Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best and Cheapest Destination for cosmetic surgery abroad

A huge number of people from United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland travel outside their country for medical treatment- the most popular of them being cosmetic or plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, joint replacement, IVF and other elective procedures. 

The value of travelling abroad for medical procedures is definitely compelling and that is why the number of people travelling abroad is growing. Various factors that drive Britons to travel, especially for cosmetic surgery abroad are:

·         Cost: The most compelling and important factor why people travel abroad is because of low cost of cosmetic surgery abroad. The cost of cosmetic surgery in UK is much higher than the cost of cosmetic surgery in destinations abroad. Same goes for cosmetic dentistry. It is much cheaper to have cosmetic dentistry abroad than anywhere in UK. 

·         Privacy- Many people prefer to recuperate away from the eyes of the people and keep their surgery a secret, which is not possible when they get their makeover surgery locally in UK.

·         Travel attraction- Cosmetic surgery holidays is very lucrative proposition and drive many a people seeking affordable cosmetic surgery abroad with a holiday package.

·         High MRSA in UK hospitals- Even after various interventions by the govt, MRSA at various hospitals in UK is still high, which is a deterrent for many people looking for safe cosmetic surgery with no compromise in the quality of care.

With so many countries competing in the race for best and cheapest destination for cosmetic surgery abroad, India has emerged to me among the most sought after destination. 

There are various factors that drive people not only from UK, Ireland and Scotland to travel to India for plastic surgery abroad, but from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand to seek cheap plastic surgery overseas owing to very high cost of dental surgery and cosmetic surgery in their own country. 

The value India offers as a destination for offering dental surgery and cosmetic surgery is unique and compelling:

·         Skilled Indian surgeons: Indian surgeons are known all over the world about their skill and expertise. Western countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia has a large pool of Indian surgeons. Surgeons practicing in India have had their training in these countries and have practised there, so they know and understand the expectations of a medical tourist.

·         Cost of plastic surgery in India: Cost of plastic surgery in India is less than a sixth of the cost of plastic surgery in UK or even the cost of plastic surgery in Australia, USA, Canada or New Zealand. 

·         Incredible India!- India has always attracted the world for its culture and diversity. It is among the must visit destination by Conde Naste and thus a great travel destination for tourists.

·         Healthcare facilities – Private and modern hospitals in India are better than many and most of the hospitals in UK- many of them are specifically designed and built for international visitors- wi fi, coffee shops, recreation lounges, deluxe rooms with all amenities are few of the common features of these hospitals apart from accreditation by JCAHO, the accreditation agency in US, ISO, NABH for infrastructure and healthcare services at these hospitals.

·         Zero MRSA rates- These modern cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals in India have zero MRSA rate and thus people from these countries can be rest assured that they are completely safe.

·         No language barrier- English is the most widely spoken language in India and is the second language of the country. The staff at the hospital, hotel and all places is well trained to speak in English, so language is not an issue.

With the number of visitors growing at a rate of 30% annually, cosmetic surgery in India definitely offers a great value to people seeking cheapest and best destination for plastic surgery abroad.
One must however be careful in choosing the right provider for your cosmetic surgery abroad as that is very crucial for a successful plastic surgery overseas. 

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