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Plastic Surgery Overseas-5 Things Medical Tourists Must Know

Plastic Surgery Overseas

Traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery has become a trend these days. India is one of the best destinations for offering quality and affordable cosmetic surgery overseas. The core reasons being – no waiting time for plastic surgery, renowned cosmetic surgeons, state-of-the art hospital facilities, latest technology available in some of the best hospitals in metros in India, affordable prices of cosmetic surgery in India, English as the spoken language in the hospitals thus leaving no communication barrier for medical tourists coming from different countries to India.

plastic surgery abraod
Plastic surgery abroad

Aside all the above known facts, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind, before one considers undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad. Here are the five most important facts one must know before leaving his home country for plastic surgery abroad in India :

1. Credibility of Medical Tourism Company and Travel Agent – There are many medical tourism companies or travel agents who promise for offering excellent health care facilities for plastic surgery abroad , but one must be wary of the credibility of these travel agencies. To test the credibility of medical travel agents, one must find out relevant information on the internet, previously served patients, cosmetic surgery abroad reviews, before-after pictures of patients, spoken and written testimonials etc.

2. Get Detailed information about Plastic Surgeon to plan your surgery with – The most important person who has the key to your cosmetic transformation is plastic surgeon. Although, Cosmetic Surgeons in India are considered among the best plastic surgeons in the world and are highly experienced and adept in performing cosmetic surgeries. Yet, one must check out the credentials of the surgeon. A prior consultation with the surgeon would further add to your security and assurance for safe plastic surgery in India.

3. Accreditation of Hospital facilityWith advancing technologies, many hospitals in India have been reformed and considered among the best, well equipped with cutting edge technology and infrastructure. They are JCI and ISO accredited. But it is recommended that one must choose big or small hospital facility as per their own needs and their accreditation.

4. Budgeting and accountability of cosmetic surgery in India – Prior to embarking on the journey for cosmetic surgery in India, one must budget out  the cost of travel, plastic surgery, surgeon’s fee, accommodation charges and errands in India. The medical tourism company will prepare an itinerary entailing your consultation with surgeon, admission to the hospital, pre-op investigations, anaesthesia, surgery date and further follow ups with surgeon post your cosmetic surgery.

5. Ensured follow-up and after care post cosmetic surgery in India – Before finalizing everything, one must ensure to get the follow ups with plastic surgeon after the surgery. Since there will be remote follow ups once one has gone back to his home country. Thus it is advisable to stay for another week or 10 days after surgery so as to ensure once or twice follow-ups with the cosmetic surgeon.

These are the five most important points one must remember while looking for suitable options for plastic surgery abroad.

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