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Reviews for plastic surgery abroad (overseas)

Reviews for plastic surgery abroad (overseas) 

At IndiCure, we have served hundreds of patients from more than 30 countries. It is with great delight we state that our clients have been very happy and satisfied with their cosmetic surgery results and medical treatment outcomes and their experience of travelling to India with IndiCure has been great!

We share reviews of few of our past clients who availed plastic surgery abroad. You can also watch the spoken reviews at this link

Please note that full names have not been written to protect the client’s privacy.

Mr. MG

Procedure: Facelift surgery abroad

From: Montreal, Canada
I was very satisfied of my facelift plastic surgery in India. Miss Bhargav and associates were all very nice to accommodate me. Even the doctor spoke French, my maternal language. The food at the hospital was good too. So, I have for now only good words for IndiCure. 

Ms. R M

Procedure: Uterine artery embolization, Abdominoplasty, Breast reduction & Lift

From: Nairobi, Kenya

I appreciate the professionalism, attention to detail and care that I received from Dr Wagh, Ruchika and Shweta at IndiCure. I am very pleased with the treatments and would certainly recommend them to anyone thinking about traveling abroad for medical reasons.

S & J

Procedure: Face lift, Neck lift, Dermabrasion

From:Nottingham Garden, London, UK 

We came through IndiCure as we felt that they were very helpful and supportive and we are glad we did. Jan and I are very pleased with our results of face lift surgery in India; the surgeon was great the hospital room spotlessly clean; the services and nursing care remarkable. Also the food, delicious!!

Ms C P

Procedure: Facelift, Neck lift, Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty

From: Tauranga, New Zealand

IndiCure has been fantastic during the whole process. From the initial contact right down to the final payment, Shweta, Ruchika and the medical team they referred me to were very professional and informative. I felt welcome and safe during my stay; and as far as the medical requirements were concerned, I wanted for nothing.  

Ms. AA 

Procedure: Mini facelift, Neck lipo and dermabrasion

From: London, UK

I have been in contact with Shweta over the last four months and she recommended Dr Jain to do a mini facelift, neck lipo and dermabrasion of the upper lip. The experience has been very professional and well organized. Dr Sandip has also worked in the UK for many years which made me feel more confident as I live in England. Not that it should make any difference, but I thought he may have more experience with my type of skin. I have felt very comfortable and knew I was in good hands after speaking to Shweta and my consultation with Dr Jain. The Saifee hospital and staff has been outstanding. I could not have stayed in a nicer hospital. I even had sea view  J. The operation went very smoothly and I have hardly had any pain whatsoever.

In the end I had a mini facelift, neck lipo, dermabrasion of upper lip, and Dr Jain also injected fat taken from my tummy into my cheeks and nabial lines. Today is the first day after operation and it all looks great. I am a bit swollen for the moment, I can’t wait for the stitches to be removed and swelling to come down so that I can see the final results.

Thank you so much Dr Jain and Shweta who has done a marvelous job organizing everything.

Ms. K S

Procedure: MACS faceliftupper and lower eyelid surgeryarmlift

From: Wales, UK
On the whole, I have had a very positive experience Shweta and Dr Wagh have been professional and effective and I can’t praise the Hinduja Healthcare surgical hospital enough. If only they were this amazing in NHS.

Coming to India alone, I found the experience of surgery ( MACS facelift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, armlift) slightly traumatic. But it was expected and does not reflect on the care I was given. It’s only a week post op, so I cannot comment on the final results. I hope they would be good and I shall surely recommend the surgery to be organized by IndiCure, as quality of care is obviously their specialty. 

Mr. J F

Procedure: Dental work cosmetic dentistry

From: Liverpool, United Kingdom

I have a very long story to tell. When I met my dentist in Liverpool, he told me a number of procedures that my teeth needed and I was shocked to see the huge estimate that he made. My friends told me about getting this done in India as it would cost only a fraction to get the dental work done in India and I could have vacation for the amount that my dentist was asking for. God bless.

I immediately contacted IndiCure, whose reference was given to me by my friend. They were really prompt and thorough with their work. I chose to get the procedure done in Goa for which IndiCure arranged my stay at a beautiful resort at quite a bargain. They meticulously planned my entire trip. Right from booking my ticket from Liverpool to Mumbai and my connecting flight ticket from Mumbai to Goa, they took care of everything. Their efforts put me completely at ease & I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. But alas! that was not the case. Just a week before I was supposed to travel, I had a major accident! All my bookings had been done & here I was lying in the hospital bed, struggling for my life.

I had a major shoulder injury, for which I was immediately operated. My sister contacted IndiCure people & they were so reassuring. They charged minor administrative charges & postponement fee for the flights & said that my payment would remain with them as credit, & I can use the money, whenever I plan to come to India. It is difficult for me to express, how relieved I was at that moment.

They regularly contacted me to know my well being & finally when I recovered I decided to come to India. All arrangements were done for me as planned earlier. I stayed in India for almost five months & it has been one of the most memorable times of my life. I really enjoyed my stay to the hilt. My dental treatment also went very well & as expected at almost a quarter of the price at United Kingdom. I really thank IndiCure for all the help.


Procedure:Breast Augmentation plastic surgery

From: London, United Kingdom 

I am feeling so confident now that my friends say that "It's new you". I can wear the clothes of my choice. I had always felt ashamed of the really small boobs that I had. I had tried all sorts of creams and medicine, but things were not working. Then I read about IndiCure on the internet. There was so much stuff on the internet about India as a medical tourism destination. I was a little sceptical but sent the query to a few medical tourism companies, but the way IndiCure people responded, I decided to go with them. She was very prompt with the replies and gave a very personal touch to the entire thing. She also understood my requirements and concerns well and sorted everything out for me.

I am back to UK now and I am so happy that I chose IndiCure to go to India for the surgery. I would like to go back for Face Lift very soon.

Thanks IndiCure.


Procedure: Breast implants surgery

From: Aukland, New Zealand

Good services, Excellent team!!!
I recommend IndiCure to one and all looking for affordable breast implants surgery overseas.


Procedure:Breast Lift plastic surgery

from: Texas, United States

IndiCure Team,
I write to you with such pleasure and gratitude. You have helped me get back my confidence. The results of the surgery are very satisfying.
I am quite happy with my current look. I would love to return to India for a face lift surgery and a vacation to Goa.


Procedure: Gynecomastia cosmetic surgery

From: Swindon UK 

My experience with IndiCure has been very hospitable. The hospital staff were helpful, the surgeon was very professional and Shweta was very easy to talk to and reliable. Would recommend IndiCure to future patients. 

For more information about plastic surgery in India with best cosmetic surgeons, call us at +91 98184 62127 or +91 93200 36777 or write to us at 

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