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Surgery with Best Surgeons in World=Medical Tourism to India

Best surgeons in the world

Last decade has witnessed India grow into the world’s most popular destination for medical tourism, thanks to a vast pool of talented medical professionals, considered to be among the best surgeons in the world

India has many renowned medical institutions where these finest physicians and surgeons are trained. Time and again Indian surgeons have proved to be highly competent and professional as compared to their international counterparts. It is the reason to get treated by the best surgeons in the world that is keeping medical tourism in India on the rise; be it top neurosurgeons in the world or best plastic surgeons or cardiac surgeons in the world- India has them all.

Medical tourism to India

It is interesting to know that India produces tens of thousands of doctors and surgeons who are serving in countries even other than India. There is a huge demand of Indian doctors and surgeons all over the world because of their reputation and skills. As per the last survey records available, 35000 surgeons are working in United States alone (this means one in every six doctor in US is an Indian). This makes India not only the home to best surgeons in the world, but the country that gives best doctors and surgeon to the world.

One would obviously like to look behind the reason for this. The main reason attributed by experts is the rigorous selection process for entering the medical schools in India, extensive training for five and a half years to become a doctor, a rigorous entrance examination again to become a surgeon and then again a qualifying exam to choose a particular specialization. Besides, since public healthcare system in India is free and attracts a lot and lot of patients, an Indian doctor is made to see and treat much larger number of patients than anywhere else in the world- also thanks to world’s second highest Indian population!

India has thus emerged as a world’s value leader in the eyes of cost-conscious international medical traveler. In fact as per an estimate, an international medical traveler realizes 85% savings on high cost procedures like heart surgery, spine surgery or joint replacement.  

Medical tourism to India is on a constant rise, as per an estimate India serves more than 2,50,000 international patients annually visiting multi specialty hospitals of International standards in various cities-New Delhi, Mumbai,  Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad at about 17 JCI-accredited hospitals  and various other NABH accredited hospitals. Statistics also state that Medical tourism in India is growing at an enviable rate of 30 percent annually.

What also attract medical tourists to India is the facilities available at the best hospitals in India.  Indian hospitals offers most advanced technology required for cardiac, neuro, spine or any other surgery ranging from Robotic Heart Surgery to Hybrid Operating Suites to Gamma knife, Cyber kinife. Name the latest technology, and it is all available in India and at par with lndia’s Western counterparts.  And there are no waiting lines unlike many Western countries where patients have to wait for weeks and months altogether for simple procedures.

India has seen steady growth in international medical travelers coming from America, Canada, England, Australia and Europeans countries, particularly for more expensive treatment such as cardiac, spine and orthopedic surgeries. Seeking treatment from few of the best surgeons in the world in India gives international medical travelers a direct savings of tens of thousands of dollars.

So, if you or your loved one is also looking for low cost treatment or surgery at affordable prices with top notch or best surgeons in the world, be it back surgery, cardiac surgery, spine surgery, cancer treatment, brain surgery, India is the place to be.

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IndiCure is the most renowned healthcare agency or most popular medical tourism company in India. Having served hundreds of patients from over 30 countries, we understand your requirements very well. 

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