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Welcome to India, The Land of Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery

Spine surgery in India
Welcome to the land of best hospitals for spine surgery
Welcome to India, the land of best hospitals for spine surgery treatment! Having made a significant mark in treating even the most complex spinal disorders, India now boasts of offering spinal surgery treatment at some of its best spine surgery centers. The best hospitals in India, offering treatment for various spinal conditions are not only internationally accredited, but are equipped with latest technology, sophisticated instruments and have world class amenities which are at par with the hospitals in any other developed nation. Owing to the low cost of spinal treatment available at these state of the art hospitals, getting treatment in India for spinal disorders comes as a complete treatment package.

Types of Back surgeries available in India

Spinal fusionIt is the most common surgery done for the treatment of back pain. The procedure entails joining of spinal bones called vertebrae together. Fusion of bones ensures restriction of motion between bones of the spine and limits stretching of nerves.

Laminectomy In laminectomy, a part of bone, bone spurs or ligaments in the back are removed so as to relieve pressure on spinal nerves which may be causing pain or weakness.

Foraminotomy It is a procedure in which the bone at the sides of vertebrae are cut away so as to widen the space where nerve roots exit the spine. This helps in relieving pressure on the nerves thereby relieving neural pain.

Interlaminal Implant It is an alternative to spinal fusion wherein a “U” shaped devise is inserted between two back bones to help maintain space between them. It may be done at the same time as laminectomy. The procedure is also helpful in relieving symptoms of spinal stenosis.

Discectomy In a discectomy, a part or whole of disc is removed which may be bulging out and pressing on a spinal nerve and causing back pain. It can be done through a larger incision or a smaller one using tools from outside the body. Discectomy can also be a part of larger surgery such as foraminotomy or spinal fusion.

Disc Replacement An artificial disc replacement is a procedure whereby a damaged spinal disc is replaced with an artificial disc. It permits continued motion of the spine and is an alternative to spinal fusion surgery. With artificial disc replacement, the recovery time is shorter than spinal fusion.

Spinal surgeries may be done to treat various conditions of the spine such as infections, tumors, spinal injuries, spinal conditions such as Ankylosing spondylitis, scoliosis, and bone changes in the spine that come with age such as herniated disc, spinal stenosis etc.

Traveling to India for spinal treatment is risky? A trusted medical tourism agency may just be the answer..

Yes, spinal surgery is a major decision and has the ability to affect future life of the patient & you are bound to have many questions in your mind. Availing the surgery overseas further increases the fear of the unknown. All medical tourism destinations have medical practitioners of all kinds, and are not equally qualified or experienced. You would agree that while willing to avail low cost surgery, you would not want to settle for low quality surgery. So the key to successful spine surgery abroad is a careful choice of the neurosurgeon and the facility, city where the operation is going to be held. And you got to put in some good amount of search yourself before plunging in to avail the benefits of medical tourism for spine surgery.

At IndiCure, we understand this concern & endeavor to keep the safety of our international patients as our topmost priority. With extensive research & local knowledge we have associated with chosen  few neurosurgeons and best hospitals for neurosurgery in India to make sure that our international patients are in best hands To further eliminate any surprises, we insist to send patient’s medical reports to for evaluation by our experts, before you come to India.

A complete treatment plan, like a ready reckoner for medical trip will give you complete peace of mind. Then why delay & suffer in pain, get in touch with us to get an affordable spine treatment.

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