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Indications and Outcomes of Heart Valve Replacement Surgery - Low cost, affordable in India

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

Valve Replacement is a surgery which involves replacement of heart valves with grafts or artificial valves or bio-prosthesis in order to restore normal heart functioning. The bio-prosthesis is a graft made of biological tissue that may be a human tissue (homograft) or tissue from an animal, usually pig(xenograft). 

The heart valves open and close upon differential pressure on each side and their function is to allow blood to flow in one direction only. The four valves in the heart are: two Atrio ventricular valves called mitral valve and tricuspid valve and two semilunar valves called- aortic valve and pulmonary valve.
Hear valve replacement surgery
Schematic of Heart Valve replacement surgery

Heart Valve Replacement is indicated in following conditions:

1.       Acquired Heart Valve Diseases such as Calcification of the valves
2.       Infection such as endocarditis or syphilis
3.       Rheumatic valve diseases
4.       Tumors of the valve
5.       Hypertension
6.       Cardiomyopathy or enlarged heart muscles
7.       Increased opening of the annulus
8.       Aortic aneurysm

The Procedure of Heart Valve Replacement

The Valve Replacement Surgery is done under general anesthesia. The surgery may either be an open-heart surgery in which patient is put on a heart lung machine or a beating heart surgery without using a heart lung machine. In the beating heart surgery, the patient’s heart is normally beating.

The procedure involves separation of breastbone and ribs and the faulty heart valves are traced. The edges of the valves are loosened from the tendons by slicing the edges around the valves and then the faulty valves are removed. The valves are then replaced by the new valves and the patient is taken off the bypass machine. Finally the chest wall is closed. 

Outcomes of Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

The outcomes of the surgery are exceptional and extremely satisfying. The quality of life after heart replacement surgery is much improved as the patient no longer has the difficulty in breathing. Fainting spells as well as palpitations are also less likely to occur.

The patient is administered drugs to prevent excess fluid from building up around the heart .The patient soon begins walking and exercising to regain strength. After discharge from the hospital, patient undergoes cardiac rehabilitation program.

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Cost in India

India has become a hub of super-specialty heart hospitals. Patients from many countries come to India for affordable valve replacement surgery. A lot of patients come from US, UK where the cost of valve replacement is otherwise high for uninsured patients. Others come from Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and other East - African countries because the facilities are not that advanced there. The surgery is done at best heart hospitals in India that are equipped with latest machines and equipments for valve replacement. The fact that the treatment in India is not only affordable but is also done by the best heart surgeons in India makes India a favorable place for seeking Heart Valve replacement Surgery.

One can easily avail heart surgery in India at best heart hospitals in India through medical tourism companies that take care of your travel, treatment and recovery after the surgery in India.  IndiCure is the best medical tourism company in India and is the most trusted name for providing services for quality medical treatment in India. 

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