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Low Cost Lumbar Laminectomy at best spine surgery hospitals in India

With recent advances in minimally invasive spine surgery in India, Lumbar laminectomy surgery is now available at best spinal surgery hospitals in India. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Lumbar Laminectomy surgery:

What is Lumbar Laminectomy?

Lumbar Laminectomy is a spinal procedure to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves. The surgery is performed to alleviate leg pain caused due to compression of spinal nerves. Lumbar Laminectomy involves removing a section of bony covering on the back of spinal canal. 

When is a Lumbar Laminectomy done?

Lumbar laminectomy is done mainly to relieve pain from the leg caused due to herniated disc, spinal stenosis  or related conditions. 

With aging, wear and tear occurs on the spine and repeated stresses and strains cause weakening of spinal disc. The weakened spinal disc bulges out, protrudes and even ruptures into the spinal canal. As a result, the spinal nerves get compressed in the spinal canal leading to narrowing of the canal and symptoms of spinal stenosis. 

Degeneration is another reason that causes development of bony spurs around the facet joints or at the edges of the vertebrae. These spurs may also compress the spinal nerves. Lumbar laminectomy removes a section of bony lamina and takes pressure off the spinal nerves. This enlarges the spinal canal and relieves pressure off spinal nerves.

How is Lumbar Laminectomy surgery performed?

Lumbar Laminectomy is performed under general anaesthesia. Spinal anaesthesia may also be given in place of general anaesthesia. Patient is put on a ventilator that controls flow of air to the lungs. Spinal anaesthesia is injected in the space around the spinal cord which numbs the spine and lower limbs. Patients are given medicine to keep them sedated during the procedure.

Lumbar Laminectomy is performed with the patient kneeling face down position in a special frame. This position makes the abdomen free of pressure and lessens blood flow during the surgery. The surgeon makes a short incision in the middle of the low back which exposes the bones along the back of the spine. The surgeon then removes the spinous process and the lamina bone completely free from the pedicle bones. There is removal of small segment of ligament of the spine which exposes nerves inside the spinal canal. The surgeon may also remove soft tissues near the spinal nerves and then surgeon takes out disc fragments and scrapes off bone spurs. In this way the spinal nerves are relieved of any compression or additional tension. Upon relieving the spinal nerves from any compression, the soft tissues are put back in place and the skin stitched.

How is the recovery period like after Lumbar Laminectomy?

The recovery after lumbar laminectomy progresses with outpatient physical therapy within 6 weeks after surgery. Physical therapy after laminectomy is generally required for 4 – 6 weeks. A patient fully recovers after about 4 months post lumbar laminectomy.

What is the prognosis after Lumbar Laminectomy surgery?

Lumbar laminectomy is highly favorable in relieving pain due to spinal stenosis. There is a significant improvement in the function and alleviation of pain in more than 70% of patients. Although there is slight discomfort associated because of spinal stenosis but the prognosis of lumbar laminectomy are highly favorable.

What are the possible complications after the surgery?

The complications after lumbar laminectomy are general as occur with major surgical procedures such as pain, infection, segmental instability etc. The complications vary with the age and general well being of the patient.

Why consider India for Lumbar Laminectomy surgery?

Lumbar Laminectomy in India is done at best spine surgery hospitals and clinics in India. The surgery is performed by best neurosurgeons in India, who are well known for their expertise and skills. Besides hospital infrastructure and expertise of the surgeons, the cost of Lumbar laminectomy in India is much cheaper and affordable as compared to the cost of the surgery in developed countries like UK or USA.

Owing to the low cost of lumbar laminectomy in India, many a medical tourist from African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Sudan and many middle east countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan are now traveling abroad to India for low cost lumbar laminectomy in India.

IndiCure is the premiere medical tourism company facilitating lumbar laminectomy surgery at best spinal hospitals and clinics in India. For more information about lumbar laminectomy surgery, visit - or write to or call at +919818462127 or +919320036777

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