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Cheap Joint (Hip and Knee) Replacement Surgery in India

Joint (Hip and Knee) Replacement Surgery in India

India has always been looked as a prospective place for seeking high quality yet affordable medical treatment among medical tourists. Due to high success rate of Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery in India, more and more people from USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and many European as well as Middle East and African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana are coming to India for joint replacement surgery.

The most common reasons why Medical specialists and Doctors across the globe recommend India for Joint Replacement Surgery are–

·         Excellent health care services in India
·         State-of-the art Orthopedic hospitals
·         Cutting edge technology
·         Affordability of treatment at low prices
·         Board certified orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons

The common Knee and Hip Replacement procedures available at cheap prices in India:

Knee Replacement Procedures

Artificial knee joint after surgery
Artificial Knee Joint 

·      Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement -  This technique, also known as quadriceps- sparing knee replacement allows surgeons to insert the same knee replacement implants through a shorter incision that avoids any kind of trauma to the quadriceps muscles. 

·      Partial Knee ReplacementUni-compartmental knee replacement is an option for a small percentage of people suffering from osteoarthritis of a part of the knee joint. In a uni-compartmental knee replacement, only the damaged compartment is replaced with metal and plastic.

·      Total Knee Replacement -  Total Knee replacement is considered to be the best treatment for arthritis when all other conservative treatments have failed to relieve the patient of disabling knee pain.

·      Hi-flex Knee ReplacementA High flexion knee or full bend knee replacement allows bending to 155 degrees and is a boon to patients seeking increased function after knee replacement. It allows activities after the surgery which require deep knee bend like stair climbing, squatting, kneeling, gardening etc. 

Hip Replacement Procedures

Figure showing hip joint

·      Hip ResurfacingHip resurfacing (also called hip arthroplasty) involves replacing the damaged surfaces of the hip joint with metal implants to improve mobility and reduce pain in the hip joint.

·      Total Hip Replacement - Total Hip Replacement is the tested and proved operation in elderly patients over 70. THR is also the preferred treatment for femoral neck fracture in this age group. THR is advised as the golden standard for hip arthritis in patients older than 60 years, advanced hip destruction & altered anatomy of the hip.

Cheap Joint Replacement Surgery in India 

Owing to the fact that the healthcare facilities for orthopedic treatment in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and many middle east and African countries are not adequate to meet the optimum requirements, people  are heading to India for joint replacement surgery. Hip and Knee joint Replacement Surgery is now available at best hospitals and orthopedic centers in India. Some of the common conditions for knee replacement procedures, people come to India for surgery are – Knee Arthroplasty/ Knee Replacement Surgery, Knee Ligament Repair, Patellofemoral Stress Syndrome and Knee Abrasion Arthroplasty . Likewise, the common conditions for which the hip replacement surgery is performed at best orthopedic clinics in India are – Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Aseptic necrosis or Avascular necrosis of hip joint.

artificial joints used in replacement surgery
Joint Replacement Surgery

The most peculiar feature why many people are heading to India rather than western countries such as USA, UK, Canada and other European countries for joint replacement are the cheap prices of hip and knee replacement surgeries in India. For instance, on a cost comparison of Total hip replacement in UK, USA and India, it costs approximately £7500 to £13450, USD $ 24000 to 27000 in USA whereas the all inclusive cost of a Total Hip Replacement in India starts from USD 6500. Similarly, the cost of Total Knee Replacement Surgery in UK is £8500- £14600, $35000 in USA and the approximate cost of TKR in India is about USD 6000.

The easiest means to avail joint replacement surgery in India is through a reputed medical tourism company. IndiCure is the most trusted medical tourism company offering Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery at affordable cost in India. IndiCure associated board certified surgeons are among the best orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons in India. They are vastly experienced and extensively trained in India and abroad and have years of experience behind them in performing the knee, Hip and other joint replacement surgeries.

For more information about Hip or Knee Joint Replacement Surgery, write to with X-rays of the affected joint or call us at +919818462127 or +919320036777

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