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Washboard Abdomen - Is it possible with tummy tuck?

Washboard Abdomens with tummy tuck

The world has never been same since the terms ‘washboard abdomen’ or ‘six packs’ entered its vocabulary. Before we know it, washboard abdomen became the must have look for desirability. We began to frown at our ‘pooch’ and wanted them to be replaced by the killer six pack abs we constantly see on billboards and fitness magazines. We can hardly name a celebrity who has not washboard abdomen simply because there are not any!

Name it the conspiracy of the fitness companies who want us to spend our hours and hard earned money to meet the body standards. Name it a futile obsession with vain beauty stereotypes. Name it whatever you will. But the truth is, most of us secretly or otherwise wish for washboard abdomen. No wonder hundreds of books that deal with ‘how to’ form and maintain six pack abs flood the market and are sold like hot cakes.
Now the big question. How do we get washboard abdomen? Is tummy tuck the magic wand we have been searching for that would gift us washboard abdomen? Before we attempt to answer the question it is necessary that we know a bit about tummy tuck.

Washboard abdomen – You already have them!

What if we tell you that the washboard abs that seems to constantly elude you, you already have them! The group of abdominal muscles which are more commonly called as washboard abs are hidden beneath the thick layer of fat. What impedes the visibility of these abs is this layer of fat on the top of them.  In order to make them visible and to enable you to flaunt your washboard abdomen, you need to have a fairly low fat percentage.

Tummy tuck-How can the surgery help?

Tummy tuck aims at making your abdomen firmer. It removes loose skin and excess fat from the lower and middle abdomen.  The surgery tightens the abdominal muscles that have been loosened or weakened. The result-visibly flat and smooth abdomen!

Can’t similar results be achieved by exercise and dieting? Why do we need to go under the knife for flat stomachs when there are so many diet regimens and exercise routines that promise to miraculously convert our ‘pooch’ into six pack abs? Because the six pack abs that form the core of your belly might have become loosened due to age or pregnancy. They won’t stitch back together on their own. This is precisely why hours of strenuous workouts fail to respond to the ‘stubborn’ fat stuck in our protruding bellies.

Is it possible to get washboard abdomen with tummy tuck? Yes and No. Can we guarantee six pack abs after tummy tuck? The truth is it all depends on your unique body structure. Cosmetic surgeons in India might as well be looked upon as magicians by their successful clients across the world. But for all the skill and expertise they possess, no one can convert a protruding belly into a washboard abdomen overnight. You can expect a fairly flat stomach, strengthened abdominal muscles and tight abdominal skin. The major barriers that prevent the visibility of washboard abdomen can effectively be removed. But if you wish to go further and obtain washboard abdomen, you need to make regular exercise and proper diet a part of your daily regimen.

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