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Plastic surgery in India - Why Popular Among Foreigners

Plastic surgery in India

Gone were the days when people from poor countries traveled to the more developed ones in order to access quality health care. Globalization seems to have reversed its trend nowadays.  Britons, Americans, Auatralians and citizens of other developed nations seem to make India as their preferred destination for quality medical care. Do not take our word for it.  A recent article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery-Global Open, the official open-access medical journal published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), confirms the same.

Major factors making Plastic surgery in India increasingly popular

  •         Rising surgery cost in developed countries vs low costs in India

Continuous rise of the surgery cost in developed nations especially in settings where there is not any viable relation between quality and price has long been a disappointment for the people. The recent trend of globalization can be seen as a direct consequence of the same. One of the main factors contributing to the burgeoning market for plastic surgery in India is the availability of superior medical care at such low prices. A typical example would be to quote the prices for a very common cosmetic surgery namely tummy tuck. While the procedure would cost anything around 8000 dollars in US, it can be done as low as 3000 dollars in India. No wonder the country attracts about 1 million medical tourists from around the world each year.
  •  Empowerment of patients

      Another reason behind the burgeoning medical tourism market is what we would like to call the empowerment of the patients. Thanks to social media, anyone can easily get to know of the availability of better medical care in India. Also, the honest testimonials of former clients who share their healing and make-over stories add to the trust on India’s skilled cosmetic surgeons. In short, better awareness and exposure to success stories of others enable patients to make more informed choices when they opt for plastic surgeries for themselves. No longer do they have to choose between their savings and make-over wishes!

  • .      Easy travel and holidays
Indian government and related organizations also encourage the foreigners coming for plastic surgery in India. This gets reflected in the travel and other related procedures getting relatively easy. Also, India has always been known for the wonderful vistas for tourism it offers. Many choose to interpret medical tourism literally as medical care + tourism. For them, travelling to India not just enables them to get their plastic surgery done at low prices, but also gives them an opportunity to explore the country’s rich cultural, artistic, aesthetic and natural heritage.

  •     The language advantage
      Another advantage of choosing India over other destinations of medical tourism is the ‘language advantage’. Since English is widely spoken and understood across the nation and its medical staff is well versed in the language, one can spare the horrors of not being able to communicate properly. Do not worry even if you do not speak English. Many hospitals do have interpreters meant to facilitate communication with its clients.

In short….

The quality of medical care is in par with what you would find in your home country. We have already won the trust of thousands of satisfied clients. It costs a lot less to get your plastic surgery in India. You can literally have both your vacation and medical care in a single travel. Language problems are out of question. And do not forget the advantage of privacy that a foreign land offers especially for plastic and cosmetic surgery. Can we give you a better deal than this? Probably not. So why don’t you talk to our customer care executives to receive a quote over your plastic surgery in India today itself.

You can write to us at or call us at +91 98184 62127 or +91 93200 36777 or talk to us at skype@IndiCure

IndiCure is the most renowned name for providing plastic surgery in India with best cosmetic surgeons at most affordable prices. With hundreds of happy patients from across the world, we understand your expectations well. 

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