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Low Cost Spinal Tumor Surgery in India with best Neurosurgeons

What is spinal tumor surgery?

Spinal Tumor Surgery is a complex procedure that requires great expertise and sophisticated technology for a successful outcome.  The surgery also requires great after surgical care and environment where the patient can recuperate peacefully.  With the advent of minimally invasive spinal surgery to treat complex spinal tumors, India has emerged as a world leader in providing latest technology and equipment for treating spinal tumors at some of the best cancer hospitals in India.

An overview of Spinal Tumors

A spinal tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue emerging within or in the periphery of the spinal cord. The tumor cells have a tendency to grow uncontrollably unlike normal cells. Spinal tumors are mainly categorized as benign ( a – cancerous) and malignant (cancerous). Spinal tumors are referred as per the area in which they occur. For instance, the basic spinal tumors are cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral. They are divided into three major groups – intra-extramedullary, intramedullary and extradural

How are spinal tumors diagnosed?

The first step to diagnosing a spinal tumor is thorough medical examination with emphasis on back pain and neurological deficits. Radiological tests are done for providing an accurate diagnosis of the spinal tumors. The common radiological tests for detecting spinal tumors are:

·         X –ray
·         CT or CAT scan
·         MRI

MRI of spinal tumor
X-ray of spinal tumor                                     

Once the radiological diagnosis is done, biopsy of the tissue is done to determine whether the tumor is
malignant or benign. Biopsy of the tissue is carried out under a microscope and based upon the cancer  type diagnosed; further treatment of the cancer is opined by the neurosurgeon or oncologist.
Staging is another criterion to determine the extent of the tumor to bone, soft tissue or involvement of the spinal canal. Along with the radiological tests, laboratory tests are also done to compare lab diagnosis with the patient’s symptoms.

What are the options available to treat spinal tumors?

Surgery – For tumors that have a high risk of nerve damage, surgery is the treatment of choice. The ever evolving surgical techniques and instrumentation have enabled neurosurgeons to detect inaccessible spinal tumors.  The microsurgical techniques used for treating spinal tumors easily distinguish healthy tissues and nerves from tumor cells thus minimize damage to the healthy neural tissue. The surgery can also be done along with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The surgery is especially used to treat intramedullary and intradural-extramedullary tumors.

Standard Radiation Therapy (SRT) – The procedure is used to treat inoperable tumors or may be used to eliminate the remnants of tumors following an operation. Standard Radiation Therapy is the most preferred choice for treating metastatic tumors. The radiations also alleviate pain when there is a risk involved with 

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) – This is a newly developed technique of delivering a high dose of radiation to the target tissue. The doctors use computers to focus radiation beams with accuracy and precision. Being précised, the technique is highly effective in treating spinal tumors.

Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy uses medications either to destroy or stop the growth of cancer cells. It may be done alone or along with radiation therapy.
Although above listed are the standard treatments for spinal tumor surgery, but there are some other drugs that may be used in the treatment of spinal tumors. Because of the inflammation caused by spinal tumors as well as by the radiations used in the treatment of tumors, doctors may prescribe the use of corticosteroids to decrease inflammation for some duration.

When is Spinal Tumor Removal Surgery indicated?
Spinal tumor removal surgery is indicated when pain caused due to the tumor is unresponsive to nonoperative treatment or there is a progression of neurological deficit or there is compression of spinal nerves or vertebral destruction.
The symptoms that arise due to spinal tumors are attributed to the location and type of tumor. The commonly visible symptoms of spinal tumor are:
·         Weakness of muscles or loss of sensation in legs and arms.
·         Decreased sensitivity to pain or temperature.
·         Loss of bladder and bowel function.
·         Difficulty in walking with episodes of falls.
·         Paralysis of varying degrees owing to compression of nerves.
·         Spinal deformity such as scoliosis because of benign tumors.
Spinal surgery thus helps in stabilizing the spine and the major goal of the surgery is to reduce pain with the restoration of neurologic function. The two common approaches used for spinal surgery anterior and posterior approach.

What are the outcomes of Spinal Tumor Removal Surgery?

The outcomes of spinal tumor removal surgery largely vary with the type of spinal tumor, age and overall health of the patient. In a case of the benign spinal tumor, the goal of the treatment is to completely remove the tumor whereas, in the case of metastatic tumor, the treatment plan is mainly palliative. The treatment mainly targets to improve the quality of life and improve life expectancy.

How long is the recovery after spinal tumor surgery?

The average hospital stay after surgery to remove a spinal tumor is about 5 – 10 days. Post – surgery physical rehabilitation may also require staying at the hospital for some duration. The total recovery period after a spinal tumor surgery varies from three months to as long as one year depending upon the overall health of the patient.

How to get spinal tumor surgery at best hospitals in India at an affordable cost?

Advanced Spinal tumor surgery is now available at best spinal surgery hospitals and clinics in India. The treatment of a spinal tumor involves inter – disciplinary approach. For instance, the best spine surgery hospitals in India are well equipped with latest technology and team of best neurosurgeons, cancer specialists, and rehabilitation experts. The spinal surgeons India are among the most experienced and board certified surgeons who have years of experience in performing spine surgery with a lot of skills and precision. Needless to say, the cost of spine surgery in India is much affordable and cheaper as compared to what one would pay in the western countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia or other European countries.

Owing to the low cost of spine surgery in India, many a medical tourist from African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Sudan, South Africa as well as from middle east – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Afghanistan and other part of the world are coming to India for cost-effective spinal surgery.

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