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Plastic Surgery in India - What makes India a hot destination?

Affordable Plastic Surgery

Have you been delaying your plans for plastic surgery due to the rising costs? Do you think plastic surgeries are luxuries only the very rich can afford? Well, not anymore!

If you have been following the recent trends in the global economy, you might have come across the term ‘medical tourism’. India is becoming the preferred destination for low cost and quality plastic surgeries.  This could be the answer to end your finances clashing with your medical care aspirations.

Whether you have liked taking statistics classes in school or not, there is no denying fact that statistical figures mostly speak better than words (and louder too!). Statistical figures show that more than 400,000 people from across the globe had chosen India to undergo medical treatments in 2012 alone. And the numbers are rising higher in 2013! Even the most stubborn skeptic would be forced to look into why India is becoming such a favorite destination for health care especially plastic surgeries.

Why India for plastic surgery?

Did you know that India is considered to be the birthplace of plastic surgery? There is historical evidence that shows that it was practiced in the land as early as 2000 BC. Yes, but that cannot be the reason why you should pack your bags and head on to India for plastic surgery in the twenty-first century. So let us first look into the factors that have enabled the country to build its reputation as a trusted and affordable destination for plastic surgery. 

      1)      Low costs

It is well-known fact that medical costs in developed nations are rising like never before. Added to this, medical procedures like cosmetic surgeries are not covered under insurance either. This is where affordable medical care, especially plastic surgery in India comes into rescue.

     2)      Highly qualified Medical Professionals

Doesn’t the quality suffer when the prices are cheap? After all, it is a basic human assumption that best services come with an expensive price tag. It is not necessarily right, and definitely not in terms of India’s medical care. India’s medical professionals have long gained reputation for being in par with the global standards.  Availability of Internationally accredited medical facilities, latest technological advancements and highly trained doctors and other medical staff are some of the advantages you get over choosing India.

     3)      English-speaking staff

In this era of globalization, travelling overseas is no more a big deal. But if there is something that acts as a real barrier for travelers, it is the language barrier. After all, no one looks forward to getting into a hospital environment in a foreign country for plastic surgery and not being able to communicate well with the medical staff. Spare such nightmares, for the hospital staff in India is very fluent in English.

     4)      India tourism

What if you could literally combine your plastic surgery procedure along with your vacation plans? As unlikely as that sounds, this is exactly what India can offer you. India is famous for its amazing tourist spots and rich cultural heritage. There’s no way you would want to leave the country without relishing in its beautiful tourist destinations.

If plastic surgery is on your to-do lists, you do not have to wait till the costs come down (which is highly unlikely!). Choose to get plastic surgery in India and you will thank yourself for making a decision that is both medically correct and economically wise.

If you are looking for best plastic surgery in India, you can write to us at IndiCure is the largest and most renowned name for providing affordable plastic surgery in India with best cosmetic surgeons. With hundreds of happy clients from over 30 countries, we understand your requirements well. 

You can call us at +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777. You can also talk to us at Skype@IndiCure. 

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