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How Much Does it Cost to Have Weight Loss Surgery?

NHS has reported that the number of Gastric Bypass operations in UK have gone up by 530% over the past five years.  It also goes on to state that 18,577 gastric bypass and 7,650 gastric band operations were carried out between April 2006 and March 2012 at NHS.

With number of obese people rising in UK and all across the world, weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery often is the last resort for these people to treat obesity and live a healthy, disease free life.

NHS does cover weight loss surgery, but the criteria for free surgery under NHS says that the person should have tried all other methods of weight loss and he/ she should be dangerously obese , with BMI or Body mass index should be 40 plus.

While there is a whole lot of population waiting to get bariatric surgery in England, but either does not meet the criteria for free surgery under NHS or do not afford weight surgery prices in UK, and thus continue to risk their lives and health.

Same goes for obese people in USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries in Europe. Insurance does not cover bariatric surgery in most of the countries and the cost of obesity or weight loss surgery is too high and people continue to risk their health for affordable bariatric surgery.  The average cost of a gastric bypass ranges from $18,000 to $22,000 in USA, and the cost of adjustable gastric banding running as high as $17,000 to $30,000. The variation in prices usually is due to the differences in the fees charged in urban areas and less densely populated places. 

Travelling abroad for bariatric surgery is thus a favorable option for people who do not afford weight loss surgery in their country or do not have skilled surgeons and facilities in their country.

India has emerged to be the most favorite destination for people looking for affordable bariatric surgery overseas. Not only the cost is much affordable, Indian surgeons are known all over the world for their skill and expertise. The success rate of few of the best weight loss surgeons in India is as high as 100%. The healthcare facilities in India are as good as what you would find in UK, US, Australia or any of the developed nations in the world.

The cost of laparoscopicadjustable gastric banding in India starts from as low as $5500 and the cost of laparoscopic gastric bypass inIndia starts from $6000. The cost is all inclusive of the stay at the hospital, surgery charges, FDA approved lap band, complete pre-operative investigations, anesthesia  medicines and airport transfers.

The value that foreigners get by getting obesity surgery abroad is great and thus more and more number of people are opting for affordable weight loss surgery in India.

IndiCure is the leading and most renowned name for providing affordable bariatric surgery in India. We have few of the best bariatric surgeons in India on our panel and have specially negotiated rates to offer you the cheapest weight loss surgery in India.

For more information, you can write to us at or call us at +91 9818462127 or +919 9320036777.

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