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Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in India: Cheapest way to shed extra kilos

Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in India

Obesity has become a concern for both medical fraternity and common man worldwide. Not only obesity in itself is a problem, it causes various other health problems like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea etc. Most of the obese people are seen to be suffering from low self esteem and various other psychological problems. 

A lot of obese people find it hard to lose the excess weight on their own. A majority of them even find the efforts in vain in spite of trying various diets, exercises and other medications for weight loss.

Weight loss surgery is a proven way to shed those extra kilos in such cases, where all other means have failed to work. But the exorbitant cost of weight loss surgery in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia etc makes the surgery formidable for such people and they continue to risk their health and lives for the need of obesity surgery.

India offers a great opportunity to such people looking for affordable weight loss surgery. The cost is much less; the health care facilities are quite good and the surgeons highly trained and skilled. The great value that people find in coming to India has lead to many a westerners travelling to India for affordable weight loss surgery overseas.

cost sleeve gastrectomy surgery India
Sleeve gastrectomy bariatric surgery

Sleeve Gastrectomy is one of the most rapidly growing weight loss surgery options. Sleeve gastrectomy offers various advantages over other procedures, which includes much less chances of complications, it is very effective, the down time is much less, it is easier to perform and is less expensive. The problems associated with gastric bypass such as dumping syndrome and malabsorption is also not associated with sleeve gastrectomy.

The effectiveness of Gastric sleeve surgery lies in the mechanism in which sleeve gastrectomy works. Gastric Sleeve surgery works through two weight loss mechanisms. One, it limits the food stomach can hold by making the stomach smaller and two the fundus part of stomach is removed which secretes the hormone ghrelin which makes a person feel hungry. Thus a vertical sleeve gastrectomy leads to effective weight loss.

With sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the surgeon removes 60 percent of the stomach so that it looks like a tube or “sleeve”, thus the name sleeve gastrectomy. The ideal candidates for sleeve gastrectomy are those who are 100 pounds above ideal body weight or have obesity related problems such as diabetes, hypertension or sleep apnea.

The outcomes of gastric sleeve surgery are very rewarding. Unlike the Lap band procedure, the gastric sleeve does not require the implantation of an artificial device in the abdomen and is much safer than gastric bypass or duodenal switch procedures. The surgery also minimizes the chance of ulcer occurring. Gastric sleeve surgery is a first stage procedure for low BMI patients and can be done laparoscopically in patients weighing over 500 pounds.

IndiCure is the most renowned medical tourism company offering weight loss surgery in India. To know more about candidacy, costs and options of stay for affordable gastric sleeve surgery abroad, write to us at or call us at +919818462127 or +919320036777. 

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