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Kidney transplant in India

Affordable Kidney transplant in India

Kidney transplant, also known as a renal transplant is the most common transplant operation performed throughout the world.  

A kidney transplant is a surgery to replace diseased kidneys with a healthy kidney from another body, called the donor's kidney.

India is one of the countries with the highest success rate of kidney transplant surgery. There are best kidney transplant hospitals in India with most sophisticated and advanced technology to offer the highest success rate for the kidney transplant.

All Organ transplants and thus kidney transplant in India is governed by rules laid out by the Government of India.  The rules for a kidney transplant in India are quite strict and any deviation from the law attracts heavy punishment.  The important highlights of kidney transplant in India are as follows:

Close relatives can donate the kidney to the patient.  Siblings, parents, children and spouse come under the category of 'close relatives'.

In cases where the donor is not a close relative, government permission is required and is given only if it is established that there is no commercial angle whatsoever to the donation.

 If the proposed donor or the recipient or both are foreigners and are seeking kidney transplant operation in India, a senior Embassy official of the country of origin or the government of the country concerned (authenticated by the Embassy concerned in India) has to certify the relationship between the donor and the recipient.

Any commercial transaction between the donor and the patient is considered illegal and attracts heavy punishment.

Types of donors:

Donors can be of two types:

·         Living donors- the Living person can donate a kidney to the patient according to the guideline laid by the govt of India. The donor should be healthy and should have the same blood group as that of the patient. There are few other tests that should be done on the donor to check compatibility before he/ she can donate the kidney to the patient.

·         Cadaver donors- A cadaver is someone who has recently died and he had given consent to donate his kidney before his death or his close relatives have given consent for donation of the organ.

There is a scarcity of cadaveric donors all over the world and in India as well. People are either unwilling or nor aware about the donation of their organs after their death. There is a huge waiting list for the people waiting for the cadaveric donation and thus, foreign nationals wanting to undergo kidney transplant operation in India have little possibility of finding a donor for them.

Cost of Kidney transplant in India

Kidney transplant in India is much affordable as compared to the cost of kidney transplant operation anywhere else in the world. The average cost of kidney transplant in India at best hospitals for kidney transplant in India is around 16,000 US dollars which are less than a third of the cost of renal transplant in UK, USA or any other country in the world.

That is why many patients from across the world come to India for an affordable kidney transplant. Indian surgeons are well known all over the world for their skill and experience and hospitals in India are well equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technology for a successful renal transplant.

IndiCure has successfully arranged kidney transplant in India for many patients from across the world. If you or your loved one are looking for an affordable kidney transplant abroad, you can write to us at or call us at 91 981846217 or +91 9320036777.

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