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Autologous Fat Transfer - Best Alternative for Implants

Autologous Fat Transfer

Many people feel intrigued with the idea of putting a foreign body or an implant in to enhance the shape of their body. An alternative to using an implant is the use of fat from some other part of the body to enhance the area of concern.  Our own body’s fat makes excellent filler as it does not carry the risk of an allergic reaction or rejection and can give very long lasting results. 

Fat Transfer from one part of body to another
Autologous fat transfer or simply called fat transfer or fat injections  is commonly used for breast augmentation and is commonly known as breast augmentation without implants or breast augmentation without surgery, or fat transfer breast breast enhancement, butt enhancement or Brazilian Butt lift, wrinkle and crease reduction, to re-contour the face; diminish frown lines, tear trough (eyes), crow’s feet and nasolabial folds (smile lines); and provide definition to areas like the cheeks and chin. It can also be used to fill out depressed scarred areas on any part of the body from poor liposuction or other surgeries.

The process, also known as micro lipoinjection or fat transplantation, autologous fat transfer involves removal of fat from the donor site, often abdomen, thighs and buttocks and injecting fat in the required areas.  Fat is removed through liposuction, processed and purified and then injected into the area being treated. 

The procedure has gained a lot of attention and has become quite popular owing to many advantages it offers. Fat as a filler is natural, non allergenic and does not carry the risk of being rejected or any adverse reactions. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia and takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending upon how much fat is to be removed and injected. The recovery time is minimal and the patient can get back to work in 2-3 days time. Post care as minimal as the door site is very small and is covered by a small bandage. 

The results of autologous fat transplant are immediate and long lasting. The only disadvantage is re absorption of fat in the body. Typically 80% - 85% of the fat injected in one session adheres to the body and even though the surgeon may overfill the fat, there are limitations to which overfill can be done. The fat that gets good amount of blood supply lasts and the other gets absorbed into the body. 

Autologous fat transfer cosmetic surgery abroad in India can save you a lot of money. Typical cost of fat transfer breast augmentation in Miami or in Chicago, US costs about $20,000, and around £ 12,000 in UK, whereas the cost of breast augmentation with fat transfer is only $4-5,000 in India. The trend of plastic cosmetic surgery abroad has been catching up quite fast owing to high standard of medical care, board certified and world renowned Indian surgeons, English speaking doctors and hospital staff. Confidentiality and privacy during recuperation are added advantages of getting plastic surgery done abroad in India. 

If you are looking for autologous fat transfer to enhance your parts viz breast augmentation without implants or fat transfer breast augmentation or fat transfer Brazilian butt lift, or adding definition to cheeks and chin through fat transfer, or want to reduce wrinkle and creases on your face through fat transfer, to re-contour your face; diminish frown lines, tear trough (eyes), crow’s feet and nasolabial folds (smile lines) abroad at affordable prices; 

you can write to us at or call at +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777.

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