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Gastric Bypass surgery of CEO of a renowned communication company from UK boosts the confidence of Britons to travel for weight loss surgery overseas

Gastric Bypass Surgery

It is not new for people to travel overseas for medical treatment or for plastic and weight loss surgery procedures. Neither is the fact new that every patient who thinks of travelling overseas has lots of apprehensions and doubts before embarking on the journey.
However, an increasing number of people from Western countries like UK, USA, Canada, and Australia are coming to India for their surgery medical procedure. Not only because the cost is much less, the healthcare facilities are at par with the Western countries and the doctors more skilled and services more personalized.

Obesity leads to negative self image
Obesity leads to Negative self image

Mariam (name changed) is the CEO of a renowned communications company based in UK. With lots of problems surrounding her personal and professional life, she always felt a failure to be unable to manage a lot of things because of being overweight and a host of health problems because of her weight. Her sleep apnea, joint pains and fibromyalgia were getting worse because of her weight and she was struggling to keep her business alive in the recession times because of not being able to concentrate on her work.

Because cost was an issue, she started to look for affordable bariatric surgery overseas. She was aware about the skill of Indian doctors and that the healthcare facilities in India were good and thus began to look for options in India. Having worked as a registered nurse in NHS, she knew what kind of facility and surgeon she was looking for.
She underwent gastric bypass surgery in India with IndiCure and has lost about 22 kgs within 2 and a half months of the surgery. She has been quite happy and satisfied with results and is looking forward to reaching the ideal weight.

Gastric Bypass Surgery
Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is a type of weight loss surgery that works by making the stomach smaller and the digestive system shorter. The surgery makes the stomach smaller in size, which reduces the amount of food that stomach can accept, thereby reducing the food intake. The food bypasses a section of the small intestine resulting in lesser calories absorption by the body resulting in weight loss.

An article in the British tabloid where she confirmed that she underwent gastric bypass surgery in India and was happy with the way things underwent has created new hopes in the mind of Britons who were waiting to undergo the surgery because they could not afford it in their own country but were apprehensive about travelling to India for it. “The article has worked very favourable for us. The number of people inquiring about bariatric surgery from UK has increased tremendously”, says IndiCure spokesperson.

While a gastric bypass surgery in UK costs around 15,000 pounds, it costs only 4500 pounds in India with the best and most renowned bariatric surgeons. If you add the airfare and the hotel expenses also, the total cost comes to about 5500 pounds, which is almost a third of getting the gastric bypass surgery in UK.

Though UK media is quick to add the stories of botched up surgeries overseas, it is rare that successful stories of surgery abroad get published, which can help people make an informed decision. However, one must always be cautious in choosing the right provider for your surgery in India. A good surgeon, good facility and a provider who can take care of all ancillary things so that you can concentrate on your surgery and recovery are a must for a successful trip overseas.

IndiCure is the most renowned name for providing quality surgery in India at affordable prices. With hundreds of happy clients from across the world, IndiCure understand your requirements well. For more information on obesity surgery in India, write to us at or call us at +91 9320036777 or +91 9818462127.

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