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Face Lift Surgery – Most Frequently Asked Questions

Facelift Plastic Surgery 

Face lift surgery reverses the clock on your face and sets it for about 10-15 years back. It is the procedure of choice for men and women, now, at any age to get a fresh and rejuvenated look.

There are a lot of questions in the minds of people who wish to go ahead with plastic surgery, and when it is the question of face, you obviously would like to clear all your doubts before going ahead. We have compiled a list of few most frequently asked questions about face lift surgery.  Any more questions about face lift surgery abroad or face lift surgery in India are most welcome.

I am 45, Am I too young for facelift surgery?

It is a common misconception among people that men and women only in sixties can or should undergo facelift. In fact, you get best results when you are younger because the skin is more elastic and heals well and fast. You get more natural results of a facelift at a younger age than at an older age. You may not need a traditional full facelift at this age, but a variation like, MACS facelift or mini facelift would be better suited for you. The plastic surgeon can advise the most suitable procedure for you after an examination or having a look at your pictures.

What is the ideal age to get a face lift surgery?

There is no “ideal age” for a face lift surgery.  If you have loose skin on your face and neck, have jowls and or deep lines on your face, you can undergo a face lift plastic surgery. The surgeon would advise you the best technique and type of face lift that best suits your age and skin type. You may not need a traditional face lift, but a mini face lift or MACS lift which is minimally invasive and would give you a natural looking rejuvenated face.

How much younger would I look after facelift surgery?

Typically a face lift reverses the age on your face by about 10-15 years. However, individual results may vary depending upon the elasticity of your skin, your smoking history, your health and other individual factors.

Can I combine other facial plastic surgery procedures with facelift?

Yes, you can surely combine facelift with other facial procedures to give an overall fresh and youthful appearance. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, brow lift are often combined with facelift to rejuvenate the upper one third of face. Many people also combine Rhinoplasty, chin/ cheek implants and non surgical procedures like dermabrasion, chemical peel or botox with facelift for best results.

Should I combine other procedures with face lift for best results?

It is not necessary to combine other facial surgery procedures with face lift. You may or may not need other plastic surgery procedures along with a face lift.  Your surgeon would advise you whether you need other procedures like blepharoplsty or eyelid surgery, brow lift or other non surgical procedures to enhance the results. Many people however, do combine Rhinoplasty, chin implants for enhanced features along with rejuvenated face with facelift.

Would the results of face lift surgery last forever?

It is important to know that face lift resets the clock on your face but would not stop the ageing process.

Would it be obvious from my face that I underwent face lift plastic surgery?

The aim of a good facial plastic surgery is to make your face look fresh and young or enhance your features without making it obvious that you underwent a plastic surgery. A natural looking result is what a good plastic surgeon would strive for.

Where would the scars of face lift be? Will they disappear?

The incision and scars of facelift are along the natural crease of the face and are so made to make them as inconspicuous as possible. The incision begins at the temples above the hair line and follows in front of the ear, extending behind the earlobe in the natural crease. The scars fade with time and on very close look, appear as a fine line.

Would face lift cosmetic surgery eliminate all the wrinkles from my face?

The face lift eliminates wrinkle on the lower two third of face below your eyes. However, wrinkles around your eyes and on the forehead need other procedures such as brow lift, blepharoplasty or procedures like botox etc.

What is the average cost of face lift surgery in India?

The cost of face lift surgery in India is much less than the cost of face lift surgery in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any other western country. The average cost of face lift surgery in India is around 3000 dollars, unlike UK where the cost of face lift surgery is around 5000 pounds or USA, where it is around 10,000 dollars.

How long do I need to stay there for my facelift surgery in India?

You would stay at the hospital for 2 days after a facelift, which is part of the surgical cost.  You would need another week in India before you can go back. You would need a day before the surgery for pre operative work up and investigations. A total of 10-12 days are sufficient for you to get the facelift in India, recover and go back to your country.

For more information about facelift surgery in India, you can write to or call us at +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777.

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