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Pregnancy after Weight loss surgery

Pregnancy after Weight loss surgery

The first question on the minds of women of child bearing age who undergo weight loss surgery is about pregnancy and having a healthy baby. “What about pregnancy after weight loss surgery”, “Can I have a healthy baby after obesity surgery” “I am worried that my baby would not get enough nutrients because I won’t be able to eat much and my small intestines have been bypassed.”  

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Obese women are more likely to have a complicated pregnancy 
These are obvious concerns, but the fact is that pregnancy on obese women is at higher risk because of various complicating factors. Complications include an increased risk of death in both the baby and mother, increased risk of maternal blood pressure by 10 times, increased risk of gestational diabetes and problem with labour and delivery. 

It is reported that obese women are more likely to have babies with high birth weight and are thus more likely to undergo caesarean section. The infants to obese women are more likely to have low blood sugar (which can be associated with brain damage and seizures). Obesity during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of birth defects, particularly neural tube defects, such as spina bifida.

It is a well known fact that fertility increases after weight loss. Medical journals have reported that women who had fertility problems because of obesity start ovulating regularly after the surgery and weight loss.
Thus, morbidly obese women are invariably advised by their healthcare providers to lose weight to have a safe and uncomplicated pregnancy.  Women who are more than hundred pounds overweight are advised to undergo weight loss surgery to shed the extra pounds.

Pregnancy after weight loss surgery is surely possible and healthy. The only important point is to take care of the following few factors:

Wait for 18 months after the surgery before you get pregnant

Experts say that it is absolutely safe to get pregnant after bariatric surgery- after your weight stabilizes. Because your body goes through stressful changes and nutritional upheaval after a gastric bypass surgery, it can be problematic for the foetus.

Philip Schauer, director of advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgery at the Cleveland Clinic's Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, says that "Pregnancy after weight-loss surgery isn't an issue. The only concern is [getting pregnant] in the period of rapid weight loss.”

The doctor says that after 18 months women reach a stable weight and can provide the baby essential fetal nutrition for normal growth of the baby.

Have pre conception planning

It is good to see a healthcare provider before you plan your pregnancy. Your gynaecologist and nutritionist would prescribe you essential nutritional supplements such as Vitamin B-12, D, folic acid, iron and calcium depending upon your weight loss and specific nutritional needs during pre conception stage.

Monitor your nutrients intake carefully during pregnancy

See a nutritionist who has knowledge about weight loss surgery and tell her about the surgery you underwent, what are your daily calorie intake, how much weight gain you have had during pregnancy, your likes and dislikes etc. A good nutritionist would recommend you to eat several meals during the day for better nutrient absorption and also prescribe you essential nutritional supplements. You should make a note of your daily food intake. You should also monitor your vitamin intake regularly and consult your nutritionist about that.

Consult your weight loss surgeon when you are pregnant

A lady who has undergone weight loss surgery, especially, gastric bypass, should also consult her bariatric surgeon besides her ob-gyne. Because not all gynaecologists are familiar with the details about the weight loss surgery, you should consult your bariatric surgeon as well.

best bariatric surgeons in India
It is possible to have healthy pregnancy
after weight loss surgery

Pregnancy after any weight loss surgery, be it vertical  sleeve gastrectomy or even gastric bypass is surely possible. 

Pregnancy, in fact can be healthier than other women if proper care and precautions are taken.

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