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How much does breast uplift surgery cost?

How much does breast uplift surgery cost?

It is indeed exasperating pouring your sagging breasts in the bra every morning and then see them migrate southwards every night when you remove the bra.  Mastopexy, commonly known as breast lifting is the procedure that can help you bring your breasts where you want them to be!

Disturbed with  your sagging breasts

Breast uplift surgery works by reshaping and lifting the sagging breasts to give them a firm and uplifted appearance. The surgery can be performed alone or in conjunction with breast augmentation. Breast lift surgery entails removing excess skin from around the areola and bottom of the breasts, tightening the skin envelop, adding more volume with a breast implant to give the breasts a projected appearance. By doing so, the position of nipple areola complex is shifted to a more elevated and youthful position.

Mastopexy Before After
While deciding for a breast lift surgery, the first question that comes to the mind is How much does a breast lift surgery cost? There are a number of factors that together decide the overall cost of the procedure such as:

  • How extensive is the surgery required: The cost of breast uplift surgery depends upon how much is the tissue that needs to be re positioned, i.e, how big and saggy are your breasts. The larger the tissue needs to be re positioned; the higher is the cost of breast uplift surgery.

  • How experienced is the surgeon: Senior and more experienced surgeon always commands a higher price than a novice and not so experienced surgeon. 

  • How big is the facility: Cost of getting the operation done in a bigger facility or a hospital with sophisticated technology and state of the art facilities is always higher than a small clinic or a surgeon’s office.

  • Where are you getting the procedure done: Cost of breast uplift surgery or any plastic surgery is higher in western countries than in Asian countries. This is not because there are any differences in the quality of care or standard of facilities. The cost of plastic surgery is low because of the low endowment costs and the highly favorable exchange rates. 

Because the cost of getting the surgery done in India is much less as compared to the cost of plastic surgery in UK, US, Canada, Australia or any other western country, a lot of people travel overseas for availing plastic surgery. The more important factor is that one gets the same quality of care and services at mush lesser prices. The fact that millions of people come to India for plastic surgery is a testimony of the fact. Nobody would like to avail substandard facility or result even if the price was lesser.

It is however important to choose the right surgeon and thus the right company to arrange for your procedures. Not only you get complete peace of mind when you are alone in a strange country, they help you make the right choices.

IndiCure is the most renowned company for cosmetic surgery holidays in India. With hundreds of clients from more than 30 countries, IndiCure understands your requirements well. 

For more information about breast uplift surgery in India, you can write to us at or call us at +91 9818462127 or + 91 9320036777.

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