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Weight loss surgery in India helps foreigner conceive a child

Successful Weight loss surgery in India helps foreigner conceive a child 

Aderelina*had been trying for pregnancy for over 12 years, but at the age of 39 and weighing 151 kg, in spite of putting in all efforts,  she could not conceive a child. Finally she underwent bariatric surgery and now she is a mother of a child.

After having failed to conceive naturally, Aderelina* decided to change her gynecologist and met an In vitro fertilization expert in India. She underwent three IVF treatment cycles but again her weight became a hindrance in her getting pregnant. Even worse, she had gained 30 kg more because of steroids she had been taking during her IVF treatment.  She also started having  high blood pressure, suffered from diabetes, slip disc and  rheumatoid arthritis.

On doctor’s advice, Aderelina*  finally decided to undergo bariatric surgery in India. Post her surgery, Aderelina*  lost her weight dramatically. She lost 51 kg within four months’ time. Her messed up menstrual cycle became proper and she could conceive naturally within three months’ time.

Dr Raman Goel, a senior bariatric surgeon at a state of art surgical facility in India who treated Aderelina*, commented that it cannot be reported as conclusive research, but morbid obesity and infertility are both connected. He said many obese women should consider obesity surgery in India before going on for any infertility treatment in India. He further added that he had seen several successful cases of conception after bariatric surgery where women could not conceive naturally because of obesity.

Dr Nandita Palshetkar, an IVF expert in India at one of the latest IVF center in India also agrees to the phenomenon that in morbidly obese women where desired results are not seen, those cases are referred to a bariatric surgeon, and that there have been cases where women conceive either naturally or through IVF after the surgery.

Health care experts at IndiCure also endorse these expert opinions that obesity has many adverse effects on the health of women, including their fertility. Morbidly obese women should first go to a bariatric surgeon to treat obesity before deciding on to go to an IVF expert.

IndiCure is the pioneer and most trusted name for medical travel to India.  IndiCure puts together seamless arrangements for consultation and treatment with best  bariatric surgeons in India, including Dr Raman Goel. Several of our clients from across the globe have undergone successful bariatric surgeries at one of the state-of-the art hospitals in India associated with IndiCure

* (name changed for sake of confidentiality)

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