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Facial Implants in India

Affordable Facial Implants in India

Facial plastic surgery has become a buzzword these days. Every now and then we hear about people undergoing either a facelift or rhinoplasty or any other facial plastic surgery. Facial implant surgery is also one of the rapidly increasing forms of face plastic surgeries.

Facial Implants

What are Facial Implants?

Facial implants are biocompatible materials that are available in a wide range of sizes and styles for chin, jaw, nose and cheek. Facial implants enhance certain facial features which restore contour and proportion to the face. The accurate type and size of the implants best suited for an individual depends upon the expectations of the patient and surgeon’s judgment.

Individuals who are having small chin, weak jaw or lack of facial contour and want to get these corrected, a facial implant surgery can be of great help.

The most commonly used implants are:

Ø  Jaw implants – Jaw Implants increase the width of lower third of the face. They are the implants placed inside of lower lip.
Ø  Cheek ImplantsCheek implants add volume to the areas which are flat or recessed. They enhance projection of the cheek bones.
Ø  Chin Implants - Chin implants increase the size and projection of a chin so as to bring the chin in proportion with the fore-head and mid-face.
Ø  Paranasal Implants – Paranasal implants fill-in the depressed furrows from side of the nose to the corners of the mouth so as to thicken the paranasal region.

Facial Implantation plastic surgery – The Procedure

For all facial procedures, a similar pattern is followed. A small incision is made near to the area where the implant is to be placed, i.e either in a crease or inside the mouth. A pocket is created in the facial tissue where the implant is inserted and the incision stitched. Performed under general anaesthesia, the procedure usually takes 1 – 2 hours. The stitches are removed in 5-10 days and sutures in the mouth get dissolved in a similar period of time. The procedure may be combined with other facial procedures such as a facelift or nose or eyelid surgery.

Benefits of Facial Implants

Ø  With facial implants, one can expect to return to work within a week.
Ø  The implants give aesthetically improved facial features
Ø  Outcomes of the procedure are good and essentially permanent

Facial Implant Costs 

With the rising demands of facial implant procedures, the cost of the implants are sky-high in western countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many other European countries. The cost of facial implants is much lesser in India and a fraction of what one would pay for the facial implants in western countries. Not only economically but choosing India for cosmetic surgery has many other advantages, such as:

Ø  Indian plastic surgeons are reckoned among the best surgeons in the world who have been trained extensively at the best medical schools.
Ø  There are state-of-the art hospitals in India which are well equipped with advanced technology and infrastructure
Ø  The health care providers in India offer end to end healthcare services and are among the best in the world.
Ø  The hospital staff in India is English speaking which leaves no communication barrier between doctors and patients

Facial Implant Surgery in India with IndiCure

IndiCure is one of the best medical tourism company which offers quality facial Implant surgery at affordable prices in India. Having served hundreds of patients from over 30 countries, IndiCure offers excellent patient care management services in metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore in India. The company helps one make an informed decision about the choice of hospitals, plastic surgeons and accommodation facilities in India. For more information about facial implants surgery in India and cosmetic surgery holidays in India with IndiCure, Write in to us at or call us at +919818462127 or +919320036777 

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