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Best surgeons for Knee Replacement in India

Best surgeon for Knee Replacement in India

On searching for Who is the best surgeon for knee replacement in India on internet, you would get hundreds of responses and everybody would claim to be the best- Best hospital for knee replacement in India, Best surgeon for knee replacement in India and you are obviously confused- How to choose the best surgeon for you?

Following few steps shall help decide The Best surgeon for knee replacement surgery in India FOR YOU.

  • Get the orthopedic surgeon’s profile and details

You should always go through the surgeon’s profile carefully and see his training. Also look for and get the answer to the following questions: 

  • Is he super specialized to perform knee replacement surgery
  • Where did he get his training from
  • How many years has he been doing knee replacement
  • How many knee replacement surgeries has he done
  • What is the success rate
  • Which technique would he use for knee replacement- open surgery or Minimally invasive
  • Which language does the surgeon understand and speak

Since the result and success of knee replacement surgery is not only dependent on surgeon alone, there are other factors that need to be considered before you decide about where to get the knee replacement surgery in India, viz hospital or center where the surgery shall be done, cost, rehabilitation, accommodation which make an important part of your medical sojourn.

    Best Hospital for Knee replacement in India:

The best hospital is one which is not only equipped with the latest and most advanced technology, but can offer you personalized care and attention. You should select a hospital where you would be properly looked after and feel at home. Check for the following at the hospital:

  • Check if the hospital has Laminar air flow system in the Operation theatre for best infection control
  • What is the MRSA rate at the hospital
  • What facilities would be provided to the patient and the attendant
  • Would rehabilitation be provided at the hospital after the surgery
  • The other important things that are of concern and great importance are:

    Cost of Knee replacement surgery

 Check the cost of kneereplacement surgery with various hospitals and surgeons. Though cost is one of the most important factor to decide which hospital and knee replacement surgeon in India would you choose, but that should not be the only deciding factor. The cheapest option may not always be the best option.

Type and brand of the implant

Since the type of implant used, whether metal on metal or ceramic or metal on ceramic make a difference in the long term results and flexibility of your new knee, you should know which type of implant would be used for you and whether a good brand shall be used.

  • Rehabilitation after the knee joint replacement surgery surgery

Rehabilitation in terms of physical therapy after the surgery is very important for a successful outcome of knee replacement. Check when and how would the physiotherapy be provided to you.

  • Accommodation arrangement after discharge from the hospital

You would need to stay for about two weeks in India after discharge from the hospital for recovery and physical therapy. Please check where and who shall make the arrangements for the accommodation.
Since a lot of things are involved in your trip for knee replacement surgery in India, it is best to get in touch with a professional organization that can plan things for you and assist you all the while. IndiCure is the most renowned company in India offering customized healthcare services to patients from across the world.

IndiCure has specially negotiated charges for knee replacement surgery for its patients to offer them best value for money. Having served hundreds of patients from more than 30 countries, we understand your requirements well.

For most affordable knee replacement surgery with best surgeon in India,
 write to us at or call us at +91 98184621277 or +91 9320036777.

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