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Spinal stenosis - Treatment, Surgery and Cost of spine surgery in India

Spinal stenosis in India

Almost everyone experiences low back pain at some point in life Majority of them do not require any intervention and the pain simply relieves on its own. However for a few, the pain is persistent and becomes worse with time.

The most common cause for back pain, as you get older, is spinal stenosis or narrowing of one or more areas of the spine, which most often results from narrowing of the spinal canal over time. By the time people reach 50, most people’s spine show at least some signs of age-related wear and tear of the disks and of facet joints, which can grow to be enlarged and arthritic. These changes can exert pressure on the spinal cord and nerves leading to pain, numbness or weakness in arms or legs or other problems adversely affecting the quality of your life.

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Spinal Stenosis

Your neck and lower back are the most common parts to be affected by spinal stenosis; in the neck it is called cervical spinal stenosis. Cervical spinal stenosis can cause pain or stiffness in the neck or shoulder and numbness, weakness or tingling sensation in arms and hands. In severe cases of stenosis, the nerves in the spinal cord get affected and can lead to more severe problems like problems with balance and coordination.
Spinal stenosis in lower back is called lumbar spine stenosis which may lead to lower backache, pain and cramping in legs, weakness and numbness in legs and buttocks. Severe stenosis can even cause problem with bowel and bladder functions.

Spinal stenosis can be diagnosed on MRI, CT scan or on X-ray. Most people can have evidence of spinal stenosis on X-ray even without any symptoms. Symptoms usually start gradually and worsen with time. 
The first line of treatment is usually conservative like medicines, physical therapy etc. However, if the narrowing is severe or the symptoms are not relieved with these, surgery is advised.

Many conditions can lead to spinal stenosis, age being the most common. Others include Osteoarthritis, disk degeneration and thickened ligaments.

The first line of treatment is usually medication; non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are prescribed. Studies have shown that even anti depressants also help in relieving pain. If the pain is severe, narcotics are also prescribed. Physical therapy and steroid injections also help in relieving the pain. However, if these options don’t work, surgery is recommended.

The surgery for spinal stenosis works by relieving pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. Laminectomy is the most commonly performed procedure to treat the symptoms associated with spinal stenosis. 

Laminectomy removes the lamina or the back portion of one or more vertebrae which creates space and relieves the pressure. In many cases, the surgeon would fuse two vertebrae together to maintain the strength of the spine and the procedure is called spinal fusion.

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Laminectomy Before After

Laminectomy with spinal fusion is the most commonly performed procedures to treat spinal stenosis. The results of the operation are quite gratifying. The surgery helps reduce pain and improve the functioning.

The cost of spinal surgery in any western country is quite high. If you are not insured, you would have to  think many a times to shell out that kind of money. Treatment abroad is a good option for the people who cannot afford spine surgery in their own country. India is the best destination for people looking for affordable spine surgery. You not only get the best facilities and most renowned surgeons, the cost of spine surgery in India is much less. 

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