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Facelift Dentures in India

Affordable Facelift Dentures

If you are among those who shy away smiling because of missing teeth or slack neck and facial wrinkles, facelift dentures can turn the clock back on your face by providing treatment for slack neck and lost teeth.

Facelift Dentures – What are they?

Facelift dentures are advanced dentures that provide the most customized fit over the traditional dentures. The most peculiar feature of facelift dentures are that they keep the jaw in a relaxed position and provide optimum fit avoiding sagging of facial appearance which is often seen with traditional dentures.

Also known as neuromuscular dentures, facelift dentures affect both nerves and muscles. The facelift dentures allow facial muscles and nerves to relax and make them sit comfortably on the jaw without making the muscles and nerves uneasy. Unlike a traditional denture which causes entire face to lose support and give a droopy look, facelift dentures have opposite action. The neuromuscular dentures provide more pleasing appearance and give greater comfort by giving the face a lifted and youthful appearance.

Who is a candidate for facelift dentures?

The ideal candidate for facelift dentures are those who have missing teeth along an arch or are facing negative side effects caused by traditional dentures.  

Why consider wearing facelift dentures?

Facelift Dentures (A Non-surgical Face-lifting procedure)
With loss of tooth, the jaw bones begin to resorb. Because of tooth extraction or trauma or gum disease, the jaw bones become highly susceptible to resorption.

The natural teeth are attached to jaw bones by tooth roots. When teeth are lost, the tooth roots are unable to stimulate the jaw bone which maintains the bone tissue. The alveolar bone – the portion of the jaw bone which used to anchor the teeth in the mouth stops getting stimulation, thus begins to resorb. The process of bone resorption continues during first 18 months of tooth loss.

Facelift dentures impede the jaw bone resorption, stimulate alveolar bone by creating a fit partially resting on the muscles. The dentures provide stability to the relaxed muscles and thus provide a “facelift” appearance without surgery. On the whole, the facial dentures provide fuller lips, tighter neck and strong chin with rejuvenated facial skin.

What are the advantages of Facelift dentures over Traditional Dentures?

The major advantage of facelift dentures over traditional dentures is that the facelift dentures provide direct stimulation to the alveolar bone unlike traditional dentures which only serve to replace the missing teeth. Facelift dentures stimulate the jawbone through neuromuscular function. Neuromuscular dentures not only reduce facial wrinkles but also improve chewing efficiency and comfort to the jaws. Thus facelift dentures result in a youthful and more beautiful smile. 

Some additional benefits are:
  • ·         Fuller lips
    ·         Lifted Facial appearance
    ·         Less facial wrinkles
    ·         Enhanced underlying facial support
    ·         Good chewing and speaking abilities
    ·         Better fit than traditional dentures

IndiCure announces a new non-surgical facelift for denture wearers

IndiCure, the premiere medical tourism company in India, offers Facelift dentures to people looking for quality non surgical facelift dentures to medical tourists from across the world. The company provides cutting-edge technology and end-to-end treatment solutions for cosmetic dentistry to people looking for affordable neuromuscular dentures in India. Having served hundreds of thousands patients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other western countries as well as Middle East and African countries, IndiCure proudly announces to introduce non surgical facelift for denture wearers in India. For more information about Facelift Neuromuscular dentures, contact – or Call IndiCure at +919818462127 or +919320036777.

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