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IndiCure Helps You Choose the Best Hospital in India

Choose the Best Hospital in India for your medical treatment

If you are among many men and women seeking medical treatment abroad and are looking for Best hospital in India for your medical treatment, this piece of article would come as help for you.

India is a large country with many states and a huge population. The size of healthcare industry is expected to reach $100 billion by 2015, of which about 80% is in private hands and only 20% in govt hands.
A large number of the privately run hospitals are small and medium hospitals which are more of nursing homes or small clinics with no accreditation and standardization. The big hospitals run by trusts or big corporate are accredited and offer high standards of care.

Best surgeons of the world in India
Best surgeons of the world in India

The hospitals or places which a medical tourist can trust to have medical treatment in India are these super speciality hospitals. Most of these hospitals are accredited by Indian or International accrediting agencies and offer high standards of care.  
It is important to know that not all hospitals in India are JCI accredited, yet offer good services. NABH, ISO are few of the good agencies to accredit hospitals in India. Yet, there are hospitals in India which are not accredited or certified, but offer great services to the patients. Among these are Apollo, Fortis, Max, Artemis, Columbia Asia, Narayan Hrudyalya, Bombay Hospital, Hinduja, Wockhardt, Hiranandani, Jaslok hospital, Ruby hospital, Breach Candy, Lilavati, Vimhans, Krishna hospital, Sterling, Jehangir hospital, Lakeshore, Peerless, Rockland and many many more.

It thus becomes very difficult for a foreigner to decide which hospital is the best hospital in India for his or her medical treatment. 
It is thus important to go step by step to know which is the best hospital in India for your specific medical treatment. The success of a medical treatment largely depends on the surgeon and the facility where the procedure takes place.

It becomes relatively easier for you to decide if your treatment requires highly specialised surgery or technology, which may not be available all over the India. E.g., Gamma knife surgery, Cyberknife treatment, deep brain stimulation, CCVI liberation, Liver transplant etc are available only at select few locations and the choice is limited.
However, if you are looking for cardiac surgery, spine surgery or plastic surgery etc, they are available at almost all cities in India and thus it becomes tricky to choose the best hospital in India for your requirements.

One way is to begin by searching the city where you would like to get the treatment done. Major hospitals in India are located in metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc. If you know anyone in any of these cities, the decision becomes easy. If not, Delhi and Mumbai are among the most developed cities in India. Delhi is the capital of the country and Mumbai is the financial capital of India and is most cosmopolitan city in India.  Not only a financial capital, Mumbai is the fashion capital and is home to Bollywood as well. Many people coming for cosmetic surgery holidays choose to come to Mumbai, owing to its proximity to Goa and to get the feel of Mumbai.
After you have decided on the city, compare the hospitals- the facilities, how big, how reputed the hospitals are. Since your treating surgeon is one the most important factor in determining the success of your surgery, it is also very important to look into the profile of the surgeon and to know how many such cases has he treated in the past. What is the success rate and speak with the doctor. If possible, have a video conference with the surgeon, so that you are not greeted with surprises on reaching a new foreign country.

Important things to look out for are if you have direct flight to the city of destination, flight cost etc. It is always advisable to go to a big metro city like Delhi or Mumbai, where you would get several options in terms of hospitals, surgeons, accommodation, recreation, shopping, restaurants and site seeing. You get good facilities at these cities and the prices are also competitive.
It is important to compare the cost of the surgery at various hospitals, but that should not be the deciding factor alone. Make a careful comparison and make an informed and intelligent choice. A cheap treatment at a shoddy hospital can prove to be much more expensive later.

A company that has the local knowledge and deals with the hospital regularly comes handy in such scenario. A good and professional company would not help you make an informed and sound decision, but help you with ancillary services as visa assistance, travel planning, inland transportation and airport transfers. A good company not only provides sound consultation and facilitation, but is like a friend away from home.
Not only they would offer you complete solution, you would find that they have negotiated rates and thus getting treatment at best hospitals in India comes cheap with them.

Choosing the right company and professional people is a very important decision. A good company would not shy away from giving you the references of their past clients. You should always ask for references and check for the reputation of the company online. Reviews by the past patients always help you choose the right people to travel with.
IndiCure is the most renowned medical tourism in India offering complete solution like visa assistance, travel planning, accommodation and inland transportation and has specially negotiated prices with the best and top hospitals in India for cardiac surgery, spine surgery, brain surgery, cancer surgery, plastic surgery etc.  You can write to us at or call us at +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777. 

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