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A Brief Look At Male Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad in India

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad in India

Breast enlargement and over developed breasts in men is quite a common condition of many age groups with an incidence of approximately 40%. But this problem can be fairly corrected with male breast reduction surgery, also known Gynecomastia. When enlarged breasts are a cause of self consciousness and / or discomfort, male breast reduction or man boobs correction surgery is the best option if you are a good candidate for it.

Although the exact cause of over developed or enlarged breasts in men is not known, the condition can be instigated with issues like obesity, use of certain drugs and use of alcohol and marijuana or sometimes just a basic physical flaw in some men. Liposuction in conjunction with gynecomasty (breast reduction surgery) a surgical procedure, is often used to correct this problem. If you or someone you know is not comfortable either mentally, emotionally or physically due to this problem,  male breast reduction  procedure can be used to help create a more firm and masculine looking chest area. There is no reason to suffer in silence or feel self conscious every time you look in the mirror or need to take off your shirt in public like at a swimming pool or at the beach, when such procedures are a possible option. If you are worried about the cost, there are more affordable options in India, where you will be able to undergo the surgery at a lower cost in world class facilities with skilled surgeons. 

If you are considering undergoing this surgery talk to a doctor or get consultations with medical companies online in order to gauge whether you are an ideal candidate. Usually potential patients are those that have fatty tissue, are emotionally stable and are uncomfortable with their current state. You may not be overweight or obese but if the problem persists you qualify for this corrective surgery. Do find out what exactly the surgery entails for that you know what you are going in for and make sure you are comfortable with it, for e.g. liposuction, surgical excisions etc. that depend on each individual case and the severity of the problem. 

The procedure is quite straight forward and with newer canulaes available for liposuction, the recovery time after the procedure have significantly gone down. The procedure nowadays is either done as day care that means, you can go home the same day or maximum an overnight stay at the hospital is required. You can resume most light activities in a few days, but more exertive ones like exercising and working out will have to wait a few weeks. 

If you are planning to come to India for gynecomastia surgery, do look out for a company or organization who has expert surgeons and offer reasonable cost for it. You can get the surgery in India for a fraction of cost that what you would pay in US, UK, Australia or New Zealand for it. Take heart, when done by capable hands the results of a gynecomasty or male breast reduction surgery  are usually permanent and can make a significant difference in your appearance.

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