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StomaphyX Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery in India

StomaphyX Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery 

StomaphyX is an innovative revision surgery performed for those individuals who have regained weight after a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. The most common reason people need a revision after gastric bypass surgery is due to stretched stomach pouch or an enlarged stomach outlet. StomaphyX reduces the expanded stomach pouch or outlet to the original gastric bypass size. Approved in 2007 by FDA, the surgery is a non-invasive procedure unlike a traditional surgery thus results in quick recovery with good outcomes.

 revision gastric bypass surgery in India
Get rid of the pouch with affordable weight loss surgery in India

The mechanism of action of Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery

Although, Gastric bypass surgery helps in achieving 60 to 80% of excess weight loss but over the years, people tend to gain weight because of gradual stretching of stomach pouch and stoma. The body’s digestive system gets accustomed to the changes when people return to unhealthy eating habits. StomaphyX reduces the stomach size similar to the original gastric bypass surgery size, thus again limits food intake and slows down the emptying of stomach into small intestine. The outcome of the surgery is early fullness of stomach and more weight loss. Thus gastric bypass revision surgery makes a patient eat less and lose weight without requiring any traditional bariatric surgery.

How to decide if you are a candidate for gastric bypass revision?

The right candidate for a gastric bypass revision is the one who suspects that the stomach pouch or stoma has stretched after gastric bypass surgery. The procedure is performed by a gastroenterologist who looks through an endoscope to measure the stomach pouch and stoma. The endoscopy is done under general anaesthesia.  The surgeon guides the endoscope through the mouth into the stomach to measure the size of the stomach. The bariatric surgeon then determines the exact size of the stomach that needs a revision.

The ideal candidates for StomaphyX bypass revision are the patients who:

·         Need a revision surgery after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure.
·         Want a revision after duodenal switch.
·         Want more restriction in the remaining stomach after sleeve gastrectomy.
·         Have stomach fistula or dumping syndrome.

How is StomaphyX surgery performed?

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and the bariatric surgeon guides StomaphyX device through the mouth to the stomach pouch wherein the procedure is performed using endoscopic visualization. Small sections of stomach tissue are suctioned out through StomaphyX device that creates folds of tissues which resemble a pleat. The tissue folds are then stapled using little blue staples making the pouch smaller. The stomach pouch and small intestine are then sutured to an appropriate size as per the anatomy of the patient. The procedure takes about an hour and the surgery is done on an outpatient basis.

cost revision gastric bypass surgery in India
StomaphyX Gastric Bypass Surgery

How long is the recovery period after StomaphyX gastric bypass revision?

The recovery after a StomaphyX gastric bypass revision is quick such that a patient can resume work within a couple of days. Since the procedure is done through the mouth and so does not involve any incision or scarring. The patients generally recover completely within 2 week’s time.

What are the Benefits and Risks involved with StomaphyX gastric bypass revision surgery?

The benefits of stomaphyX procedure are many. The surgery is non invasive and does not involve any risks and complications that are associated with traditional surgery per say.

The benefits involved with the procedure are:

·         No surgical incision and scarring
·         Reduced risks of infection
·         Reduced size of stomach pouch thus leads to limited food intake.
·         Surgery is performed on an out-patient basis
·         Quick recovery
·         Painless procedure with good outcomes

The risks involved with StomaphyX procedure are:

There are minimal risks involved with the procedure. The common risks involved with the surgery are bleeding and minimal perforations that are further reduced if the bariatric surgeon is experienced in using an endoscope.

StomaphyX Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery in India

There has been a robust advancement in health care sector in India. The quality of care and affordability of cost of medical procedures drive thousands of medical tourists to India for bariatric surgery. Some of the best hospitals in India are well equipped with latest technology and infrastructure to cater to the demands of international patients. Minimally invasive bariatric surgery and non invasive StomaphyX gastric bypass revision surgery are now available at best bariatric centers in India.

Whereas the surgery may cost thousands of dollars in countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia or many western countries, StomaphyX gastric bypass revision surgery is available at much cheap and affordable price in India. The quality of care, the expertise of bariatric surgeons and cost together provide best deal weight loss surgery option overseas.

To know more about StomaphyX bariatric surgery abroad in India, write to or call at - +919818462127 or +919320036777.

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