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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad

Statistics, Reviews, Prices and Pros and Cons of undergoing Plastic Surgery abroad

Much has been written and discussed on plastic surgery forums, blogs, portals about plastic surgery overseas. When it comes to getting plastic surgery abroad, one starts looking for answers to questions such as – how much would a plastic surgery cost abroad, what are the pros and cons of undergoing the knife abroad and how about opting plastic surgery abroad with a medical tourism company. Again, all these queries make the clients constantly search internet for plastic surgery abroad reviews, is going abroad for plastic surgery safe, how trustworthy would the plastic surgeon abroad be, what standard the plastic surgery center would have and so on and so forth.

The main reasons people travel abroad galore - search for best hospital facility, renowned plastic surgeons, affordable and cheap plastic surgery abroad. Besides many other reasons, people travel abroad for confidentiality of their plastic surgery. Many celebs prefer undergoing plastic surgery overseas rather than in their home country. 

World Statistics on Medical Tourism and India

With a lot of information available on internet, magazines, media and the vogue about lucrative options for plastic surgery abroad, one gets in a fix where one should go for plastic surgery abroad. Statistics speak loudly that every year many a medical tourists from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany and many European countries look for high quality and affordable reconstructive and plastic surgery abroad. The report on Medical Tourism by Deloitte Center for Health Solutions reveals that “In 2007, an estimated 750,000 Americans traveled abroad for medical care”. Also, there has been a significant rise in world tourism. The specialist business writer Ian Young Man has said that 2012 will see world tourism numbers hit one billion a year. It has been estimated by Ian that by the end of 2012, one seventh of the world’s population will have crossed international borders as tourists in a single year. According to him, 72% of EU citizens travelled in 2011, and the number will reach by 80% in 2012. 

With an annual growth rate of 30%, medical tourism has been constantly growing by leaps and bounds in India. The medical tourism in India will make it a $200 million industry by 2015. The ISAPS Biennial Global Survey(TM) of plastic surgeons’ report produced by International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) in 2009 has ranked India among top 5 major cosmetic surgery centers in the world. The factors that make India one of the hot favorite destinations among medical tourists are the compliance of healthcare facilities with the international quality standards and the advanced technology available at state-of-the art hospitals and cosmetic surgery centers in India. In terms of cost, India is one of the most affordable cosmetic surgery destinations in the world.

India has emerged as the most sought after destination among medical tourists seeking plastic surgery abroad. Be it infrastructure, qualifications and skills of the surgeons, excellent health care providers, safety or transparency of undergoing a medical procedure, India has established itself as a world class leader providing best plastic surgery holidays in India.

More and more people from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and other western countries are now traveling to India for their cosmetic make-over. India is known for offering high quality and affordable plastic surgery to medical tourists across the world. One of the most important reasons people prefer India as a cosmetic surgery destination is the less likelihood of language acting as a constraint for many a medical tourists. The doctors, hospital staff, nursing staff and hospital personnel speak English and thus getting cosmetic surgery at the best hospitals in India is easy and convenient.

All these factors together play a vital role in finding best place for cosmetic surgery in India. A very important aspect one should not ignore is the recovery period after one undergoes a cosmetic surgery procedure. Since ages people have been traveling to India for Ayurveda resorts and exotic spas located in southern part of India. Thus one can benefit from the rich cultural heritage and scenic splendor of India.  India has also been ranked sixth by Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007 in terms of price competitiveness. These are some of the major reasons for finding India as a perfect destination for cosmetic surgery holidays.

The common plastic surgery procedures available at best hospitals and cosmetic surgery centers in India are –

·         Face Plastic Surgery
·         Body Procedures
·         Breast Procedures
·         Cosmetic Gynecology
·         Cosmetic Dentistry

Plastic Surgery abroad reviews with Medical Tourism company in India

Planning a plastic surgery abroad requires a lot of deliberation and thoughtfulness. One must get in touch with a reputed medical tourism company for a plastic surgery procedure in India. Also, it is essential to take into account all the aspects while choosing a medical tourism company. Look for reviews about that company. Search if there are any negative reviews so that you do not fall in a trap. 
Also one must thoroughly look into other details available with the medical tourism company. For instance, the previous case studies, patient’s before-after photographs, their genuineness, the ethical and legal concerns associated with the company etc.

The important pros and cons associated with undergoing plastic surgery in India:

Some of the pros of plastic surgery in India are:

·         Low Cost
·         Highly skilled surgeons
·         Quality of care
·         English speaking staff
·         India as a tourist destination
·         India as spiritual destination
·         Ayurveda and other alternative treatments
·         Confidentiality
·         Peaceful recovery

Some of the cons of plastic surgery in India/ away from your country are:

·         Remote follow ups
·         Non coverage by insurance in case of any complication

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