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Best place for Plastic Surgery Abroad - IndiCure helps you decide

Best place for Plastic Surgery Abroad

With so many destinations competing for the Best destination for plastic surgery abroad, it is naturally tough for you to decide the best destination for your plastic surgery abroad. Getting plastic surgery in itself is an important and crucial decision. And when you have to get it done abroad, making a decision is usually overwhelming. You would of course, not like to take any chances.

There are a few important things to know which shall help you make an informed decision about your choice for plastic surgery overseas.  Here are few simple steps to help you make an informed choice.

List down your choices for destination- The first step is to list down the destination options you think are worth considering.  

The important factors you can look for in listing the destination are:
·   Language of communication- Communication plays a vital role in making cosmetic surgery a success. You and the surgeon should be able to understand each other well and that is one of the most important factors for successful outcome of the surgery.  You should prefer to choose the country where your language is well understood and spoken.

·   Surgeons’ skill and expertise- Check if the countries you are choosing have medical certifications for their surgeons or medical councils which regulate the working of doctors and surgeons. The best thing is to have doctors certified with American Board or some international boards like FRCS or Australian Board. ISAPS is the International society which gives recognition to plastic surgeons whose work they have seen and are satisfied with.

·   Healthcare Facilities- You must know the standard of healthcare facilities over all in the destination you are considering. How advanced is the technology, what kind of set up, whether it is privately owned or a govt set up, JCHAO or ISO which define the healthcare standards. It is important because any medical procedure carries some risk and the better the standards of the facility and the skill of the surgeon, the lower are the risks.

·   Cost of the procedures- Check the average cost of various plastic surgery procedures in the country you plan to get the plastic surgery done.  The cost of plastic surgery varies drastically from one country to another, but is generally quite less in Asian countries that Western countries.

·   Exchange rate- A favourable exchange rate makes the whole proposition more worthwhile when you are travelling abroad for plastic surgery.  

·   Political/ Social condition of the country- A country with political or social unrest is not a good destination for medical or travel purposes.  It is not very safe to travel to such destination however cheap it may be.

·   References- It would be good to have references of the people who underwent surgery in that country. A firsthand experience from someone who has been there and done that is always more helpful than just reading it over the internet.

·   Attractiveness as destination- A country with great tourist attractions is an icing on cake. You can not only get a makeover done on your visit, but spend a good time as holiday. 

Though this is not the exhaustive list, these are few important points to consider when you look for choosing a destination.  

Considering the above mentioned points, India has emerged to be one of the strongest contenders for cosmetic surgery abroad.  India offers the following advantages as destination:

Language of communication- English is the second official language of the country and is widely spoken. All the doctors and staff at the private hospitals understand and speak English fluently. So, if you are from an English speaking country, communication in India is much easy for you.

Surgeons’ skill and expertise- Indian doctors and surgeons are well known all over the world for their skill and expertise.  A large number of doctors and surgeons in US, UK and Australia are Indians and it stands a good chance that you would end up getting the plastic surgery done in your country by an Indian surgeon which you could do in India for a fifth of price.  

Medical practice is India is regulated by Indian Medical Council and all the surgeons are registered with Medical Council of India. They cannot be in private practice without studying stimulated number of years in medicine and practicing the same for specific number of years.

Besides, most good doctors and surgeons have studied in Western country for better exposure and are American Board certified, UK board or Australian board certified. Many plastic surgeons are members of the prestigious ISAPS, which is the hallmark for plastic surgery. One can thus be completely assured to be in best hands with Indian surgeons.

Healthcare Facilities- Most private hospitals in India are modern hospitals with latest and most sophisticated technology and are up to international standards. They have JCI or ISO or NABH certification, which certifies that they are international standard hospitals.

Cost of plastic surgery in India- The cost of plastic surgery in India is a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery procedures in England, USA , Canada or Australia.  A comparison of various procedures clearly indicates that you can save huge sum of money when you undergo a procedure in India than in your own country.

Exchange rate- The exchange rate again is quite favourable for you to choose India as your cosmetic surgery destination. The exchange rate is roughly as follows, which makes a lot of economical sense for someone travelling from countries like US, UK, Canada, and Australia or anywhere from Europe.
 1 USD=55 Indian rupees, 1 GBP= 86 INR , 1 Euro= 75, 1 AUD= 55 INR

Political/ Social condition of the country- India is the largest democracy in the world and is a stable state.  The country is one of highest progressive countries in the world and is one of the most recognised names on the world map.

References- Official figures say that more than 200,000 people come to India for medical travel. The actual figures are much high because many of these people travel on a tourist visa and remain outside the counting of medical travelers. Any good company shall not hesitate from giving you ample references of the people who underwent the procedure with them. 

Attractiveness as tourist destination- India is regarded as must visit destination in the world.  Indian culture, colours, festivals and vibrancy is unique and un-parallel. No country in the world has as diverse culture as India.

If you are also looking for cosmetic surgery overseas, you can write to IndiCure, the largest and most renowned provider of cosmetic surgery procedures in India.  IndiCure has served hundreds of clients from over 30 countries and can help you make an informed decision.

For more information on plastic surgery overseas, write to or call +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777.

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