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Knee replacement - cost, technology and hospital facilities making India the most favored Medical tourism destination

Total knee replacement

Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which damaged, worn or diseased knee joint is replaced with artificial parts. The operation is also commonly called as total knee arthroplasty. It is a common operation and most of the people do not observe any complication. Every year hundreds and thousands of knee replacement surgery operations are performed successfully in the country, relieving pain, improving mobility and quality of life.

Total knee replacement is an option when no other treatments such as physiotherapy, steroid injections could bring relief to pain and improve mobility. Patients should consider total knee replacement, when they observe any of the below symptoms:

a) They have severe pain, swelling and stiffness in the knee joint, severely affecting the mobility.
b)  Extreme knee pain that interferes with your quality of life and sleep.
c)  Hinder with your day to day task such as shopping, bathing walking or driving etc.
d)  Prevents you from living normal social life.

Somebody well said surgeries are a number game and it actually is, when it comes to your knees. In United States patients end up paying anywhere around $35,000 or more for knee replacement without health insurance. Many patients thus seek surgery in hospitals/clinics outside US.

Total knee replacement in India

India is one such popular destination for its highly qualified and best joint replacement surgeons  and the value for money that India offers. In fact from time to time many Indian hospitals have ranked among the best orthopedic  hospitals in the world sparking the medical tourism demand in India. India has made major medical strides in healthcare- be it hospital infrastructure, technology or the regulation. Majority of Indian hospitals are duly accredited with various international certifying bodies and are no where short of international standards. There are many clinics and medical tourism agencies offering packages that include special flight offer, hotel accommodation package for their patients on their trip to India for knee replacement, hip replacement and various other medical procedures.

The advancements in technology and techniques have revolutionalized the way joint replacement surgery is performed.  Minimally invasive knee replacement, knee replacement with computer navigation and modern implants have all made the surgery not only very successful but recovery very fast and easy for the patient. The operation involves incision over the knee followed by only 3 to 5 days of hospital stay. The patient is made to walk on the second or third day of the surgery followed by a recovery period during which patient walks with a walker or a cane that lasts a few weeks.

To learn more about planning Total knee replacement surgery in India, please write to or fill Inquiry form for free consultation.

This is the video of one of the patient’s relative from Nigeria, where she is explaining her experience on how her family was considering UK for her mother’s Knee replacement surgery, while her sister who was then in US suggested IndiCure in India. Her sister had heard from her friends about IndiCure when she was in US. Though sceptical, she contacted IndiCure and after several round of email exchanges, the responses and explanations made them comfortable and confident to make informed decision to come down to India for their mother’s knee replacement. She is so excited about the entire thing; there is a clear spark in her eyes while she explains all this. How they were greeted at the airport and how she had been updated all the while till her mother was taken to the operation theatre , she couldn’t hold herself from telling us how the post operation care was given to ensure her mother was stable and fine. She is looking glad and satisfied.

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