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Joint replacement surgery in India - better answer to your aching joints

Joint replacement surgery

Is constant joint pain wrecking your day-to-day life? Do you have trouble performing daily activities like climbing up the stairs, walking or any kind movements that involve common joints such as hip and knee? Has conventional treatments like medicines and supplements along with exercise failed to relieve you of your pain? If you have answered yes to the above questions, you should be considering joint replacement surgery which could dramatically improve your quality of life.

Most often we take our joints for granted. It is when illness strikes that we realize how important are their role. With rising awareness of health among the common population, the ideas of bone health are not alien to us anymore. Did you know that more than 1 million people in USA alone are getting their joints like knee or hip replaced? This comes with rising awareness of the fact that joint replacement surgery, of which knee replacement and hip replacement are most commonly performed, can significantly improve the quality of life in spite of rising age.

Bones and joints

Bones are living tissues. When two or more bones meet, we get a joint. Joints allow and ease movements and also provide mechanical support to our bodies. When joints get damaged, blood flow to bones will get limited leading to problems. Mind that bones need blood to grow and keep them healthy. Why do joints get damaged? The reasons could be many. Years of use can lead to joints wearing way. Arthritis, physical damages or injuries can lead to inflammation, pain or stiffness.

Improvements in Technique and Technology in Joint replacement surgery in India

Over the last few years, there has been a great improvement in the way joint replacement surgeries have been performed- both in terms of the technology and the technique used to perform the surgery. Not only the implants are much better and improved, the computer navigation used for performing the surgery has led to much better results and outcome of knee and hip replacement surgery.

New Age Prosthesis/ Implants

A new joint or prosthesis that replaces your joint during joint replacement surgery is made of metal, plastic, ceramic or both. The older prosthesis usually lasted for about 10-15 years. So if you have had a joint replacement surgery in your youth, you had to undergo the surgery more than once in your lifetime. 

But, with improvement in science and technology, new age implants last for more than 30-35 years, which means the implant last your life and there is no need to replace the implant o and undergo the second surgery even if you had underwent the knee or hip replacement surgery during your youth.

NAV3 - The latest technology for most precise joint replacement

The latest technology used for joint replacement surgery is the use of advanced computer navigation system which helps surgeon place implants with the greatest precision is available at . This not only ensures high success rate of the surgery, the pain after the surgery is less and improves the life of the implant to a great extent.

Joint replacement surgery in India

Owing to extremely high cost of hip and knee replacement surgery in Western countries, many people  look for affordable and quality medical treatment services in India. The availability of highly skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeons, hospitals whose infrastructure is at par with those of the developed nations along with affordable prices are considered to be the main reason why many prefer to get their joint replacement surgery in India. The cost of knee replacement in India starts from as low USD 5000 and the cost of hip replacement in India starts from as low as USD 6000.

If you have been reluctant to undergo joint replacement surgery due to its high cost in your nation, consider getting it done in under the skilled and experienced hands of orthopedic surgeons of India at a much lower cost.

IndiCure is the most renowned provider for joint replacement surgery in India. With hundreds of happy patients from over 30 countries, IndiCure understands you requirements well. For more information, write to us at or call us at +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777 or talk to us at Skype@IndiCure

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