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Knee Replacement in India with Advanced Computer Navigation

Precision in Orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic surgeons all over the world agree that the long term success of knee replacement critically depends on how well or precisely the implant is positioned. Most knee replacements are done using traditional alignment jigs and cutting blocks, with which even experienced surgeons face limitations in proper balancing and alignments of the new knee. And thus resulting in pre-mature failure of implants in many cases.

Knee assisted navigation has revolutionized the technique of performing joint replacement surgery. The surgery allows complete precision and 100% accuracy with which the implant is placed, thereby completely eliminating the chances of pre mature failure of implants due to mal-alignment. In other words, the scope of human error in doing the surgery is completely eliminated. The surgeon can make absolutely precise cuts in knee and corrects the deformities with computer navigation.

Because the accuracy is high, the life of the implants also increases by many years- usually the joint replacements done with computer navigation last for 25 years or even more.

How is computer navigation assisted knee replacement done?

The technique uses sophisticated software, cameras, light emitting diodes in coordination with the computer to assist the surgeon.

knee replacement surgery cost in India
NAV 3 is the most advanced computer
navigation system for joint replacement

The surgeon carefully attaches the light emitting diodes to the patient’s leg which communicates with a camera attached to the computer creating the digital reproduction of the surgery. The surgeon conducts a series of movements on the patient’s leg which are captured by the camera and sent to the computer for processing. This includes range of motion, ligament tension, component position and various other medical parameters which the computer uses to create a unique anatomic “model” of the knee. The computer then keeps processing and displaying this information throughout the surgery for the surgeon to know all important distances and angles. This navigation helps the surgeon with bone cuts, positioning the implant, balancing of ligament various other aspects helpful for precise implant placement. Human errors which otherwise go unnoticed are quickly seen and simultaneously corrected by the surgeon.

Various other advantages of computer assisted knee replacement surgery are:

  • Lesser blood loss
  • Quick recovery
  • Decreased rehabilitation periods- patients are able to walk unaided and climb stairs within a few days.
  • The navigation surgery virtually eliminates expensive and radiation intensive CT and MRI scans before the surgery

best hospital for knee replacement in India

Alignment during knee replacement surgery is very important for the long term durability and functioning of the replaced knee. It is the cuts in the bone which determine the position/ alignment of the prosthesis and in conventional technique, the surgeon depends upon indirect methods and surgical “eyeballing” to guide the cuts. Improper or wrong alignment can result in an “unbalanced” knee resulting in early wear and tear and thus failure of implant; while computer assisted replacement ensures that the actual life of implant is able to match the “ideal life” of the implant.

IndiCure offers most advanced technology for knee replacement in India- NAV3 computer assisted knee replacement surgery. It is the most advanced navigation technology available in the world and available at only select hospitals in India.  

We offer you knee replacement in India with NAV3 technology at no extra cost. The cost of knee replacement in India with IndiCure with computer assisted NAV 3 technology is as low as $6500 for one knee and $11000 for both the knees.

For more information, write to us at, call us at +91 9818 462127 or +91 93200 36777 or talk to us at Skype@ IndiCure

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