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Increasing Market Size of Plastic Surgery in India

With so many “eligible destinations” for plastic surgery abroad for westerners, it is indeed a task to choose the best option for getting plastic surgery overseas. “We at IndiCure understand this situation and have always tried to help our clients make an informed decision so that they get the best of their cosmetic surgery holiday overseas”, says Annu Puri- director at IndiCure- the most renowned and largest cosmetic surgery provider for foreigners in India.

Plastic surgery in India has come of age. The market is getting bigger every day- thanks to the burgeoning “upper middle class Indians” with huge disposable incomes. They like to look their best at every social do- whether they have to undergo a tummy tuck or breast reduction or a facelift for that. The upper middle class and rich Indians are now not shy of undergoing the knife.

The contribution of foreigners to the market of plastic surgery in India is not less. Though there are no official figures available as to what is the percentage of foreigners contributing to the cosmetic surgery in India market, unofficial figures say their contribution is significant.

The factors that help bring foreigners to India for cosmetic surgery in India are many and are quite lucrative. The most important and thus most lucrative is the cheap plastic surgery in India- for them cheap plastic surgery abroad. It is though incorrect to use the word “cheap” for cosmetic surgery in India- owing to high quality and skill of cosmetic surgeons in India.

We detest using “cheap cosmetic surgery in India” or “cheap plastic surgery in India” while offering services to our clients, though we have used the word on our website- thanks to the number of people searching the term- says Annu Puri from IndiCure. Affordable is the right word, it is unfair to use the word cheap for plastic surgery in India, she says.

The cost of various procedures of plastic surgery in India is less than a third or fourth of what you would pay in a country like USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. And the chances are that the surgeon operating on you in any of these countries is trained in India to perform cosmetic surgery. Indian doctors are known all over the world for their skill and expertise and are thus readily in these countries.

Another significant factor contributing to the market size of plastic surgery in India is the language. English is the second official language in India and all the doctors, hospital staff and everyone else at the hospital speaks and understands English, which is not the case with many other destinations vying as a destination for plastic surgery abroad for these westerners.

“It is important for the patient and surgeon to understand each other well and communicate their expectations clearly especially in an elective surgery like cosmetic surgery. If language is a barrier, patient may not be able to express his expectations well ending up dissatisfied with the surgery” says Annu. “ We are very careful in working with only those cosmetic surgeons who are good in communication and not only lend patient ears to our clients but try to understand well, what exactly is the client looking for. “This always results in high client satisfaction”, retorts IndiCure director.

The other factors which have led to an increasing share of foreigners in contributing to plastic surgery in India is India as a destination as such. Very popular among westerners as a mystical land, rich for its culture and vibrancy, it is a must see destination. A trip to India can easily be converted as cosmetic surgery holiday in India or a makeover surgery holiday in India with people going back rejuvenated after a holiday at less than what they would have spent only for cosmetic or dental surgery in their country.

The trend is catching up and is bound to grow. The people are intelligent to know where do they get their best value for money and it is by Plastic Surgery Abroad or Plastic Surgery in India. IndiCure is reachable on - +919818462127 or +919320036777 or can be visited at - or

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