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Step by step to get the best of your plastic surgery in India

 Get the best of your plastic surgery in India

Travelling overseas for medical care is not an easy decision. We understand the apprehensions involved in going to an unknown country and trusting them with your life. It gets scary at times. Especially when there is news of ‘things went wrong’ during plastic surgery in other countries. Though not all such ‘reported’ incidents are true, we cannot dismiss all of them as rumors either.

Many find India as an attractive destination for medical services like plastic surgery because of the relative low costs. Thanks to the falling worth of India’s currency i.e. Rupee against dollar, number of international patients booking their plastic surgery in India has risen like never before.

So how do you ensure that you get the best of plastic surgery in India at lowest possible costs? Can you have them both – maximum relative savings compared to medical costs in your home country and superior medical care and guaranteed safety? Yes. You can. Here is how we ensure the same.

           1.   Initial inquiry and choosing the surgeon: When our clients first send us their inquiry by filling up the inquiry form or by shooting an email, we respond within the next 48 hours. You can also talk to us directly on telephone too.

       We respond with all the necessary details regarding your intended surgery including cost estimates. After sending us the necessary medical reports needed and the required photos, we will assist you in choosing a cosmetic surgeon that suits your need. Keep in mind that IndiCure associates with the best plastic surgeons and reputed hospitals in India only.

2.  Consultation with surgeon: There is nothing more important than exchange of right information between you and your chosen cosmetic surgeon. While we facilitate the exchange of all necessary medical reports and feedback, this is where we see our clients trusting the expertise of our best cosmetic surgeons. Telephonic conversations with the selected cosmetic surgeon are arranged and you can free your mind of all nagging doubts before you decide to fly to India.

3. No obligations till you say “Yes” (only if you are totally sure!): If and only if you are totally satisfied with entrusting us with the responsibility of bringing you the best of plastic surgery in India, you would have to confirm your provisional booking and forward the details regarding your travel like flight information etc. A detailed itinerary of your entire stay in India thoroughly built keeping your unique needs in mind will be forwarded to you.

4. “Athithi Devo Bhava” : The cliché line of India’s hospitality is to be experienced to be known! Right from receiving you at the airport and dropping you at the requisite location till waving you goodbye as you fly back with your satisfied results of plastic surgery, we would ensure that the whole medical experience in India is nothing less than totally comfortable and pleasant.

     5.   A constant trusted companion by your side: Be sure of our assistance next to you during the pre operative consultation with the surgeon (this time, offline!) the total payment of fees for the chosen plastic surgery followed by the actual surgery and the recuperation period. In short, we would be there as your constant companion during the entire procedure.

      6. Tours: Once you are healed totally, you might want to relish in the pleasures that Indian tourism offers. After all, it is not wise to leave India without tasting its uniqueness!

      7. A continuing relation: Here comes the sad part as we reach the end of the scheduled itinerary! We would still want to keep in touch with you to know more about the healing progress and let you receive any form of further guidance from the plastic surgeon when you are back home.

This is how we ensure that our clients receive the best of plastic surgery in India. Want to try the same? Contact our customer care executive who would love to help you.

You can contact us via phone call at +91 9818 46 2127 or +91 93200 36777 or write to us at or talk to us at Skype@IndiCure

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