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25 Important Things Before Choosing Plastic Surgery Abroad

cosmetic surgery abroad
Seeking Cosmetic Surgery Abroad is a Common Phenomenon these days

Seeking plastic surgery abroad for affordable services has greatly caught up with people from across the world during the last decade. Thousands of people especially from Western countries travel to Asian countries for affordable plastic surgery and also to keep their surgery discreet.

While many of them come back home with fond memories and great transformation, many end up having bad or poor services or a botched up plastic surgery.

While complications after the surgery can happen anywhere in the world, what you can best do is to be careful so as to minimize the chances of it and make your trip abroad successful.

IndiCure as the largest provider of plastic surgery in India, brings you 25 most important things you should know before you opt for plastic surgery overseas.

You can use them as checklist for your ready reference before you embark on your journey or sign for your surgery abroad.

For the ease of understanding, we have divided them into 3 categories. 

A  Checklist for the Surgeon
B. Checklist for the Hospital
       C. Checklist for the Medical Tourism Company
      A. Checklist for the Surgeon

  “Good Plastic Surgery Always Begins with a Very Good Plastic Surgeon”

    This statement holds a lot of ground especially when you are choosing to travel abroad for your plastic surgery.

    It is thus very important to choose your plastic surgeon very carefully. Always ask for the profile and credentials of your treating surgeon and get the answer to following questions: 

1. Is he Board Certified?
2. What International affiliations does he have?
3. Where can you verify those credentials?
4. How many years of experience does he have in the field?
5. How many similar surgeries has he performed?
6. Does he have any case of malpractice against him?
7. Which language does he speak?
8. Ask for Before After pictures of the previous patients he has operated upon.
9. Get the references of the previous patients he has operated upon.
10. Ask the company to arrange for a teleconference or a video conference with the surgeon, so that you can be comfortable with the surgeon before you make the final decision.

B. Checklist for Hospital/ Facility where the surgery shall be performed

11.  Get the name and address of the hospital and what accreditation does it have?

12.  Is it equipped to handle complications/ emergency in case required?

13.  What is the infection rate at the hospital?

    14.  Does the staff understands and speaks English?

    15.  In which language would your notes be

    16.  Ask for the pictures of the facility?

    17.  Know about the city where the hospital is situated- does it have an international airport? How safe and what facilities are available?

     C. Checklist for Medical Tourism Company

Always check the reputation of the company you are travelling with. This is extremely important because they would be your one point of contact in a foreign country. A good and reputable medical tourism company is like your representative abroad and works in your best interest.

 18. Check the online reviews of the company
     19. Check whether there are any scams or complaints against the company.
     20. Look for the following in the person you are dealing with

·         If he/ she is prompt and courteous in handling your queries

·         If he/ she is compassionate towards your needs

·         Quality of the information provided to you

·         If he/ she understands your language  

    21. Speak with the person you are dealing with and ask direct questions- if the  answers are vague, you are not dealing with right people.

    22. Ask for the references of the past patients. It is best to know from the horse’s mouth. This shall help you understand what to expect/ not to expect.

    23. Cost of Plastic Surgery- Always ask for a quote based on surgeon’s assessment of your pictures- pictures work best in cases of remote consultation. If you are being given quote without a surgeon’s assessment of your medical history/ pictures, be careful.

    24. Cost Inclusions and Exclusions: Ask clearly what is included and excluded in the cost specifically for following:       
       a)     Compression garment
       b)     Medicines at the hospital and after discharge from the hospital
       c)     In land transportation
       d)     Follow up appointment with the surgeons

A quote exclusive of this may look cheaper initially, but may turn out to be more expensive later. Please remember that the cheapest is not always the best option. A cheap option can turn out to be more expensive later.

25. Do not make your decision SOLELY on the cost. Low cost of surgery is very important but not more important than your life.

Plastic Surgery in India 

India is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to seeking affordable plastic surgery. Not only the cost of cosmetic surgery in India is affordable, plastic surgeons in India are well trained, hospitals and facilities are accredited, your surgery remains discreet, you get to visit one of the most unique countries in the world.

About IndiCure

   IndiCure is the largest and most renowned medical tourism company in India offering cosmetic surgery in association with top surgeons at best plastic surgery hospitals in India.

Having served hundreds of patients from over 30 countries, we understand your requirements well and offer personalized services and care to you.

For a personalized quote for your cosmetic surgery in India, write to us at or call us at +91-932-003-6777 or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll Free) or talk to us at Skype@ Indicure 

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