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Knee replacement vs Arthroscopic Chondroplasty - What do you need?

Knee replacement vs Arthroscopic Chondroplasty 

You are tired of your knee pain which has shown little improvement with medicines and physical therapy. You are too young for a knee replacement and are scared that a knee replacement during 40s would warrant another during 60s. Knee replacement is thus not the option you would like to undergo to alleviate your knee pain.

Our expert orthopedic surgeons in India suggest that you may be a candidate for Knee Chondroplasty.  Chondroplasty is done to smooth the damaged cartilage in the knee to reduce the friction in the joint. The surgeon removes the damaged tissue so that the healthy cartilage will grow to replace it.

Knee Chondroplasty
Knee Chondroplasty does not need a long incision to expose the total knee joint. The procedure is done through arthroscopic surgery, which means tiny incisions are made through which very small tubes are inserted. These tubes are as wide as a pencil through which the surgeon sees inside the joint from a light and camera lens fitted on the end of the tube. The orthopedic surgeon then inserts other instruments through other tubes and can perform the following procedure:

  • ·         Removal of loose cartilage fragments
  • ·         Smoothening of damaged and roughened cartilage surfaces
  • ·         Abrasion and drilling, also known as micro fracture Chondroplasty. Micro fracture Chondroplasty is the surgery where the surgeon makes the surface of the cartilage rough or punctured. This fracturing or drilling of the cartilage stimulates new cartilage growth which heals the joint and corrects the pain.
  • ·         Cartilage transplantation- cartilage transplantation is the newest option where healthy cartilage can be removed from some other area of the body and transplanted on the area in the knee which has worn out.
  • ·         Viscosupplemantation- visco supplementation is the injection of gel lubricant in the knee which would remove the friction between the surfaces and delays the knee replacement for many years. 

Candidates for Arthroscopic Chondroplasty

People who have knee pain because of the roughened cartilage in the knee because of trauma or degenerative changes such as arthritis can undergo Arthroscopic Chondroplasty to smoothen the cartilage and get rid of the pain.
However, not everyone is a candidate for Chondroplasty. Orthopaedic surgeons in India recommend Chondroplasty over knee replacement only when the damage to the joint and cartilage is not very severe and the patient is young and active and the cartilage damage is limited. This is a joint preserving surgery and usually delays knee replacement for many years.
The success of the procedure depends on the presence of preserved cartilage in the knee. When the cartilage is almost entirely worn away, chondroplasty will not really help. In that case, knee replacement is the best option.
Also for elder people the orthopedic surgeons usually advise knee replacement and joint preserving Chondroplasty may not be the best option.
Whereas the cost of Arthroscopic Chondroplasty is definitely about half the cost of knee replacement in India, only the orthopedic surgeon can determine what the best procedure is for you.  The cost of knee replacement in India is about $ 5500 whereas the cost of Chondroplasty is only $3000 with the best orthopedic surgeons at best orthopedic hospitals in India.

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