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Lipoabdominoplasty in India – Procedure and Recovery

Lipoabdominoplasty – Procedure and Recovery

Lipoabdominoplasty combines liposuction and abdominoplasty to effectively remove hard-to-remove belly fat. Whereas liposuction removes fat through suctioning, the abdominoplasty removes excess skin and fat from tummy and tightens abdominal muscles.

lipoabdominoplasty cost India
Lipoabdominoplasty = Liposuction + Abdominoplasty
(tummy tuck) to give great contouring
In lipoabdominoplasty the surgeons first remove excess fat from tummy and then perform a traditional tummy tuck.  The removal of excess fat results in better contour for tummy tuck as skin and tissue can be easily worked with after the removal of abdominal fat. The combined liposuction and tummy tuck together result in achieving a thinner tummy as well as giving a slimmer body shape.

The ideal candidates for lipoabdominoplasty are:
·  Men or women who have protruding tummy
·  Women who post-pregnancy have not been able to budge fat through diet or exercise
·  Men who wish to tighten abdominal muscles and remove fat from middle and lower abdomen
·  Older patients who have gained weight owing to aging

Performed under general anaesthesia, lipoabdominoplasty takes about two to four hours to perform. The surgeon makes a long incision from hip to hip so as to create a skin flap and reveal abdominal muscles. Excess fat is then removed, muscles tightened and belly button is repositioned. Lipoabdominoplasty results in a firmer tummy and narrow waistline.

After the surgery, it is normal to have abdominal swelling with slight pain & discomfort. However pain or discomfort can be managed by pain medications. A compression garment is worn for about six- eight weeks after the surgery. This reduces tissue swelling and enables skin to contract. The drainage tubes coming out of lower abdomen allow the normal fluid to be drained out of body. The drains are removed after 3-4 days. 

Lipoabdominoplasty prices India
Belly button re positioned to give a youthful
appearance following lipoabdominoplasty
Complete recovery after the procedure varies from weeks to months depending upon the extent of procedure and health of the individual. The recovery period shortens when abdominal muscles are stronger and the body easily adapts. It is good to chalk out an exercise program so as to reduce swelling as soon as possible. Sooner the swelling goes, sooner are the chances to further tone up the body. The final results of lipoabdominoplasty are very gratifying and last as long as balanced diet and exercised are practiced.

Affordable Lipoabdominoplasty abroad in India

Lipo-abdominoplasty is a very popular cosmetic surgery all over the world. The cost of the procedure is quite high in western countries. However, one can easily undergo the procedure in developing countries like India at a fraction of what one pays in western countries. Lipoabdominoplasty in India can be availed at some of the best hospitals and plastic surgery centers that are well equipped with sophisticated instrumentation and technology. Although the cost is low but the quality of care at these plastic surgery hospitals in India are not compromised and is comparable with any other world class facility.

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