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Advancements in Knee Replacement Techniques in India

 Advancements in Knee replacement techniques in India

Jane Ferguson was now beginning to feel sidelined because of the constant pain in her knees. An active mother of two teenagers, who used to go trekking with her daughters, could not afford to join them because of the writhing pain.  Gardening which she loved, seemed like a thing of past. Knee replacement seemed like the only option to her. But with no insurance, knee replacement in United States was completely out of question.

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After having searched many options for knee replacement abroad and convinced about knee replacement in India as the best option, Jane zeroed down on getting the operation done in India. The surgeons were highly skilled and Board certified, the cost quite affordable and the hospitals JCI accredited. So, for her it was like getting operated in US itself except that this US was thousand miles away!

Knee replacement in India has given her a new lease of life. Not only she now goes trekking with her daughters, she has begun to do gardening again and enjoys all activities which her aching knee would not allow her to do.

She is like many other foreigners who are choosing to get their joint replacement in India because of the affordable prices and high quality of care and services.  For people who are long on waiting list on health schemes in their country or who cannot afford knee replacement in UK, US where the cost is more than thrice the cost of knee replacement in India, India offers a haven of relief.

Advancements in the technique and technology of performing knee replacements have made it possible to walk next day after the surgery, climb stairs in a week and lead an active lifestyle after the surgery. 

Advancements like computer navigation system allow the surgeon to place the implant with complete accuracy. In conventional technique, a lot of eyeballing is required to fix the cutting instrument on the patient’s bone. This sometimes leads to mal- alignment of the implant (apprx 17-20% of cases as reported by leading medical journals), which leads to pain and in stability and thus quick failure of implants. A perfectly aligned knee joint lasts much longer as compared to the mal aligned joint.  Thus, the patient will require a revision surgery after 20-25 years (if the joint is perfectly aligned) as compared to 10-15 years (if the joint is mal-aligned). This will reduce both the physical and financial burden on the patient.

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Computer navigation allows accuracy and precision

Latest development in technology such as ultra-clean laminar air flow system for best standards of infection control, High Definition Cameras, oxinium and custom fit implants have helped make a break through success in knee replacement surgery in India.

If you are also suffering from debilitating knee pain which has affected your life adversely, you can get your knee replacement surgery in India at prices you can afford and there is absolutely no waiting time.

IndiCure has helped hundreds of patients from more than 30 countries get a new stance in life by offering the most affordable joint replacement surgery in India.  For more information on best joint replacement surgeons in India and your knee joint replacement in India, write to us at or call us at +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777

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