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Minimally Invasive Spine surgery in India

Minimally Invasive Spine surgery

The ever evolving fields of Medicine & Surgery have seen several advancements in Spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery of which, is the most evolutionary & ground breaking.

Minimally invasive Spine Surgery is performed through small incisions, with the help of endoscopic instruments and techniques that are used to have a clear view of the internal organs of the body. One or more minor incisions, generally less than half an inch are made, through which specially designed instruments and excellent video transmitting machines are inserted.

Neurologists in operating theatre
Team of neurologists working 

The major spinal disorders that can be corrected through MIS are:

·        Disorders requiring decompression
·        Degenerative disk disorders
·        Herniated disks
·        Spinal deformities like scoliosis
·        Lumbar spine disorders
         Cervical spine disorders 

The various minimally invasive techniques used are circumferential spinal fusion surgery, MIS Discectomy, Inter-spinous Implants for cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis etc.

The major advantage of MIS surgeries is minimal disruption to the muscles, resulting in quicker recovery, decreased peri-operative blood loss & post-operative pain and faster recovery to normal function. It is worthwhile to note that though the size of incision is important & when earlier the spine surgeons had to use several inches long incision for spinal fusion surgery, they can now use access sites less than 1-2 inches in length, the surgeons especially focus on having minimal disruption of the muscles, so that there are least chances of complications later.

There are some minimally invasive surgery approaches, which are called "keyhole surgeries," whereby surgeons use high magnification video equipment which provide the surgeons access to the affected area of the spine. This is advantageous for the patient as there is minimal damage to the tissues & chances of better accuracy in the surgery and thus better results.

It is thus an era of minimally invasive spinal surgeries. Moving from a time when conventional spinal fusions were the most favoured way to treat spinal conditions, the time has come when minimally invasive spinal surgeries are performed to retain motion & function in the spine, providing the patient a better & healthier lifestyle.

India has emerged as one of the fastest growing healthcare providers in the world. Minimally invasive spinal surgeries are now available with latest techniques and equipments at best spinal surgery hospitals and clinics in India. Besides infrastructure, spine surgery in India is performed by best neurosurgeons who are board certified and have years of experience in performing complex brain surgeries and spine surgeries in India. Owing to the availability of minimally invasive spine surgery at much cheaper and affordable costs in India, many a medical tourist from African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Sudan as well as western countries such as USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and from Middle East such as Kuwait, UAE, Dhaka, Saudi Arabia are now traveling abroad to India for spine surgery.

For further information about Spine Surgery in India, write to Call at +919818462127 or +919320036777 

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