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Most popular Myths and Facts about Liposuction

Myths and Facts about Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures around the world. It is also the most popular procedure among people traveling for plastic surgery abroad. Liposuction has become the most popular technique to lose fat and contour the body owing to its simplicity, low cost and lesser invasive modality.

For stubborn fat that refuses to budge even after diet, exercises and other techniques, liposuction is the final answer. It removes the extra fat from the area and helps n giving shape and contour to the area. In spite of its popularity, many people have many myths about Liposuction, which we have tried here to clear. 

Before - After: Liposuction Tummy

Myth: I can lose 20 kg weight with liposuction plastic surgery.

Fact: Liposuction is not the technique to lose weight, though weight loss will surely happen, it is incidental. The primary aim of liposuction is to remove stubborn fat from the area and contour it. Plastic surgeons across the world recommend a maximum removal of 10% of the fat from the body through Liposuction in one sitting. When liposuction is done, you also lose blood, electrolytes and other components. Thus large quantity of fat removal also means loss of other things of the body, which is harmful and not safe.

Myth: I can undergo liposuction plastic surgery of the whole body in one sitting.

Fact: There is nothing like whole body liposuction in one sitting. It is unsafe to do liposuction of more than 10% of your body weight- i.e if you are 80 kg, 8 litres of fat can be safely removed from your body whether from one or two areas of the body. Even if you have low fat quantity, there are limitations in terms of how many areas can be done in one sitting for best results, surgeon’s fatigue, anesthesia time and your discomfort after the procedure. 

Myth: Only overweight people can undergo liposuction. It cannot be done on people with normal weight.

Fact: The fact is that Liposuction gives best results in people with either normal weight or 8-10% of extra body weight. As explained above, liposuction is not a good and safe technique for weight loss. There are women who are just not overweight but their thighs or buttocks are completely out of shape, or men and women who have heavy chin which can be brought in shape with liposuction. Men have normal weight but have chest or breasts like women, which can be made masculine by liposuction.

Myth: Liposuction can be done only on abdomen and buttocks.

Fact: With advanced technology and fine cannulaes now available,  liposuction can even be done on your chin, face, chest, breasts, back, flanks and arms besides abdomen, thighs and buttocks. 

Picture showing liposuction of chin
Before-After: Chin Liposuction Plastic Surgery

Before-After: Chest Liposuction Plastic Surgery

Myth: Liposuction may lead to pregnancy complications in women.

Fact: Liposuction only removes fat from the area and does not do anything with the reproductive organs. There is absolutely no connection and thus no basis of fear between liposuction and pregnancy. 

Myth: Liposuction is best for people who easily gain weight and cannot control their weight. 

Fact: Liposuction works best in people with stable weight or those who are on weight loss trend. For people who tend to gain weight or do not maintain weight, shall lose the effect of liposuction and put on fat and weight again in areas liposuctioned. 

Myth: If I gain weight after liposuction, it shall be much more than I would gain otherwise. 

Fact: There is no basis for this fear. Liposuction does not alter the body’s metabolism in any way, it only removes excess fat from the area by sucking it out. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the results of the liposuction will last long. Even if you gain weight, it would be at the same rate. Liposuction or not will not make any difference. 

Myth: It is incorrect to undergo plastic surgery like liposuction to get in shape. Dieting and exercise is the right way.

Fact: There is nothing wrong in getting a plastic surgery done, it is purely a matter of choice. There is no doubt that diet and exercise are good for your health and should always be the part of your living, even if you undergo liposuction to get into shape. However, there are stubborn areas or pockets of fat that do not budge with diet and exercise and liposuction is a good technique for getting into shape. There is no basis to say it is “WRONG” or “UNETHICAL”

Myth:  I shall only choose Vaser or Smart Lipo as they are the safe techniques. 

Fact: It is purely a marketing gimmick. It is the surgeon behind the machine that makes the procedure safe or unsafe and how good or bad the results shall be. A machine cannot make the procedure safe or unsafe. Every technique and technology has some advantages and disadvantages, which can be discussed with the treating surgeon. However, a particular technique is more safe than the other is purely a myth.

Myth: Liposuction is a very simple procedure and can be done by anyone. It is not a surgery.

Fact: Liposuction is very much a plastic surgery and needs to be done by a qualified and experienced surgeon. If done properly, it gives great results. However, if done by an inexperienced surgeon on a wrong patient, it may result in a disaster. 

Myth: I am undergoing Liposuction plastic surgery abroad in India. I shall get the surgery done and go for a beach holiday in Goa after the procedure.

Fact: Your surgeon will not advise you to go swimming for at least 3-4 weeks after Liposuction as it may result in infection of the area treated. You should plan your vacation accordingly. It would be best to go for beach holiday before the procedure to be on the safe side.

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