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Plastic Surgery in India- Prices, Trends and Benefits

Availing plastic surgery abroad is not a new trend. For ages people have been traveling abroad for better and more affordable healthcare services.  The trend is catching up even faster these days, thanks to the internet and thus better communication. Information is available at the click of a mouse and thus it is not so difficult to seek services abroad.

Thanks to the favorable exchange rate and reputation of Indian surgeons worldwide, India has become a hub of people seeking quality yet affordable plastic surgery abroad.  There are many compelling reasons for people to seek plastic surgery in India.

Plastic Surgery in India, Cosmetic Surgery in IndiaLow cost plastic surgery in India, favorable exchange rate (1 USD=55 INR, 1 GBP= 85 INR and 1 Euro= 70 INR) makes traveling abroad for plastic surgery overseas cheap and affordable. Besides, the skill and expertise of Indian surgeons is known all over the world- Indian doctors hold the formidable reputation of being among the best and skilful surgeons in the world. Most of the plastic surgeons in India are trained in USA, UK, France, Australia and other best cosmetic surgery schools and have worked there and thus understand the requirements and expectations of the foreigners coming for plastic surgery in India.

Plastic Surgery Prices in India 

The prices of plastic surgery in India are much less as compared to the prices of plastic surgery in UK, USA, Canada or Australia. For example, the cost of tummy tuck in India is around $2900 or £ 1890, whereas the cost of tummy tuck in UK is £ 6000 and the cost of tummy tuck in USA is around $ 7000. 

Similarly, the cost of breast reduction surgery in India is around $ 2700 or £1750 while the cost of breast reduction surgery in UK is £ 6000 and cost of breast reduction surgery in USA is around $6000.

It is not that because you get cheap plastic surgery abroad in India and so the quality of results or services would be low. However, the right surgeon and right provider is the most crucial factor in making your trip for plastic surgery in India a success.  Choice of a wrong surgeon or wrong service provider can prove it to be much more expensive.

Trends of plastic surgery in India

Plastic surgery in India is a big market now. The market size is expected to be around US$110 million (approximately Rs. 460 crore) and the contribution of foreigners is not exactly known. But, the experts peg this to be a huge contributor towards the size of plastic surgery market in India. More and more number of medical tourists come to India every year for affordable and quality cosmetic surgery procedures.

Benefits of availing cosmetic surgery in India

There are many benefits of availing cosmetic surgery in India- most important is the cost. The cost of return air ticket + stay+ holiday in India + surgery is less than the cost of cosmetic surgery in UK alone.
The other major advantage is privacy- you get to recuperate in peaceful scenic surrounding free from your work pressure and household in complete privacy away from the people who know you.
India has always known for its hospitality and rich culture. You can discover a new you in the land of festival and festivities while enjoying the colours and vibrancy of India.

IndiCure is the leading and most renowned name for providing plastic surgery in India. Having served hundreds of clients from across the globe, IndiCure understand your requirements of cosmetic surgery holidays in India and offers you tailor made solution for you.

For more information on cosmetic surgery holidays in India, write to us at or call us at +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777.

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