately USD 20,000 whereas the cost of heart surgery in India is approximately USD 5500 - USD 7800.Thus heart surgery is available at much affordable prices in India as compared to other European countries.

For getting heart surgery at best heart hospitals in India, one can easily get through a good medical tourism company in India. IndiCure is the premium medical tourism company that has association with best heart surgeons and best heart surgery hospitals and clinics in India.

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