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Plastic Surgery for older men and women

Plastic Surgery for older men and women

According to American Society of plastic surgery, about 350,000 adults older than 55 underwent some sort of cosmetic surgery in 2011 and the numbers continue to swell as the population is aging. The fact that many older people are hitting the golden years in good health and are full of energy is the driving force to undergo knife. And the motivation is to look much younger- the way they feel!

most affordable plastic surgery
More and more elderly are undergoing plastic surgery
 to reverse the signs of aging 

Plastic surgeons say that healthy older adults are at equal risk of complications as their younger counterparts- age does not per-se increases the chances of complications. It is the health of the individual which determines his candidacy and chances of complications for plastic surgery. Which means a healthy old man is at a lesser risk of complication when he undergoes a plastic surgery than a young man who is not so healthy.

Cosmetic surgery, however, still a surgery and should be considered with full seriousness. Even if everything goes perfect, you would undergo some sort of anaesthesia, cutting and manipulation of tissues and your body would have to rally for healing that up. You would have bruising and swelling that would last for few weeks.  And there can always be some problematic complication such as muscle weakness, skin numbness, blood pooling under the skin or wound-heal etc.

It is thus important that you should know the risks and results of the surgery well before plunging into it. The most important thing is that you should have realistic expectations from the surgery. If you are dissatisfied with your body image and seek plastic surgery as cure for dissatisfaction, you would, in all probabilities be disappointed. If you are, however, happy with yourself and seek cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance, you are more likely be happy with the results of the surgery.

Plastic surgery procedures most popular among older men and women

Most affordable face lift in India
Face Lift

Facelift reverses the sign of aging from your face and sets the clock back by about 10-15 years. It is the most popular plastic surgery procedure among men and women above 55. Face lift is usually combined with neck lift for best results and also with upper and lower blepharoplasty brow lift, forehead lift etc to rejuvenate the complete face. The operation is done under general anaesthesia and takes about 3-4 hours.

Breast surgery

affordable plastic surgery India
Breast Lift surgery uplifts the sagging breasts

The most common breast procedure asked by women at this age is revision of the previous breast implant because over the years breast implants may need a replacement. The other most commonly asked procedure is Breast Lift or mastopexy which can be done at the same time as breast implant revision or breast reduction surgery.

Liposuction removes fat from a particular area of the body which has not gone despite diet, exercises and other efforts. The procedure entails inserting small cannulae in the area to be treated to suck the extra fat. The skin then moulds itself to the new body contour. Your skin should have good elasticity for good results; else your skin may look loose and non smooth after the procedure.

Tummy tuck is more extensive surgery and involves a large incision with major repair and tightening of skin and muscles. Some adults 65 or older, do undergo tummy tuck, but recovery is typically longer and harder than the other procedures listed above.

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