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India – Best Destination For Liver Transplant Abroad

Liver Transplantation In India – Best Destination For Liver Transplant Abroad

Liver transplant abroad is sought by individuals who cannot undergo liver transplant in their home country either due to long waiting list or poor treatment facilities or because the surgery is highly expensive for them to afford in their home country.

The phenomenon of traveling abroad has helped many people avail medical treatment abroad at reasonable costs. With latest techniques and highly experienced surgeons, Liver transplantation in India is available at select few state-of-the art hospitals in India.

Liver transplant Surgery

Liver transplant surgery is the procedure to replace the diseased or damaged liver with healthy one. It is done when liver has reached a stage where it cannot perform normal function and is likely to fail.

Signs and Symptoms of Liver failure

The common signs and symptoms of liver failure are:

·         Jaundice
·         Weakness and fatigue
·         Loss of appetite, weight loss
·         Bleeding in the stomach, vomiting blood
·         Ascites

Conditions in which liver transplant surgery is indicated

Liver transplant surgery is indicated in cases of acute or chronic liver failure.

Acute Liver Failure – It occurs when there is extensive damage to the liver over a short period of time. The leading cause of acute hepatic failure is the drug induced liver injury caused due to overdose of drugs such as acetaminophen.

Chronic Liver Failure – It occurs when there is an ongoing damage to the liver for several months or years which lead to liver failure. The main causes of chronic liver failure are

·         Liver Cirrhosis or alcoholic liver disease
·         Hepatitis C
·         Primary liver cirrhosis
·         Primary sclerosing cholangitis
·         Autoimmune hepatitis
·         Biliary atresia
·         Liver Cancer

Types of Liver transplant

The different types of liver transplants are:

·         Cadeveric donor liver transplant - It involves transplanting a liver that has been taken from a person who has recently died.             
·         Living donor liver transplant – This type of liver transplant surgery is attributed to the fact that the liver can regenerate on its own. A portion of liver is removed from a living donor and transplanted to the recipient. Both transplanted liver and the remaining section of donor’s liver re-grow to the normal sized liver.
·         Split donation – Liver is removed from a person who died recently and split into two pieces, a larger one and a smaller one. The two pieces are transplanted to the different recipient and the liver grows to its normal size.  

As the latest techniques of liver transplant are advancing, many people from around the world come for Liver transplantation in India. Owing to the low cost of liver transplant in India, highly skilled & experienced surgeons and state of art hospital facilities, India has emerged as one of the most favorable destinations for organ transplants in the world.

Comparing the cost of liver transplant in India and western countries, one would find a huge cost difference. The cost of liver transplant in US varies between $250,000 - $315,000 USD whereas the cost of Liver transplantation in India ranges between US $40, 000 - $60, 000 which is less than one fourth of the cost of the surgery in USA.

For people traveling to India, only living donor transplants are recommended since there are hardly any cadaveric donors or there is long waiting list for cadeveric donors that may extend to several months. Thus liver transplant in India requires patients to bring with them a healthy donor since cadaveric transplants are not possible for overseas patients.

Liver Transplantation in India with IndiCure

As there are no long waiting lists for Liver transplantation in India, the surgery is readily available for people seeking living donor liver transplants in India. IndiCure is the most trusted health care facilitator that offers seamless liver transplant surgery at best liver transplant hospitals in India.

Right from first consult with the doctors to operation and post-operative follow ups, IndiCure assists you throughout your stay for Liver transplantation in India.

For liver transplantation in India, it should be noted that IndiCure does not arrange donors. The donor for the transplant should be a close relative of the patient. In case where donor is not a close relative, government permission for transplant is required. Permission for liver transplant is given by the government only when it is established that there is no commercial transaction involved between donor and the recipient.

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